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TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code: Get TuTuApp VIP Free Now!

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TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code

Ever used TuTuApp? To how many of your friends did you refer to use TuTuApp VIP? If you haven’t referred yet, here’s your chance to gift TuTuApp VIP for free by using VIP Redeem Code! The overall process of gifting a TuTuApp VIP Redeem code to your friend is very simple!

The code is available on the official website. Once you get the VIP redeem code, it’s simple to refer to your friend within a fraction of seconds. With this, you can use TuTuApp VIP version for free but that’s for a single device only! You cannot use the same redeem code on another iOS device once it is used on an iPhone or iPad.

TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code

To ensure that you make a full use of VIP redeem code, use it on a device which you use regularly. Before you get the TuTuApp VIP redeem code, let me make few things clear about how to use TuTuApp VIP redeem code.

What is VIP Redeem Code?

VIP Redeem Code is available on the official website of TuTuApp.VIP. Once you get the TuTuApp Redeem Code, you can use their services for free! But if you don’t want to use it for yourself, you can gift it to your loved ones by sending them the VIP Redeem Code.

According to the official website, “Redeem Code is just like a gift card. You can buy it by visiting the official website and if you want to refer it to your friend, it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is just copy paste the code and send it directly! Once the opposite person receives the TuTuApp VIP redeem code, he/she needs to download TuTuApp VIP version on iOS device and then enter the redeem code on the download page of TuTuApp official.”

So I  hope you now got the exact idea of what VIP redeem code is and how to refer it to a friend in a simple way. But as the opposite person is new to the TuTuAp VIP, he/she might be confused on how to use the TuTu VIP Redeem Code. Let me make it simple and show you the simple guide on how to use TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code.

Here’s How to Use TuTu App VIP Redeem Code!

To use TuTu App VIP Redeem Code, you need to follow below-given procedure.

#1. Head over to the TuTuApp.VIP official website firstly or just click here.

#2. Now tap on “VIP Redeem Code” button which appears in the mid-screen once you scroll down.

VIP Redeem Code

#3. Tap on install button once you click on TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code as shown in above image.

#4. Now enter the redeem code which you got from your friend as shown in the picture below.

How to Get TuTu App VIP Redeem Code

#5. Once you enter the VIP redeem code, you will see the permission asking to let the TuTuApp VIP install on your iOS device. Simply tap on install button rather than making a mistake by clicking on cancel 😛

Install TuTuApp VIP Redeem Code Free for iOS#6. Once you install the TuTuApp VIP by using the redeem code, it will show the main page of the official website which is TuTuApp.VIP.

TuTu VIP Redeem Code

#7. Now close the Safari Browser and open TuTu Vip App to see your subscription plan. You will notice that you got TuTu App VIP version on iOS for Free!

Final Words on TuTu VIP Redeem Code

So this is the overall process of how to use TuTuApp VIP redeem code on iOS devices. I am sure that you are going to love this version of TuTuApp on your iOS devices such as iPhone/iPad. Isn’t it? So what keeps you waiting, get a VIP redeem code and start using it for free! If you have any issues while downloading or using this redeem code, you can install TuTu Helper or you can comment below so that I can solve your issues quickly!

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