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Yandex Browser for Windows and Mac Users is Available for Download

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Yandex browser 1.0 has just been emancipated from their factory. The open-source chromium project has engendered many great browsers, and Yandex browser is the next product to be released based on the same project.

Google chrome is probably the best example of how the project has helped to evolve the browser industry. Since then there are many spin-offs or variations of the project has been released upon the tech corridor. Even, Chromium OS is being developed actively to change the way we look at the OS.

Yandex is a Russia based Internet company which operated the largest search engine in local language. It also serves users with dozens of other products. Their latest venture in technology segment is Yandex browser.

Unlike, other open source browsers based on Chromium project, one can expect a better product from 5th largest search engine developer on the earth. Has it managed to live up to the expectations of the tech industry and most importantly users? Well, you will find that out very soon.

yandex browser

Yandex Browser


First of all, Yandex browser has been developed for both Windows OS and Mac OS users. The developer ensures that users don’t get overwhelmed by tons of options to play with. Instead of such interface, they adopted a simple, minimal and clutter less interface.

A new tab or so called ‘Tableau’ option brings live widgets unlike a blank new page with speed dials. This is very similar to what an opera browser does. The new tab is an overlay panel which pops widgets, bookmarks, history and downloads options.

weather forecast

The smartbox displays facts, figures and suggestions related to your search query. For example search for weather in XYZ location and it will display weather information in real time. Obviously, he information is fetched from Yandex search engine.

There is an option to switch to your favorite search engine at the right hand bottom side in the upper-fold section. Currently, Yandex, Google, Mail.ru and Bing options are present.

yandex browser webpage

If you personally feel that Google chrome missed a solid antivirus integration, then Yandex browser will change your perspective about browsers. With the strategic alliance of Kaspersky, Yandex browser will save you from visiting potentially harmful website. It will display the warning message when you inadvertently land in the unknown risky territory.

Kaspersky antivirus engine scans all files downloaded through the browser to provide you the maximum security. An appropriate message will be displayed in case if your file contains malicious content or virus.

It provides importing option. Upon installation, it imported bookmarks from Firefox under ‘other bookmarks’ category without even notifying. Even, the worst thing is that it also manages to fetch saved password from Firefox. The field was blank in my case since I have activated the ‘Master password’ option in my Firefox browser.

Of course, automatic import of bookmarks, setting and history from default browser is definitely a nice addition for many. The little wrench setting option is on the top right corner which brings you the familiar territory. Most if not all options are as it is.

import bookmark in yandex

The interesting addition is Opera’s Turbo option which again helps in loading the content faster. Our initial test suggested that it does loads the webpages faster. The setting option gives you an option to choose default search engine. CEO of the company also mentioned their intention of jumping into overcrowded mobile web browser field.

By default, Yandex browser display page URLs in “domain > title” format which you can change from the advanced settings option. There is also an option to change language to Russian, English, English (United States). An advanced task manger has also been provided to see which processes are running currently on the browser.

All in all, Yandex browser is a nice combination of the features of the Chromium project, Kaspersky antivirus and Opera’s Turbo engine. The UI is impressive and you will definitely love the way it loads the page. In short, this is a complete browser packed in with many impressive features. It is a real contender of Google Chrome browser—in Russia, at least.

Download Yandex Browser for Windows and Mac

Yandex browser is available for both Windows and Mac OS. Download Yandex browser from official website.

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