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5 Ways to Breathe New life into an app

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Technology moves fast. If you’re not prepared to and ready to keep up, it could quickly pass you by. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the app industry. It seems like the next best thing is just around the corner, and apps can become obsolete in the blink of an eye.

As an app developer, this obviously isn’t ideal. You’re at risk of jeopardising months or even years of both hard and expensive work. If your app seems to be stagnating and your users are leaving in droves, this could be a sign that it’s in need of a refresh. We’ve put together a guide with five ways of breathing new life into an app. Check it out below.

Get Some New Reviews

Even if the technology behind your app is up-to-date and performing perfectly, you could still find that your app is still flagging in the market. Sometimes, all it needs is a little pick-me-up to boost it back up the charts.

One of the best ways to do this is to encourage new user reviews. Reviews are absolutely crucial; they will both see your app rank higher in the charts and motivate new users to download it. To encourage user reviews, you can deliver a message to all users prompting them to leave a review on the app store. This method can be combined with buying app reviews, a two-pronged strategy which can immediately give your app a new lease of life.

Add New Features

Apps are designed to serve a specific purpose, whether that’s taking photos, playing music, or handling financial transactions. However, the oversaturated nature of the app industry means that there are countless apps that all perform very similar functions.

What this means is that adding new features to your app is essential if you wish to prevent it from becoming stale and being overtaken by competitors. Think about what new features you can add to your app, and which existing features you can improve.

Revamp the Visuals

The visual elements of your app are incredibly important. Nobody wants to use an app that is unattractive or difficult to read and understand. However, even the most beautifully designed app runs the risk of becoming boring, which is why a revamp of your visuals can be the perfect way of breathing new life into your app. Choose a new colour scheme, this can be particularly effective given the power colour has to influence our moods and emotions.

Cross-Platform Capability

If your app is only available on one platform, expanding its reach and cross-platform capability can give it an incredible boost. Making it available to users on different platforms will significantly grow your potential user base and revitalise your app.

Rethink Your Marketing Campaign

Making all of the above changes is essential if you want to breathe new life into your app. However, they’re no good if nobody knows about them. This is why redeveloping your marketing campaign in tandem with these changes is so important. Put the word out across your social media channels letting your users know about all the exciting new things happening with your app. 

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