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How to Install Fonts on Windows 11

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Microsoft has introduced Windows 11 with lots of customization and new designs. Also, the new Windows 11 allows users to change UI, including colors, images, and layout. If you want to customize your Windows 11 more and add extra changes like new font, this article will help you.

Method 1: Use Microsoft Store

You don’t have to download fonts from 3rd party store or site. You can easily download and install fonts from the Windows 11 Microsoft store for free.

Step 1: First of all, open the Microsoft Store and search for fonts in Windows 11. Find and click on Fonts.

Search for Fonts and Click on Explore fonts

Step 2: You will see a lot of fonts here. Note that, the Microsoft store shows both free and paid fonts. So you have to filter and select free fonts.

Step 3: Select the font that you like and click on it.

Select the font that you like and click on it

Step 4: Once selected, click on the free option to install the font.

Click on Get button to download the font

Step 5: Once the download is finished, click on Manage and then set it.

Manage fonts

Method 2: Download the font from the Internet and install it manually

If you don’t find any good font in Microsoft Store, you can go to the 3rd party website and manually download the fonts. There are so many free fonts that you can download online. Some popular places to download fonts for Windows 11 are:

  • Google Fonts
  • FontZone
  • DeviantArt

Step 1: Open any of these websites and then right-click on them.

Step 2: Select the font and open it.

Step 3: Then download the font.

Download the font

Step 4: Extract font using the file archiver like WinRar.

Extract the font

Step 5: Once done, install the font on your Windows 11. To install a font, right-click on it.

Step 6: Click Install. Wait for some time. Once installed, restart your PC.

Click on Install

You can also double-click on the font to install it directly.

Method 3: Install Fonts in Settings

Step 1: Press Windows +I button on your keyboard to open Windows Settings.

Step 2: In the windows 11 setting, find and click on the Personalization option.

click on the Personalization option

Step 3: Here, find the fonts option in the right sidebar.

Click on Fonts

Step 4: In the fonts section, drag and drop the font that you have downloaded to install the font.

Drag and drop the font

Step 5: Note that you have to extract the font first to drag it to the font folder.

Method 4: Use Control Panel to Install Font

You can also use a control panel to install 3rd party custom fonts. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Open the control panel first. Open Windows search using Windows + S button on your keyboard and then search for the control panel.

You can also use the RUN command box to open the control panel using the control run command.

Step 2: Go to Appearance and Personalization and then Fonts.

Appearance and Personalization and then Fonts

Step 3: Find and click on download fonts for all languages > Yes.

click on download fonts for all languages

Step 4: Here, select the font that you want to download and install.

How to Uninstall fonts on Windows 11

If you have installed the wrong font by mistake, don’t worry because you can easily remove them. Here are the steps to uninstall fonts on Windows 11.

Step 1: Open Windows settings with Windows + I button on your keyboard.

Step 2: In settings, click on the Personalization option in the left panel.

click on the Personalization option

Step 3: Find and click on Fonts.

Click on Fonts

Step 4: Find and click on the font that you want to remove.

Click on Fonts that you want to remove

You can also search that font using the search bar under available fonts.

Step 5: Select uninstall, and you are done. The font will be removed automatically

Select uninstall, and you are done

You can see that the font is now removed. Restart your PC to save changes.

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