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How To Free Up Space on iPhone: PhoneClean iPhone Cleanup Utility

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With great power comes great responsibility”. Do you remember who uttered that dialogue? The same could be applied to latest gadgets as well. Should your iPhone lag or constantly show low disk space warning, try out the all new PhoneClean utility to free up space on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In a mission to fight against useless memory hogger, the biggest impediment are temporary files clogged up on iOS device. Even, long-term caches, junk files accumulated over the period of time could also lead to iTunes sync fail error. If you have been thinking that such problem (memory issues and lags) persists on desktop only, then think twice. Apple iDevices are also equally inapt.

Some apps  nefariously and notoriously generates cache to serve the purpose, which might not have been removed from the iPhone disk. It is hence of utmost importance to free up space on iPhone manually or with some kind of application. The new kid in the market PhoneClean comes to rescue and aids in cleaning up space on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Cleanup iPhone Disk

PhoneClean is a Windows utility/application that is available for free. It does work equally good with with old generation iPhone 3GS along with latest generation iOS devices. PhoneClean can free up to 40% of space on iPhone, which itself is a big number. That also sheds a light on the other side of your data – junk data accumulated over the period of time – and how much space they occupied on your beloved iPhone.PhoneClean is a simple Windows freeware that works on latest Windows system. All you need to have is a Windows system, PhoneClean app and your iOS device along with USB cable. A simple one click ‘Scan’ module will look for all the useless data or offline files generated by various apps. It will provide you an option to either skip them or clean them up on next section. Yes, operating this tool is as simple as it sounds.

phoneclean free space info

The disk space hogging issue could prominently slow down your iOS device, especially iPhone 3GS or old generation device. PhoneClean, in such case reclaims all the memory which is rightfully yours to use.

How to Free Up iPhone Space

Following are the steps to free up space on your iPhone using PhoneClean for iPhone.

1. Download the free PhoneClean utility.

2. Run the program after installation. Connect your iOS device through USB cable. It will automatically recognize respected device.

cleanup iphone space with phoneclean

3. Upon discovery it will show the number of apps and media store on your device. It will also display detailed information on how much space is used by those apps together.

cleanup iphone space

4. Just press the ‘Start Scan’ button and it will analyze the device and available disk space. Below, there is an option to keep offline data files used by different apps or delete them through PhoneClean disk cleanup operation. The former operation will keep the data intact.

free space up of iphone

5. Hit the magic ‘Clean’ button and it will get rid of unnecessary redundant files stored on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

PhoneClean will also provide the information of how much memory is freed or reclaimed after the particular operation. It will free up space on your iPhone without any hassle. It works from Windows XP to all the way up to Windows 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit versions). It also requires you to have iTunes 9.0 or higher version installed on your Windows PC.

Did This Clear Space on iPhone?

Have you freed up space on your iPhone, yet? If yes, then we would love to know how much space you managed to reclaim using PhoneClean utility.

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