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How to Prevent Malware? 5 Proven Ways You Must Try Now!

When you hear the term Malware, it’s really a bad news for your devices and for you. Hackers use Trojans, worms, viruses, spyware, Ransomware and other kinds of malware to steal your identity, profit from your personal information, and even hold your devices for ransom. Cyber attacks are growing more sophisticated every day, too, as hackers look for more and more ways to infiltrate systems and bilk marks. We’ve already discussed about how to prevent from Ransomware and today we will discuss about how to prevent from…

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Is More than Just a Certification – Here’s Why!

There is more to getting the Cyber Essentials accreditation than just having the bragging rights to getting certified. The benefits of the program is incredibly far-reaching, bringing enterprises who obtained the certification short and long-term results. It helps with motivating companies to pursue cybersecurity, what’s more, the Cyber Essentials program helps companies avoid needless (let alone, costly) fire-fighting that comes with getting their network hacked by cyber-criminals. In this post, we will look into the Cyber Essentials program and its benefits, and see why the program is…

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How to Prevent Ransomware in your system

How to Prevent & Remove Ransomware from Your System?

Have you ever been victimized by a ransomware attack? A ransomware is the modern form of thievery. It is a computer program that encrypts specific types of files and demands money to bring them back to the initial state. The developers of ransomware are so smart that they leave you no choice other than going for the backup. Are you afraid of ransomware? Do you want to know how to prevent or remove them in case your system gets infected? Don’t worry! That’s exactly what we are…

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Cerber 3 Decryptor

Cerber Decryptor: Working Cerber Ransomware Removal Tool

Cerber Ransomware Today, I am going to explain you all about Cerber ransomware 3 & 4 version. Every one of us know what a virus or a malware is, don’t we? Antivirus companies are working hard to roll out updates as even a minute security issue arises. But the new villain in the cyber security field is ransomware. Note: Cerber 3, Cerber 4, Cerber 5 and Cerber 6 version has been released. The previous patch is no more working. We shall update you when we get any…

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Affected Users due to Ransomware attack on HPE iLO

HPE iLO 4 Encryption – Is it a Ransomware Attack or a Decoy?

Ransomware attackers are now targetting the HPE iLO4 remote interfaces that can be accessed by the internets. It’s been a while that we have heard of the ransomware attacks, and this news is now hitting the digital world, hard. For years, we have known that HPE iLO4 is used to encrypt our hard drives, which is why the hackers are now after them. They are demanding the Bitcoins as ransom in order to release the data. While this encryption of hard drives is not actually confirmed, there…

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Petya Ransomware Kill Switch Released

Petya Ransomware Kill Switch Released: Install RansomFree to Stop Petya in Future!

Petya Ransomware Kill Switch It has hardly been 24 hours since the global Petya Ransomware cyber attack and the Kill Switch for Petya Ransomware is now available! I observed lots of trolls on Twitter when the Kill Switch for Petya Ransomware was released. @harise100 says, “Why do these worms have kill switches? Makes no sense!” Well, it does make sense with the question. But is this Kill Switch the final version? According to Amit Serper, who leads Security Research team at Cybereason, the Kill Switch is working perfectly…

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Ukrain Hit by Petya Ransomware

Petya Ransomware Strikes Airlines, Banks, Utilities in Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Britain & More!

Petya Ransomware Cyber Attack Ukraine’s government, National Bank, and biggest power companies all warned of cyber attacks Tuesday. Airports and metro services in the country were also reportedly affected, though it appears they’re victims of another massive ransomware outbreak that’s spreading across the world fast and hitting a significant number of critical infrastructure providers. Here are the major incidents that took place till now according to various reports. London-based WPP advertising agency among companies hit by ransomware. UK Parliament Emails IDs were hacked, but that wasn’t Petya cyber attack.…

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UK Parliament Attack Russia Suspect

UK House of Parliament Under Cyber Attack, Russia maybe Culprit

Emails of MPs & Ministers in Danger Before the UK could recover from WannaCry attacks, the House of Parliament got hit by another cyber attack which targeted emails of MPs, cabinet members, and other ministers. Up to 90 emails have been hacked so far by the cyber attack that happened on Friday. Although the investigation is still going on, the authorities suspect Russia to be behind it. There have not been any clear evidence, for now, the hackers are said to be from Moscow. The security sources…

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Locky Ransomware returns

Locky Ransomware Returns, Targets Older Versions of Windows OS!

Locky Ransomware Returns! Before the world could recover from the deadly WannaCry ransomware, the Locky Ransomware is back. The ransomware that hit many in 2016 is back again. Spreading through spam emails by Nercus group the old Locky is back to hit us again. But it seems that it isn’t as effective and destructive as it should be as the return of Locky is also able to infect systems with Windows Vista and XP. Locky’s Successor, Not So Successful Recently, NercusBonet had released its new ransomware Jaff…

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