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How to Move Text in iMovie?

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iMovie is a very easy and handy way for you to create any video or edit it on your Apple Mac. Apple has always made a point to ensure that the softwares and applications are unique to their use and do not keep open sources.

iMovie is one such application that is used by various video and audio content creators to ensure they can edit their content to their satisfaction. Here we will be focusing on the part where you could find out about how to move text in iMovies.

Ways to Move Text in iMovie

Making the next move and placing the title and texts in the exact position is essential. A lot of us have tried the common drag and place method wherein we just click on the text and drag it to where we want it to be and that as we all know does not work.

So here we will guide you through a step-by-step guide as to how to move text in iMovie. There are ways you can get the job done so let’s have a look.

How to Move Text in iMovie on Mac?

Most of us have tried doing this on our Macs and have failed miserably. So here we will give you a step-by-step guide so you can easily move the titles and texts on Mac.

Step – 1:- You will have to use a third-party website so go ahead and search “Pixlr.com” on your web browser.

Step – 2:- Now you have to go to their web app and start by creating a new project and select “Transparent” without fail on the pop-up because that will be a key part.

start a new project

Step – 3:- Then go to the text tool and type and design whatever text you want to move in it.

add text

Step – 4:- After that go ahead and select the next part of the project and crop it.

Create a new project

Step – 5:- Once cropped make a point to save the file in “PNG” format specifically.

Step – 6:- Now go to iMovie and drag your saved png file onto your iMovie project and make the changes positionally and in every way you want it to move.

Now this way you will have to repeat all the steps, again and again, every time you need a text to move. It is a tiresome process but this is the only answer to the question, how to move text on iMovie?

How to Move Text in iMovie on iPhone?

Just like Mac, there is no direct way for you to move your text around on your iPhone in iMovies. We will be using third-party apps and end the text in there for you to be able to move it in your iMovie. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Step – 1:- Download the app named “Pronto” and install it on your iPhone.

Step – 2:- Now go ahead on the web browser and search for a plain green picture and download it.

Step – 3:- Now go to Pronto and open this green image you just downloaded. Write the text you need to move in iMovie and save it.

Step – 4:- Then go to iMovie and click on the “+” sign and add this picture. This should do the job for you.

This process will have to be repeated on each and every step and every time you will want to make text move in iMovie.

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There has been a lot of speculation but no form upgrade regarding this has been added by Apple. Every time you will have to take the help of such third-party apps and websites. It is annoying but the editing and for the text to move according to our will is important while making a good video.

Try the above-mentioned methods and let us know your experience through the comment section below. If you get stuck then explain in detail your issue in the comment box and our team will guide you to an apt solution. Stay tuned for more and more updates.

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