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Knives Out PC Download on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP & Mac!

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Knives Out PC

In the era of battle royale games, there are tons of games releasing every week or maybe every month. One of the most successful games are rules of survival for pc, PUBG mobile pc and many more. Interestingly, NetEase Games has mastered the art of launching immense battle royale games. The latest release is Knives Out PC client. 

Knives Out – Tokyo Royale is available in Japanese Language and we have observed that many players are interested to play the English version of the game. So to play Knives Out PC version in English language, you need to follow the guide which is mentioned below.

Knives Out PC

In this article, we will show you how to play Knives Out on PC using Bluestacks emulator. But before that let me explain you complete set of features of Knives Out Tokyo Royale. The reason being is, the game is in Japanese language and you might not get it. So let’s have a look at the features of Knives Out PC game.

Features of Knives Out Tokyo Royale Game

Stand alone like a boss when you are the one winning out of 100 players in the game. A massive battlefield, 100 players battling to win, this is what Knives Out PC is all about! Isn’t it interesting just like other battle royale games? Let’s have a look at the features and gameplay in detail.

#1. Explore to Win!

It’s quite obvious when it comes battle royale games, it’s important that you know how to explore the battlefield. Explore the snowy mountains, islands, train tunnels and some awe-inspiring locations when you strike your enemies with your favorite snipers.

#2. Just 1 Winner out of 100!

Now this is called a battle and it gets quite interesting as you play the game. Collect the weapons while you explore the battlefield in Knives Out PC game and strike your enemies without any mercy! Standout from every opponent and win the game. As simple as that! But remember, it’s not that simple either! You need to be active & accurate about shooting your enemies out of the battlefield.

Features of Knives Out Tokyo Royale Game

#3. Coordinate with Buddies & Win!

There’s no fun if you aren’t playing Knives Out PC version game without your friends. Team up with your gaming buddies, crush your enemies and complete the missions given to you. There can be 3 modes in the game which you can play with your friends namely, duo mode, fireteam mode and squad mode.

#4. Set Your Own Rules & You Win!

Don’t give a **** to the rules and create your own rules. Explore on your own, don’t follow the maps, just collect the weapons you’re best at and you’re sure to standout from the rest in Knives Out PC game. When you play with your own rules, it’s always going to be difficult for the enemies to guess what’s your next move. Keep them guessing and your chances to win the game will be more!

So these some amazing features of Knives Out PC game which you must check out before you play the game. Now let’s see what are the steps you need to follow to download Knives Out PC version on your Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP operating systems.

How to Download Knives Out PC Game?

To make sure you play Knives Out PC download game on your computer or laptop, use the best android emulator on your PC. One of them is the latest version of Bluestacks. Here’s what you need to do!

Knives Out Download PC

Method 1

#1. Download Nox App Player or Bluestacks on your Windows operating system.

#2. Once you download it, install it and run the android emulator on your PC.

#3. The next step is to connect the emulator with your Google Play account and then search for Knives Out Tokyo Royale game from the search box provided in the emulator.

#4. Download the game from the play store, install it and start playing Knives Out on PC with ease.

This completes the process of how to play Knives Out PC game on your computer or laptop. This is not the only way, there’s another way through which you can easily play Knives Out download PC game on your devices.

Method 2

#1. Head over to knivesout.163.com

#2. Now download the .exe file for Knives Out PC.

#3. Run the .EXE file and accept the terms and conditions.

#4. Once this is done, you need to select the path to install the game and let it download from the official servers.

#5. You will now see a QR code which you need to scan if you want to play this game on your PC. This has to be done everytime you want to play Knives Out PC game on your computer or laptop.

Note: During the setup, you’ll find an option to choose English language. That’s the only way you can play this game in English language. Of course, there’s a translator option within the game but not every text is translated through that. So ensure that you select English language right when you setup Knives Out download PC game.

Download Knives Out on Mac

Knives Out Mac Download

#1. Head over to hy.163.com and find the Mac icon to download the game.

#2. Follow the same steps which are mentioned in method 2 to continue.

This is how simple it is to download Knives Out Mac version of the game.

Final Words on Knives Out Download for PC

So this is all about Knives Out PC download game. Let us know if you face any difficulties in downloading Knives Out Tokyo Royale game on PC. We are sure to solve the issues within a given time frame. Follow Genius Geeks for more such gaming updates.

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