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How to Record iPhone Screen

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iOS devices come with a native ability to take a screenshot, but there isn’t any facility that lets you record iPhone screen. The ability to take a screenshot or record a screen of the iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device for that matter can be incredibly useful, especially for people like me who are into blogging or reviewing different iOS apps/games. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures”. Perhaps, the innate nature of iOS device and heaps of support from the jailbreak community makes it a most enticing mobile operating system.

Previously, the DisplayRecorder Cydia app was released by Ryan Petrich at the price tag of whopping $4.99. Although, DisplayRecorder worked like a charm (all of the Cydia tweak by Ryan has worked well), users were bit reluctant to spend ~$5 for a Cydia hack. A new kid in the town called RecordMyScreen has arrived to offer almost similar functionality at zero cost. RecordMyScreen, a heretofore hypothetical cousin of DisplayRecorder, is available on thebigboss repo for free. Just refresh the Cydia store and make a search to see how it works.

RecordMyScreen App

RecordMyScreen is an open source screen recorder app for jailbroken iOS devices. The only catch is that you’ll need to have your device jailbroken in order to use this app. But you already know that when you read Cydia somewhere along the line. It can also run on non-jailbroken devices provided you know how to install .deb file on your iOS device. Also, you are required to have a $99 developer account to make it work on your device.

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recordmyscreen cydia app


Here are some of its features

  • Supports video rotation
  • Support 1/2 or full video size
  • Manage recording within the app
  • Open recording and save them in the photo library
  • It can run in Safe mode

video orientation

video recording size

We’ve already taken the app for a test drive and it worked as advertised. The user interface is darn easy with only few options to tinker with. Video setting option will let you choose the size and orientation of the video. There are 4 options available in this section

  • Portrait
  • Landscape (Home button to left)
  • Landscape (Home button to right)
  • Portrait (Upside down)

It records the video in .mp4 format which you can check out under “Recordings” tab. You can manage your recorded video from here. Unfortunately, there are no other options available for video editing. For that, you’d have to depend on some other video editing apps. The app seems to offer an easy to share option. Under Recording tab click on a blue arrow to share the file via Mail, Save on Camera roll, open in iFile or send via Dropbox. The last option will help users of Dropbox a lot. You can use this feature to stream video from Dropbox to your other iOS devices as well (see the workaround).

As a full-fledged app that is capable of recording iPhone screen, RecordMyScreen has a long way to go. The UI needs a groundbreaking change. Moreover, there are little to no option. However, as a free app it offers some pretty good features. If your intention is to record the screen only, then RecordMyScreen does that job faithfully. For any other complex errand related to video, you’ve to go for Ryan’s application.


How to Install it

  1. First of all, you need to have jailbroken iOS device or a developer account
  2. A developer account user can go to Github for source code and implement onto their device directly
  3. Normal iOS users, who also have their device jailbroken, can enjoy it through Cydia repository
  4. Go to Cydia from Springboard
  5. Go to Search tab from the bottom menu
  6. Search for “RecordMyScreen” (without quote)
  7. Click on the first result
  8. Click on the Install button and it will install the app for you

A blank white icon will appear on your device with name RecordMyScreen upon installation. Just click on it. The home screen of the app will have two options—Record and Stop.  You know the drill now. Just click on the green RECORD button to start recording and click on the red STOP button to stop the recording at any time. It will automatically save all the recordings under Recordings tab. The app is pretty slick and takes no time in recording the iPhone screen. Advance options like save to Dropbox and send via mail is available under Recordings tab only. Select the individual videos to do that.

Have you already started recording your iPhone screen? Did you also share it on YouTube or other platform? Let us know your opinion via the comment section below.

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