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Win Nokia Lumia 510: Geniusgeeks Birthday Celebration [Closed]

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While in the waves of Internet, many blogs don’t get the proud to keep running, after a few months of their launch; it’s your immense love and support that has given your favorite blog ‘GeniusGeeks’, proudest moment to celebrate its third birthday. Three consecutive years of hard work, three years of providing you useful information, and three years of your unconditional support has enforced us to celebrate this auspicious occasion with a style. We promise you to keep serving you with the best of the best information. In fact, it’s your immense support that motivates us to keep working hard day in and day out. genius geeks logo The third birthday of GeniusGeeks is matter of joy for us, and for you. A kid celebrates his birthday with family and for us, you are our family. Although, the big G, Google, has no service that can enable us to enjoy an online party with you, we are celebrating the third birthday in our own style. So here, on this happy occasion, we announce a giveaway of the esteemed, Nokia Lumia 510 Windows Phone for our lovely readers. All of you will have an equal chance to win Nokia Lumia 510. Don’t mistaken it as your chance to get it for free, in fact, you have already paid it with your priceless love and support. This Lumia 510 Windows Phone is just our token of love and a way to say thank you, our readers, for your wonderful support. Keep your love and support in the same way so that we can keep serving you with the best information and giveaway.

Little About Us

Genius geeks was established on 26th December 2009. For years, genius geeks has served its users with the latest technology news, how to guides and useful tips. However, our journey had never been a smooth sailing. There has been lots of ups and downs in our three years journey. First of all, two innocuous but wild animals named Panda and Penguin hit us multiple times. Later, our webhost ran away without providing backup files, and subsequently we lost two years of our hard work.

Geniusgeeks.com was down for several months and due to inactivity it lost all ranking and traffic. A last thing we would have ever imagined to happen with us. Our authors also left us and joined different team. We couldn’t afford them anymore. There was a time, when Ricky Shah decided to throw in the towel and opt for 9to5 job. But like Phoenix, genius geeks came alive in April 2012. Thanks to the motivation from our close friends like Srikar, Honey Singh, Ashwin, Saurabh, Aditya (and many more) and my dearest wife Kinjal, geniusgeeks got a much needed last minute breath to survive.

During this period, we unsuccessfully launched several websites and tried our hands on different products, but never got the success like we got back in 2010. In 2010, geniusgeeks achieved prestigious 30,000 alexa rank and our demand was sky high. We were on cloud nine, before big G hit us, for good. However, Google got furious and kicked us in the back and balls.

Of course, we have to admit that our quality of article deteriorated in those times. Lesson learned. We’ve been more focused and more determined to serve you with the best ever information. We now concentrate more on providing high-quality content rather than money fetching posts. win nokia lumia 510

Win 1 Nokia Lumia 510

First thing first, this contest is for residents of India only. Sorry to disappoint other users, but we will try to get something up for you as well. You are always welcome to show your love by retweeting or sharing the contest on Facebook. This way you will also be able to help your Indian friends. Fill up the following form and follow all the necessary guidelines. Remember, the more point you earn, more are the chances you win the contest. It is also recommended to tweet and share link on Facebook every day to earn maximum points. Also, you can win one Nokia Lumia 510.

  1. This is available for Indian users only
  2. Product will be purchased and delivered to you by the respective merchant. We will disclose the information soon.
  3. No refund or return will be entertained
  4. We reserve the rights to cancel this giveaway at any time. We also reserve the rights to cancel the entry of any candidate and forfeit them without any explanation
  5. In case of unavailability, we will reserve the right to replace it with any other product (of the same price or lower price)
  6. Geniusgeeks team members (including ghost writers) and family members are not eligible to enter this contest
  7. Winners will be announced on 1st January and contacted personally.

Enjoy the giveaway. All the best to all participants. Hope you win Nokia Lumia 510.

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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

Ricky started GeniusGeeks in 2009 and there's no turning back since then! His flair of writing Windows OS related technical articles has been his hallmark! When not writing, he's often found exploring productivity and project management tools!

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