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How to End a Program’s Task in Windows 11

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If your computer is lagging or crashing then chances are your RAM is full and a plethora of apps are running in the background. Windows has poor memory management as compared to macOS and that is why you have to keep killing apps running in the background with the help of End Task in the task manager.

Windows has a built-in task manager that allows you to manage all the tasks and services running in the background. In this article, we are going to share how you can end programs in the task manager in Windows 11.

You can fix issues like app freeze or crash using the task manager in Windows 11. You can end the process forcefully for any specific app and then restart it. It should work.

How to Force Quit an App in Windows 11 using Task Manager

As mentioned, Windows Task Manager is used to view and manage tasks in Windows 11. Follow these steps to access the task manager and end task in Windows 11/10 PC or laptop.

Step 1: Open Windows task manager in Windows 11 using CTRL + SHIFT + Esc or you can use CTRL + ALT + DELETE and then click on task manager to open it.

Step 2: In the task manager, you have to click on More details and then expand it to view all the processes.

Step 3: Here you can see all processes in the process tab.

see all processes in the process tab

These are all currently running processes in your Windows OS. You can also check how much RAM and CPU is used by each service including your network.

Step 4: Find the app which is not responding or suspended in the process tab.

App not responding

Step 5: Now click on it and then select the End task button or you can right-click on it and choose end process to force stop it.

select the End process button

Note that, your all work will be gone as it will force kill an app.

Step 6: Then restart the app again. See if the app is working fine or not. If not, restart your PC and check again if the task has ended.

You can also use some 3rd party app killer tools that allow you to force stop any app running in the background but this built-in task manager is good and works like a charm.

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This post showed you how to a end task or process in Windows 11 using the task manager. If you find any error while following the above process or have something to add, do let us know via a Tweet by tagging our Twitter handle.

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