Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases: You’ll Love Every Inch of it!

Well, iPhone 11 Pro Max is popular for its style, strength of course, the triple cameras. However, it’s important to have a case that matches the level of your iPhone. The iPhone 11 Pro Max leather case is known as best options when it comes to adding more value and uplifting the whole charm of your iPhone. There are lots of options with different features and style. Moreover, lots of cases come with slots which help in holding cards and cash etc.

Leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max are one of the best options that you can try, however, make sure you are aware with things that you need to see.  These days lots of cases come with a wallet and it’s important to check the durability, the whole access, and other features. The leather is an ideal option which gives an extraordinary look and enhances the whole feeling of having iPhone 11 Pro Max. Well, if you are going to buy leather case for iPhone 11 Pro Max from Amazon, here is the list of best options that can help.

Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases & Covers

Here’s the list of brands that provide the best iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases. 

#1. OtterBox Starda Series Premium Leather Case

OtterBox Starda Series Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Otterbox’s Starda series comes with a slim profile which makes the case‘s look extremely pretty.  Not just that, you get the card holder with it and these holders are designed vertically so your important cards and case stay safe. Because of the slim profile, it’s easy to carry the phone inside your pocket.

The case is not only stylish but also makes sure that your phone stays safe and secure. It’s made of genuine leather and when a case is made by OtterBox, you shouldn’t have questions about the quality, right? So what keeps you waiting? Get this OtterBox iPhone 11 Pro Max case made of leather right away! I have already got it for my iPhone, so when are you getting one for yourself?

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#2. W Wilken Classy Leather Case

Wilken iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Wallet Case

One of the recommended cases for daily use or for things like shopping and gym, the case comes with a wallet which holds student ID, driving license, credit card etc with 4 card holders.  Apart from that, you also get color options to choose from. For keeping your cards safe you can simply use the release button which doesn’t let your stuff fall out.

Apart from that, Wilken case is completely shock free and provides ultimate protection for full frame. The material includes leather and TPU which make the texture of the case soft and comfortable.

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#3. TORRO iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Case

TORRO iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather Cases

If you want a strong, thin and light case that also looks completely classic, TORRO should be on your list.  The case’s appearance is elegant and the sleek case design enhances the overall look of your iPhone along with protection as well.  On top of it, you get polycarbonate material on the case which is completely shockproof and protects the buttons as well as the ports.

The design of the case is different as it comes with a combination of the classic designer with the snap on back style with complete genuinely leather.

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#4. Apple Luxurious Leather Case

If you are not into cases with too much stuff and looking for something easy, the very own Apple is offering one piece and the simplest yet unique case for iPhone 11 Pro Max. The case is light in weight, eco-friendly and also good when it comes to grip, the case supports wireless charging and the cutouts are done in such a way that let you access the complete phone without any hassle.

The case comes with full protection with corners and raised edge which is capable to protect from the shocks as well. These features keep your phone safe from damages like scratches, sudden drop or shock etc.

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#5. Genuine Leather Case from FYY

FYY Luxury Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max with card slot and kickstand

Listed as most functional phone wallet in the world, you get lots of things here such as snaps which make the open-close easy, three pockets with RFID theft protection, stand which suits horizontal and vertical, easy in adjusting for attending videos calls and many more.

If you like to read books or watching movies, FYY makes the whole thing much simpler and easy. Apart from that you also can carry 3 to 6 cards and bills around 5-10 as you get three holders in your case.

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#6. LOHASIC’s Gorgeous Looking Leather Case  

In order to make your iPhone 11 Pro Max look more luxurious, LOHASIC offers handmade leather without any stitching and with gold electroplate around the camera and also around buttons. Also, it is one of the ideal iPhone 11 Pro Max leather cases which doesn’t let your phone look bulky as the leather is super thin and light in weight.

You can carry your phone with you anywhere without getting that bulky feeling. Apart from that, the grip is another strong point as it comes with an anti-slip feature. Also, one-piece shape in the case make the installing or removing process much simpler and hassle-free. Plus, you also get the complete safety from scratches or any kind of damage that usually occur to the phone.

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#7. SHIELDON Leather Case with 3 Card Slots

SHIELDON is known for its luxury looking and genuine leather cases which boost up your overall iPhone look. The outer layer of the case is ultra-soft and also it looks tanned.

The case also has microfiber linings which keep the case as well as the phone safe from blemishes and scratches.  It’s also easy to access all portals and phone without facing any kind of hassle. You can easily place 3-4 cards in the wallet of this case and also use the case as a kickstand when needed.

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#8. LUPA Protective Leather Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

LUPA iPhone 11 Pro Max Leather cum Wallet Case

This one is counted as one of the safest leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max as it comes with magnetic snaps. These snaps are useful to make your cards and cashes safe and firmly close it. The iPhone case is also perfectly fit, light in weight, and slim. You can easily take your phone without feeling uncomfortable anything.

Along with a creative look, you get more features which include anti-scratch and shock free, both help in protecting your phone and assuring that there will be no damage. This case is also listed on our iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases round-up earlier.

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#9. Classy Leather Case from Snakehive

Snankehive leather iPhone 11 Pro Max case with flip cover

Snakehive is perfect option to choose for those who want to have sophisticated look in their cases. Also, the brown plastic is used for housing as well as the sides which make them protected and also durable. Also, the use of genuine leather gives a sophisticated look and branding free.

Even the case is ultra-thin around 0.02 inches which adds no extra weight but still, it won’t affect the grip, you can simply use it without worrying about being too much soft or slippery. This one is thinnest leather cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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#10. Most Loved Leather Case from iCarerCase

iCarerCase is the best Leather iPhone 11 Pro Max Case in Brown Color

iCarerCase is for those who like to carry cash or cards or both with themselves where ever they go. Well, it’s hard to carry an extra bag for that, for making it simple you can put your card or cases in the holders of the case. There are four holders which make your cards and cash secure and stay in its place.

The leather which is used for the case is handcrafted and completely genuine. Also, you can enjoy your face time or watch your movies without holding your phone in your hand. The case has a kickstand for landscape view. Apart from that, the case is compatibles for charging wireless.

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#11. Cheap Leather Case from SALAWAT

If you are looking for a cheap leather iPhone 11 Pro Max case,  SALAWAT is your only way to go. Cheap doesn’t it mean it compromises on quality but in fact, you always get a better companion when a product is from this brand.

The round bumper corners guard your iPhone from drops and bumps. Moreover, you don’t get a wallet cover in this case and hence, that makes it look a lot slim and sleek. It’s a perfect case for those who want to get a leather case without wallet and slim as well.

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Final Thoughts!

What else could you ask when you get a wallet, kickstand, flip cover, etc along with a leather case for iPhone 11 Pro Max? I’m sure you couldn’t get better! So which one of these leather iPhone 11 Pro Max cases did you love? Share your love towards your iPhone in the comment section below!

Just in case if you own iPhone 11, do check out our recent post on best wallet cases for iPhone 11 today! I’m damn sure, you’re going to love it! Stay tuned to our accessories section if you want to check more iPhone accessories.

Maxboost iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

Best iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Cases in 2019 Reviewed: Our Top Picks!

 iPhone 11 Pro is surely the most premium gadget anyone could hold. Now, with that price at stake, protection comes as a priority for any iPhone user. More than just a case, wallet cases for iPhone 11 Pro are the complete package which not only gives you the essential protection but allows you carry your inseparable belongings like cash, credit cards and debit cards.

Usually, with other smartphones, the cases are something just consider for protection or fancy it. But with iPhone 11 Pro, there is huge market based on the accessories and especially iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases. There are different types available like the leather unit, base grip, traditional ones and much more to explore. You need to apprehend the factors like preference on storage, the storage and protection ratio, design and more while buying one of the following wallet cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

#1. Amovo iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case from Amovo

Amovo iPhone 11 Pro genuine leather wallet case is one of the most common types of case generally used by smartphone users. It has a minimalist classic design, environmental-friendly manufactured genuine leather and soft but non-fragile material.

For protection, it has a standard but strong magnetic strap for closure. It is detachable which means the metal plate can be detached for easy wireless charging. Overall, it is one of the best wallet cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

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#2. Spigen

Wallet Case from Spigen for iPhone 11 Pro

Spigen Slim Armor CS case is different from the traditional wallet iPhone 11 Pro cases as it has this sliding technology where you can store your cards. Due to the sliding open and closure under which you put your cards, it becomes extra safe to carry.

As the name suggests it as ‘armor’ it is super-strong due to the double-layer protection. It is quite simple it could be with having a strong military-grade build and slim iPhone 11 Pro case carrying cards in slim slider storage. The combination of simplicity, strength and technology at best.

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#3. Smartish

Smartish Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Silk‘s Vault Slim Wallet aka ‘Wallet Slayer Vol 2’ got some impressive modification than its predecessor Silk Base Grip.  A slim bump in the back adds up to hold up to three credit cards and cash. Wallet Slayer Vol 2 could be easily considered as one of the most accessible and ideal cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

The wallet case comes in four different colors and texture of the case has a good grip for better hold. If you are looking for something slightly thicker, this is the ultimate winner in that case. The card slots inside the case have clips which push your card inside so it won’t fall, a minor but significant addition.

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#4. LUPA’s Wallet Case

LUPA iPhone 11 Pro Wallet case with Card Holder

Most significant attribute about LUPA iPhone 11 Pro wallet case is its light weight and durability. Both qualities make LUPA case ideal for travelling. If you are someone who travels a lot or just more of a carefree or field-person, LUPA is safest and secured option for your iPhone 11 Pro.

It has this classic design, available in multiple colors. It holds up to three to four credit or debit cards, more importantly, you can carry your IDs while travelling. You a get pocket to carry cash as well. It is secured because there is an extra-strong magnetic closure provides.

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#5. ZVE

ZVE Wallet iPhone 11 Pro Case

ZVE iPhone 11 Pro with card holder case is specifically designed for the users to give significance to ‘wallet’ more. It gives you comfort that you will never run out of the money as there is an ample space for cash and credit cards in the wallet pouch attached back of the case.

The leather used is top-of-the quality and TPU material. The texture of the case is quite comfortable and smooth. A wrist strap attached helps for easy carrying your iPhone. It is another perfect case for travelers who are looking for the best iPhone 11 Pro case.

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#6. Maxboost

Maxboost iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

Maxboost’s case is crafted quite smartly to hold the most you require. The brand has quite an extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing comfortable wallet cases.  It has nine slots for keeping credit cards, debit cards, IDs and cash as well

Not just that you can put a photo on a window slot given also. It is made up of the premium class leather and with magnetic strap closure for protection.

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#7. Dockem

Dockem iPhone 11 Pro Case with card holder

Dockem wallet case has combined the features of a bumper and wallet into one and that is in the very unique way. There are two stitched pockets on the backside of the case for credit or debit cards

It is one of the best wallet iPhone 11 Pro Cases which has ultimate protection from shocks and bumps. The corners and edges of the cases are made for shock resistance. At the bottom, the material doesn’t bother you for charging or wireless charging as well.

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#8. Arae

Wallet iPhone 11 Pro Case from Arae

Arae Case is way different than traditional wallet cases for iPhone 11 Pro. Interestingly, it opens like a book and designed for ultimate heavy-duty protection. The built of the product appeals to you about the shock and bumper resistance as well.

The storage unit is made up of premium quality TPU material where you can insert your ID, credit card, debit card, cash and more. The grip is strong for your hands as well as for the iPhone.

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#9. Shieldon

Shieldon iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

Shieldon’s case is made up of the luxurious vegan leather with extraordinary aesthetic value. The most iconic feature about this case is the RFID protection which gives an ultimate security to your credit and debit cards.

The magnetic strap is again strong and assures the safety of the inclusions. The faux leather is a beautifully stitched to give a premium look of the case. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best wallet cases for iPhone 11 Pro with a blend of protection and aesthetics.

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#10. Twelve South Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Twelve South iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case

Twelve South’s case is made from genuine leather is available in brown and black colors and this seems to be one of the most elite-looking cases for iPhone 11 Pro. The minimal design with the better aesthetic value is the ultimate feature of this Case.

The magnetic strap closure assures great protection of the iPhone 11 Pro and the credit cards/ cash as well. It is one of the ideal choices among iPhone 11 Pro Wallet cases.

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My Final Pick!

So these are some extraordinary iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases & if you ask me to pick one of them, my choice would be Spigen for sure.

Lupa iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases of 2019 – Our Top Picks!

The one thing gadget lovers adore is customizing their phone. From pop sockets to cases and covers, there is a wide range of ways you can customize your beast. The experience of using your iPhone 11 can be accentuated to such a great height when you know where to find the best iPhone 11 wallet cases.

In this era, it’s a daunting task to go through every case just to find the top-notch wallet case. And this is why we have reviewed some of the best wallet cases for iPhone 11 that can spruce up your iPhone experience. We had earlier reviewed iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases as well.

Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

Here are the best wallet cases for iPhone 11!

  • Amovo
  • Smartish
  • Arae
  • LUPA
  • Maxboost
  • Vena
  • Tucch
  • Onetop

#1. Amovo Wallet Case for iPhone 11


The Amovo case for iPhone is a great start for this list. My experience with this case was rather elegant. The case has a smooth leather look that makes the phone look a lot more rugged and polished. The magnetic closure gave me a secure grip on the phone, something that many companies don’t offer nowadays.

Not only is it made with vegan leather, but the inner folio has a bump and drop protection. This gave me a lot of confidence as the phone protection is essential. The built-in cardholder was the icing on the cake. It was easy to put in cards and a little cash. The case comes in a brown, aqua, red, black and pink colors making it viable for a wide range of customers.

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#2. Smartish iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Smartish Wallet Case for iPhone 11

The Smartish iPhone 11 wallet case is simple in design. The card plus cash slot is hidden, making it look thin and not bulky. The case is quite light and design cutting was precise, making it easier to access the buttons. There are four air pockets in the case making it much more durable in case of any drops.

The card slot can accommodate up to 3 cards. The phone case itself is a boon for those who’d prefer wireless charging, as it’s reliably compatible for wireless charging. It comes in three standard variations of Black, blue and purple. Amazon also provides a secret customization menu where customers can choose a color and a pattern for the case.

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#3. Arae Case for iPhone 11

This leather case might not be as great as the Amovo case but the case looks decent. It also has a neatly placed card slot for cards and cash. The magnetic flip looked quite bulky but had a good closure for cards and its flip design makes the case handy for answering calls.

The leather casing is shockproof, so you can be sure your phone is protected. It comes in four variants of Black, blue, pink and red. My favorite was ultimately the black one as it looked elegant.

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#4. LUPA iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Lupa iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

The Lupa iPhone 11 Case looked trendier than any other case on this list. The case had a vibrant red and the cutouts for the logo and camera were delicately done. The case comes with a magnetic closure that is easy and comfortable to use. Despite having 3 card slots, the case is quite slim and delicate.

The Lupa iPhone 11 case has a wide range of colors like red, pink. Purple, blue, floral, desert sky, smoky cedar and golden dust. Premium faux leather accentuates the whole experience of having an iPhone 11.

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#5. Maxboost mWallet

Maxboost mWallet Designed Case for iPhone 11 with Card Holder

Maxboost mWallet iPhone 11 case was an eye-catching model. There are convenient card slots that allow you to place your cards easily. The kickstand allows you to use your phone hands-free. The leather stitching was decent and durable. The side slot for the case made it easier to carry cash or any important notes.

The cutouts were placed well for using the camera, volume and power buttons. The case not only offers convenience but also guarantees security with its lifetime warranty.

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Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases from OCASE

For any movie lover like me, this case is a perfect fit. This phone is comfortable for watching your screen hands-free with its kickstand feature. The kickstand is decently placed so it’s not too much of a hassle to use. The magnetic enclosure keeps your screen safe and is quite reliable.

What awed me is the shockproof and waterproof protection it offers. Not many phone cases do this. The material was quite comfortable and the blue looked very calming. It also comes in burgundy, bright red, brown and black.

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#7. Best Wallet Case for iPhone 11 from Vena

Top Wallet Case for iPhone 11 from VENA

The Vena iPhone 11 Wallet Case is the Rambo of the phone case world. The rugged, tough and bulky look is sure to make you feel secure. With a multi-angle magnetic lock stand, it’s convenience at its best. The case has military-grade protection with corner guard technology.

The cutouts are precise and let you access the buttons quite comfortable. The case comes with a cardholder inside to keep your cards safe. There are metal flaps on the case making it easier for you to use on a car mount.

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#8. Tucch

TUUCH iPhone 11 Case with Kickstand Credit Card Holder RFID Blocking Magnetic Closure

The Tucch iPhone 11 case had to be my favorite among other smart cases as it comes with RFID protection. Like many other wallet cases, the Tucch iPhone case comes with card slots but with extra protection. The RFID protection safeguards your personal information.

The leather had a genuine and polished feel. It is durable leather with cushioned support for any bumps or drops. The case comes in a wide range of colors like burgundy, blue, black, brown and pink. It also has a lifetime warranty to ensure customers are satisfied.

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#9. OT OneTop

The Onetop iPhone wallet case has premium leather is highly durable. The all-round cushioning protects the phone from all kinds of falls. The inner shell of the case is a slightly lighter shade of the primary color which makes it look stylish.

Precise cutouts for the speaker, power button, volume buttons and the camera are comfortable and can be easily accessible. The kickstand makes it easier to watch your favorite movies and videos hands-free. The card slot and the cash almost makes it looks like a thinner version of a wallet.

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So these were some of the finest iPhone 11 wallet cases which we recommend you to get without any doubts. Moreover, if you want to charge your iPhone 11 wirelessly, you can also have a look at some of the best wireless chargers available online.

Final Thoughts on Top Wallet Cases for iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is a premium smartphone that makes the experience much more aesthetic. Among all the cases, the one that I would prefer are the Amovo iPhone case for the beautiful & luxurious leather feel and the Tucch iPhone 11 case for the RFID protection. These cases stood out as the best for me among all the others in the best wallet cases for iPhone 11.

So, which one did you love out of these iPhone 11 wallet cases? Do let us know in comments and stay tuned to our accessories section to get more dose of best iPhone 11 cases, covers, wireless chargers and a lot more!

Gviewin iPhone 11 Floral Case

 Best iPhone 11 Floral Cases: Go Blossom with these Covers!

iPhone floral cases are the most loved covers by girls and women. Flower prints with leaves design give an alluring look to your brand new iPhone 11 for sure. Elegance, glossy look and military grade drop protection make these cases a perfect companion for your iPhone.

After a thorough research and testing various cases, we’ve collated a list of seven best iPhone 11 floral cases. With detailed review and breakdown of features, it would be easy for you to choose the floral case for iPhone 11 of your choice. So let’s have a glimpse at each one of them and buy the one which suits your personality and styling!

Best Floral iPhone 11 Cases of 2020!

Here’s the complete list of best flower iPhone 11 cases you must have an eye on!

#1. Sonix Delilah’s Floral Case for iPhone 11

Floral iPhone 11 Case by Sonix Delilah

Sonix Delilah Military Protective Case is the gem of the plethora of floral iPhone 11 cases in the market. While there have been many floral print cases, none have ever had such great designs. Sonix Delilah case is not only slim and lightweight but also has raised shock absorbent rubber sides.

A beautiful addition to this is the beveled camera hole design for protecting the lens. With the era of smartphones continuously evolving Sonix has also evolved with wireless charging and lets you sleep peacefully at night.

Build to fit your iPhone 11 perfectly, Sonix Delilah Military case is a beautiful choice. But if you want to carry your cards and cash along with your case, you must check these iPhone 11 wallet cases as well. With more than 700 positive ratings on Amazon, this should be your go to option if a floral case is what you’re looking for!

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#2. Kate Spade New York

Best iPhone 11 Flower Case from Kate Spade New York

The market of the best iPhone 11 flower cases is a tough niche to compete in. However, Kate Spade shot through the competitors and made it to the top. The Kate Spade New York case offers long-lasting protection with its hard shell case and shock-resistant bumper.

The lightweight grip makes the user comfortable but also comes with the premium signature Kate Spade New York graphic prints. If I were to choose from the best iPhone 11 floral print cases, I’d choose Kate Spade New York case. A minimalist floral design with an elegant appeal is up for grabs with Kate Spade New York cases.

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Gviewin iPhone 11 Floral Printed Case

Contradicting the complicated name, this has to be the simplest case of best floral print cases. Precisely cut sections for speakers and buttons, customized to fit like a glove for the iPhone 11, and lightweight design to make it the slimmest case in floral print cases can be an understatement for the Gviewin case.

Adding to these amazing features, the Givein case also stands out as the most functionally compatible case as it’s compatible with wireless charging, car mount, and cell phone right holder.

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While I get skeptical about rose designs for iPhone cases, Cyrill Ciel case gave me the best impression of the rose flowered cases. Simplistically designed, powered by Spigen for extra protection and quality.

Cyrill Ciel cases have always had contemporary designs that were sure to catch the eye. The elegant designs combined with the high quality casing have brought Cyrill Ciel cases to the top. With a wide range of colors, designs, patterns and models, the Cyrill ciel cases have always somehow made it to the top.

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#5. Shinymore Clear Case

In the iPhone case market, the top contenders are the soft cases and the hard cases. Shinymore has somehow successfully produced cases that have bright clear designs while maintaining the softness of the case. They’ve managed to procure latest designs on their iPhone 11 flower printed cases.

Designs with complementary colors, and beveled cutouts that are precise for your navigation and audio, make Shinymore stand out in the market. Shinymore’s embedded design looks quite different from the plain printed cases out there.

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#6. Mosnovo Lavender Case

iPhone 11 flower printed cases have a wide range of options that might be a hit based on the demographics, trends and the consumer reviews. However, their designs have ensured that they remain a tough contender for every other case maker.

The Mosnovo Lavender case is a beautiful case with complementing colors and transparent designs that bring out the bright lavender colors and flowers to life. The captivating designs along with dust-resistance, comfort and durability outweigh all the other brands. The double anti-slip TPU keeps the case light and gives you a strong grip.

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#7. PIXIU iPhone 11 Floral Case

Pixiu iPhone 11 case is the first three layer heavy duty soft silicone case you’d be likely to get your hands on. Pixiu’s designs are almost life-like as they have great 3D designs that stand out in the crowd. Released in 2019, Pixiu has garnered a large number of consumers in the market.

The soft silicone makes the case lightweight, sturdy but comfortable to carry and use. While there are many cases in the market, Pixiu stands out among the top for the noteworthy features it carries. If I were you, I’d be rushing to grab a Pixiu case now.

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#8. HBorna Cute Flower Case

A simple yet elegant flower case from HBorna can up your styling game in every way! Besides being elegant and soft in touch, the silicone cover is made of protective TPU and all the corners are well protected with a curved shape design. Overall, the case is lightweight and doesn’t add any bulk to your iPhone 11.

And yes, the flower prints are minimal and doesn’t cover half of your iPhone making it more of a clear case cum floral case. So if you want to flaunt your iPhone 11 along with the aura of print design, HBorna isn’t that bad choice at all. It’s available in 6 different variants with each one of them having unique designs.

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#9. GiiKa’s Case with Screen Protector

GiiKa Case with Screen Protector

A case packed with heavy duty protection and elegance of flower prints along with a free screen protector is what all you need for your iPhone 11. There’s so much to talk about this case from GiiKa as it comes with a flexible TPU bumper with a hard PC back guarding your iPhone against all the odds!

The raised bezels guard the screen and camera lens against the flat surfaces without any glitches. With precise cut outs and highly responsive better, things can’t get better with this case. Colors like blue, red, lemon yellow, pink, sunflower yellow, and a lot more variants give you ample amount of options to choose from. The list is endless if you want to get a couple of flower cases for your iPhone 11.

Best thing about GiiKa’s case is the sturdy protection along with the elegance of floral print and sleek design. It gets the attention right away! And moreover, it comes with a FREE screen protector which is just like icing on the cake, isn’t it?! So if you’re looking for a cheap flower case along with a screen guard, GiiKa’s case if your way to go without any second thoughts!

Check Price on Amazon

#10. Flocute Floral Cover

Flocute Clear Floral Case for Women and Girls

You might not find this case as attractive as other ones at a glance but believe me, it’s the cute flower case of all listed above. And you’ll only realize that when you buy this flower case for your iPhone. With a hard PC back cover and flexible TPU bumper protection, it guards your iPhone against the drops, bumps, scratches, fingerprints, sudden impacts and collisions with perfection.

The transparent back reveals the beauty of your iPhone and doesn’t add any bulk to your smartphone as well. It’s lightweight and laser printed floral design got my attention right away. Moreover, it’s compatible with wireless charging as well. Flocute’s floral cover is available in Burgundy, Green, Cherry, Sunflower, and tropical leaves variants.

Loved by over 100+ Amazon customers, this case should be on your list if you are looking for something under $10 price range.

Check Price on Amazon

So which one of these variants you’re going to get for your brand new iPhone 11? What keeps you waiting? Get one of these top-notch floral cases right away!

Final Word!

I hope you loved these top floral iPhone 11 cases. Which one is your most favorite iPhone 11 flower case? Do let us know and if we’re missing any flower case in this list and we will be happy to add the same. Stay tuned to the accessories section of Genius Geeks blog to get more of such unique cases for your iPhone 11.

Square iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Best Square Cases for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11!

I’m sure you don’t like those regular cases and want to try something different on your brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro or iPhone 11, isn’t it?! Square iPhone cases have been the most unique way to show off and flaunt your iPhone in style. Not just for women, but we’ve also got a couple of iPhone square cases for men as well.

After a through research and testing, we’ve compiled a list of best square iPhone 11 Pro Max cases, square iPhone 11 Pro case and iPhone 11 square case all together. So if you’ve got your latest iPhone 11 series smartphone, I bet, you’re going to love these square shaped cases with unique designs and different patterns on it.

Best Square iPhone Cases for 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro & 11!

Here are the top square iPhone cases for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro & iPhone 11. 

#1. BabeMall

BabeMall has always been on the top when it comes to square iPhone cases. With a range of designs from floral patterns to leaves and from metal decorative pattern to a glittery case, it has got something for everyone out there. And of course, the cute square design along with the matte finish is a perfect match for your brand new iPhone 11 series smartphone.

The corners of the case are reinforced with metal material guarding your iPhone from sudden drops and bumps. The raised lip protects the screen and camera lens against the flat surfaces as well. Moreover, the non-slip TPU material used on the back cover gives a firm grip so that the iPhone doesn’t slip out from your hands. With precise cutouts and easy to install feature, this case has been my favorite since ages.

Check Price on Amazon: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

#2. YonMeet

This marble case from YonMeet looks classy and the square shape on top of it looks glossy. Smooth as marble and the flexibility of the case is what I loved the most. The look of the case rather suits for men more than women out there. All the ports are accessible with this case when it’s on your iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro or iPhone 11 due to precise cutouts.

Moreover, the camera lens is completely protected as it has a small raised lip on it guards from the flat surfaces. So the dust and dirt is always away from your precious camera. It’s available in black and white colors. The case comes with a pack of one shockproof case and a protector film.

Check Price on Amazon: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max

#3. TLCase

Luxury Leather cum Square iPhone Case from TLCase for iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11

If you’re looking for a combination of leather touch, sturdy TPU material and a square shaped case for your all new iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro or iPhone 11, TLCase is your way to go! The craftsmanship on the case can be clearly seen with the leather material on the back and shockproof protected corners that guards your iPhone to the maximum.

TLCase covers every corner of the case along with the raised edges that guards your screen and the raised lip on the back protect the camera lens against the flat surfaces. And moreover, it’s supported with wireless charging as well which is mostly not seen in square shaped iPhone cases. It’s available in gray, white and brown color variants. If you ask me to pick one, I would definitely go with white color as it looks classy!

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#4. Bitobe

Bibtobe Square iPhone 11 Case

Bitobe has got some awesome collection of designs from retro flower to mandala flower and from leaves & flowers to white marble design patterns. I simply love the retro flower pattern from Bitobe for my latest iPhone. It’s made of soft TPU material which guards your iPhone from bumps, scratches, finger marks, drops and a lot more.

Surprisingly, it comes with a finger holder which can be removed easily if not needed – thanks to the 3m glue that comes with the holder and makes it possible. The complete case is made from mirror printing technology giving it glossy look with precise cutouts. And yes, these designs don’t fade away too early. So you can expect this case to stay original up to 2-3 years for sure!

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#5. Tzomsze

Tzomsze iPhone 11 Pro Square Case

If showing off  your iPhone in style is your concern, then Tzomsze is a perfect square iPhone 11 case to do so. Of course, this square shaped case is available for iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max as well. It comes with a transparent cover and it’s reinforced with some solid materials that guard your iPhone from the drops, bumps and the scratches.

With a ceramic texture, it feels soft and smooth when you touch it. Moreover, this case isn’t just for you but you can also gift it to your loved ones irrespective of gender as it suits everyone. Tzomsze is available in clear, clear pink, clear black and clear red color variants.

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#6. Disney Collection

iPhone 11 Pro Max Square Case from Disney Collection

Disney Plus has been on the roller coaster ride ever since its launch and so are the Disney themed cases for iPhone 11 series. Be it Mickey Mouse, Little Mermaid or the Frozen themed square case, this Disney Collection has endless options to choose from. With soft air cushion design bonded with TPU and metal reinforced corners guard your iPhone to the best against the bumps and drops.

It gives a luxury look to your iPhone 11 Pro Max smartphone and with precise cutouts, it’s easy to access all the ports and buttons with ease. The raised bezel edge protects your screen from flat surfaces.

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#7. Bonoma

Square iPhone Case from Bonoma

This luxury looking case from Bonoma got my attention right away just because of the bleeding lips design along with the metal air corner design. The chic design with a glossy surface – you couldn’t ask more from a case for your all new iPhone, isn’t it?! Bonoma’s square iPhone case sets an example of how a case should look like that matches your personality and style buds!

Be rest assured about the protection as the metal air cushioned design guards your iPhone from all sorts of fumbles and collisions. Not just pink lips, but this case is available in green leaves with flower design, Mandala in Galaxy design and wave geometric marble design as well.

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#8. Kapadson

Kapadson Square iPhone 11 Pro Case

If you want something beyond glossy and glitter, Kapadson’s square case must be perfect choice for you without any second thoughts. As you can clearly make out from the image, the circle gold version looks astounding and could be a great companion for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Just like the above cases, this one too has the metal air cushioned corners. So overall, all the square iPhone cases come with a similar design – it’s just that the patterns are different. As the case is flexible, it’s easily removable. Kapadson’s case is available in leopard  gold, leopard pink, leopard silver, tiger gold, big marble gold, small marble gold and of course, your favorite circle gold color variant.

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Well, this sums up our round-up of some of the best Square iPhone cases.

Final Verdict!

So which one did you like out of these square iPhone 11 Pro Max cases? Do let us know your thoughts about the same. Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks to get the latest, glossy, wallet cases, glitter cases, luxury cases for your all new iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and iPhone 11.