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How to Reinstall Microsoft Edge in Windows 11 PC/Laptop

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Microsoft Edge is the new lightweight web browser in Windows 11 that has already replaced Internet Explorer which isn’t working anymore! Microsoft Edge was released with Windows 10 and it is the default browser in Windows 11 too.

Keep in mind that, No web browser is perfect but you have to choose one according to your need. Microsoft Edge browser is a very fast and secure browser but many users have reported issues with it. In this article, we will share how you can reinstall the Microsoft Edge browser and fix issues.

How to Reinstall Microsoft Edge on Windows 11 PC/Laptop

If you want to fix issues related to Microsoft Edge then you have to reinstall your existing Edge browser. To reinstall, first, you have to remove the current version.

Here are the steps to reinstall Microsoft Edge.

Step 1: Open your browser and then go to this official page of Edge and then click on the download button to download the latest version of the Edge.

Step 2: Now go to task manager using CTRL + SHIFT + ESC button on your keyboard and kill all Edge browser processes.

Step 3:  Then Run the Edge setup file you downloaded > click the Yes if asked for permission.

reinstall the Microsoft Edge browser

This process will reinstall the Microsoft Edge browser with your old data. All your data will be there.

Reinstall Edge legacy version in Windows 10

If you are using a legacy or non-Chromium based Edge browser then follow these steps to reinstall edge.

Before following these steps, try to create a system restore point first. So that you can restore your system if anything goes wrong.

Step 1: Open task manager using CTRL + SHIFT + ESC button on your keyboard and kill all Edge browser process.

Step 2: Then use Windows + E to open file explorer.

Step 3: In the file explorer, click on the view button in the upper tabs section.

Step 4: Find and check the option for hidden items as shown in the image below. This will enable all hidden files on your system.

Click on view and then check hidden items

Step 5: Now navigate to this path:


Here, replace “UserName” with your PC user name. This will open system packages.

Open Windows Packages

Step 6: Here you have to find the Microsoft Edge package and delete it.

Step 7: Click on yes to confirm your decision. You will be asked again to confirm if you want to delete the folder or not. You can skip some files if your system is failed to remove them.

Delete confirmation

Step 5: Close all running apps and restart your PC.

Step 6: Then open the start menu and search for Windows PowerShell. Find and click on run as administrator.

Step 7: In PowerShell, navigate to your user account’s directory using this command.

cd C:\users\yourusername

Replace “yourusername” with your PC user name.

Navigate to user directory in Powershell

Step 8: Copy and paste the following command > press enter.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose}

Run command in powershell

You will see a success message if the command is executed successfully.

Restart your computer and start using Microsoft edge.

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