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Pinterest Like Sites for Link Building

Ultimate Collection of Pinterest Like Sites for Link Building

Pinterest has seen a tremendous growth in past six month. According to Time’s magazine survey, it has been voted as among the top 50 best websites of 2011. Graphics designers, women and SEOs are already exploiting it to get most out of it. The new photo curation site has helped many people to find interesting and inspiring new designs. In fact, from past several month Pinterest has been a topic of perusal to understand how a photo sharing site came in top beating big giants. Pinterest has…

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Create Custom Ringtone for Nokia Windows Phone with Ringtone Maker

Create Custom Ringtone for Nokia Windows Phone with Ringtone Maker!

Nokia has once again proved why it reigns Windows Phone community by releasing excusive Ringtone Maker app for Windows Phone 8 users. As the name implies, it creates a custom ringtone on Nokia WP8, which can be set as caller tunes or other purpose. Of course, this would have been a deal-breaker app half a decade back, but considering WP Mango OS didn’t have a direct option to set own ringtones, this still seems to be a big deal. Nokia has contrived some exceptional, if not unprecedented,…

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What is Cloud Gaming

What is Cloud Gaming? All You Need to Know About Cloud Games

  The next revolutionary technology is all set to take gaming industry by surprise. Also known as Cloud Gaming, the new cloud service aims to add elegance and comfort to the gaming industry. The cloud service vanguard first changed the definition of how we used file sharing, document sharing service, and now the same propitious threat is posed to the gaming industry as well. On a serious note, it could save your pocket from big in purchasing a gaming console and dedicated gaming PC, graphics card, cooling…

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Turn Your Android into iPhone with Espier Launcher for Android

Is there any app that could turn Android into iPhone and vice versa? Is it too much to ask to enjoy both Android and iOS simultaneously? As a hardcore technology enthusiast, I would always like to toy with different technology and iOS, android are no exceptions. I have to admit that, Android has got my utmost affection and attention from the past few months, due to the sheer amount of tweaks, OS customization, custom ROMs, launcher, widgets and whatnot it has got. But that doesn’t mean iOS…

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How to Install Windows Media Player on Windows 8N

How to Install Windows Media Player on Windows 8N, KN

The absence of Windows Media Player in Windows 8N and Windows 8KN makes them a less entertaining OS. Due to some legal constraints, Microsoft can not bundle WMP and related technologies into the OS package, which ultimately costing customers dearly (European market only). But, then WMP has never been hugely popular among entertainment seekers. The open source alternative media players like VLC and many other (listed here, our Mac readers can read this article) have filled the void, and in fact has gained so much trust that…

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How To Remove Windows 8 Metro UI

How To Remove Windows 8 Metro UI Completely

Metro UI is an obsession of Microsoft. The new and claimed to be a completely revolutionary user interface may err users who are used to the traditional Windows UI since XP time. How about taking the whole matter in our hand and completely remove Windows 8 Metro UI element from the OS completely? Sounds like a daunting task, isn’t it? Well, this is where a new application called RetroUI comes to rescue to troubled users. RetroUI brings back Windows 7 style or traditional Microsoft UI to user’s…

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Best Samsung Bada Apps

Best Samsung Bada Apps: Free Downloadable Apps

So far on, we have covered various android and iOS apps. But that doesn’t mean that we care less for other OS users. As a proof, we are now covering some of the best Samsung Bada apps for our readers. Samsung Bada is an operating system by newly crowned smartphone giant, Samsung, which can be found in the Waves series phones by Samsung. The OS has allegedly approached a slow death due to an exponential growth of Android OS, which made Samsung one of the top…

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BBM for PC

Linux Comic Book Reader Comix Makes Reading Comics A Fun

Comics had been my weakness during my childhood days. Unfortunately, technology was not developed to this extent, so it was always a fantasy reading comic book on the computer. Well, Comix, a Linux comic reader is here to fulfill my long craving fantasy. But, then again I have passed the age of comic book reading, but that shouldn’t stop me from sharing it with our readers. Comic books are fun to read and are always best past time for many people including elders. Comix aids the purpose…

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Websites to Compress PDF Online: PDF Files and Document

PDF, abbreviation for Portable Document Format, is one of the most widely used format for document creation. The format is commonly referred as a PDF and is used emphatically in creating eBooks, documents etc. PDF makes it a tad easy to create and send multi-page document containing images, text, hyperlinks, videos and more via email or other medium. However, stuffing too many images, videos and graphics could take a significant chunk of space, and often turns PDF into a hefty size document. This is where a service…

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How to Add Signature in Email

The recent revelation of Outlook webmail service has opened up a new can of endless possibilities. It has also sparked up the debate of who is the best web based email service? Yes, this time Microsoft has learned a lesson and provided a near to perfect webmail service at Previously, we had covered some of the interesting features of; importing Gmail account contacts to Outlook and keyboard shortcuts for new Outlook webmail service.

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