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How To Root LG G4 using SuperSU

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Much talked about device LG G4 is now rooted using the Chainfire’s SuperSu tool. Users can now use one of the most finest rooting tool to root LG G4 so you can install root apps like like titanium backup, xposed and several others to make your device more secure and faster. Additionally, it also opens the door for custom ROM, kernel and several other tweaks along with the ability to change the system’s partition for a better management. Since it requires unlocked bootloader and TWRP recovery installed, the LG G4 H815 European international version is only supported for now. Do check your device version before proceeding to root your LG G4 H815 model.


Before proceeding ahead follow the below instructions carefully

  1. The method works on LG G4 H185 European version only
  2. By rooting you understand the risk that could lead to brick your device only. In no circumstances, we should be held responsible for any damage caused by the rooting.

root lg g4


There are certain thing to be done before moving ahead with the rooting procedure. We highly recommend following below given steps to safeguard device from any accidental data loss and safe rooting procedure

  • Ensure that you battery is optimally charged. We recommend to have minimum of 80-90% battery.
  • Take a backup of your contacts, important data before proceeding further CM backup and several other apps are available that facilitates same.
  • You need to unlock the bootloader. Follow the procedure given on official website first

How to Root LG G4 H815

In order to root LG G4, you need to follow the below tutorial. Carefully follow it to ensure you do not end up in bricking the device

Step 1: Download and install ADB drivers

Step 2: Download and install LG device driver on your PC

Step 3: Download SuperSU latest version from here

Step 4: Download and install TWRP on your device

Step 5: Move SuperSu to your internal storage

Step 6: Connect your device to computer using USB cable. Make sure you have optimal charge remaining

Step 7: Now boot your device in a recovery mode. To do that open TWRP recovery from the folder where you have save it. Now launch the command prompt window within that folder

Step 8: Type following in the command prompt window

adb reboot recovery

Step 9: In recovery mode, you need to tap on install and then browse to the SuperSu file which you moved to internal storage in step 5. Select it and do swipe to confirm the flashing (Swipe to Confirm Flash option).

Step 10: In a next step, you will see a success message. That’s it. Your phone is rooted now.  Reboot the phone by selecting reboot >> system option and your phone is ready to go

Using the above guide you should be able to root LG G4 successfully. It is recommended that you unroot your device before taking it to the customer center. Since you have successfully rooted your device, it is recommended that you install rooting apps on your device. Very soon, we will provide a big collection of Android root apps on our geniusgeeks blog. We also recommend checking out some nice Android apps from our blog in case if you are looking for apps and games for your newly bought LG G4 device.

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