How to Change a MAC Address in Windows 11

A MAC address is a unique identifier for all network devices connected to a network. Like an IP address, a Mac address is very important in today’s networking works where many devices are connected. Mac address is a very important address.

In Windows os, the Mac address is assigned by the manufacturer. Also, note that you can’t change your MAC address physically, but you can change it digitally.

How to change MAC address in Windows 11

As we mentioned above, you can easily change your Mac address in your Windows 11 to fix network issues. You can change the Mac address using Windows 11 settings. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Windows 11 settings using Windows + I button on your keyboard. You can also click on the start button to access Windows 11 settings. You can even use Windows search and search for Setting to access Windows 11 settings.

Step 2: On the settings page, find and click on System.

Step 3: Select About in the right sidebar.

On the settings page, find and click on System

Step 4: Select Device Manager from the list and then expand the network adapter. You can double click 0n it to expand adapters.

Click on device manager

You can also search for the device manager in the Windows search to access the device manager.

Step 5: Click on the network adapter for which you want to change MAC address > right-click on it and then go to properties.

Click on Properties

Step 6: In the properties, go to the Advanced option.

In the properties, go to the Advanced option

Step 7: Find Locally Administered Address and then select the Value radio box.

select the Value radio box

Step 8: Now enter the new MAC 12-digits MAC address. You can use a 1 to 10 number or an A to F character.

enter the new MAC 12-digits MAC address

Save your changes and restart your PC.

Check the new Mac address in the Command Prompt.

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