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5 Best CBR Readers for Mac!

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Comic books were originated to give a ray of hope in the tough times of World War. They brought hope and light for a hero to rise amongst the ordinary, save the human race, and free the innocent from the torture they were put through.

Now, decades later, comic books have evolved, they have become a means of entertainment, and yet there are some amongst us who in their childhood swore they wanted to be one of the superheroes saving the world.

Reading comic books is entertaining & passionate for a lot of us and hence there is a constant demand for the readers to find the best CBR Reader for Mac. Of course, there are a lot more cool things to do on your Mac but reading your favorite comic is the best thing ever!

We know your pain as there are copious options to choose from. So we narrowed the list down to our best and have selected only the best CBR readers for Mac. 

5 Best CBR Readers for Mac

Here is the list of the top 5 best CBR Readers for Mac.

1. YACReader

For its ability to organize and manage a catalog of personal comics, YACReader is the best in the business. Popular formats like RER, ZIP, CBR, CBZ, TAR, PDF, 7Z, CB7, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP are supported. The app provides features on the reading front, such as double-page mode, full-size display, full-screen mode, personalized page fitting, and the option to change the background picture.

YACReader for Mac - The Best Comic Book Reader

We love YACReader’s way of holding a tab on what you are doing. The app organizes your set, plus it keeps a tab on the progress of your reading. In addition, the search feature scans conveniently from inside the app for the complete comic set. Finally, in the reading mode, the picture changes will help add colors to your old comic set.

Download YACReader

2. Simple Comic

Simple Comic has been one of the best Mac CBR readers for so long that you don’t even recall it being installed. This used to be one of the first apps on a new Mac all comic lovers got. YAC Reader may have taken the first place for now, but that doesn’t mean this one is any less than that. Both major file formats are also supported and you can view your comics in single/double page mode, full-screen or thumbnail mode.

Simple Comic Book Reader for Mac

When you want to easily jump between the pages, the thumbnail mode comes in very handy. The capture tool that helps you to take a screenshot of a page and save it directly in JPG format is one of my favorite features. It makes sharing your favorite pages with your friends easy.

Download Simple Comic

3. ComicNerd

ComicNerd is another common substitute that has been suggested by different comic pundits. Several items are working with the software. The UI is new and it is seamless and smooth with all the transformations. True full-screen mode is also supported in its new version.

ComicNerd - Mac Comic Book Reader

One of this app’s interesting features is that a small window with previous and next pages opens instantly anytime you bring the cursor onto the bottom, which is very handy whenever you want to go back or forth between the page uThe only thing that stops users from getting it is the price. For an app that is competing in a landscape of apps dominated by free ones, it is too steep.

Download ComicNerd

4. Sequential 2

Sequential is an image preview tool for Mac that conveniently doubles up as a comic reader. Though the app has not received any updates in a long time, it still works fine. A side panel with a picture preview is supported by Sequential 2 and remarkably, over time, the software has not lost its appeal.

Sequential 2 Image Viewer for Mac with CBR Compatibility

The movement of the animation is smooth and there’s no pause at all. To open the comic in full-screen mode, you can double-click on every page. If you are searching for a Mac-based comic book reader that is no-frills, then Sequential 2 would conveniently suit your bill.

Download Sequential 2

5. ComiXology

This isn’t a typical app or software for CBR Mac. For comics, ComiXology is like iTunes; it’s one of the easiest places to read webcomics. You can buy individual comic books from the store, or you can sign up for the ComiXology Unlimited package. This allows thousands of comic books to be read by paying a monthly fee. 


The best thing is that there is a free section for ComiXology that sells 120 books at no discount. Second, you should look at the free portion and help you decide whether or not you are going to use the Extended option. ComiXology, including lesser-known indie titles, offers a decent collection of comics spread across different categories.

Visit ComiXology

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Your Favorite Comic Book Reader?

We all agree that comic books are a must-have and what better than to be able to read your favorite comics on the go with your Mac which is obviously beside you always. This list of the best CBR Reader for Mac is bound to be helpful and useful to those who just cannot stay leafing through the latest edition of their favorites. Check them out as most of them are free and would give unlimited pleasure to your comic hunger.

Let us know through the comment section below about which is your favorite Mac CBR Reader and which one of the above suited you. Stay tuned for further updates and new drops on the latest Mac apps.

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