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VR is NOT Dying. Period.

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Despite whispers of its demise, virtual reality is not only surviving; it’s thriving and evolving. Recent developments from industry giants like Meta and persistent innovations in headset technology demonstrate a promising horizon for VR, contrary to the bleak picture painted by skeptics.

I have Quest 3, and I love it in every way. I’ll try to remain objective and share why I look puzzled when I read everywhere that VR is dying because it’s not dying. Maybe it was just an empty apple of surprise, and that’s what they’re throwing at the market?

In an unexpected move, Meta has expanded its VR ecosystem by integrating third-party hardware from ASUS, Lenovo, and Xbox into its Horizon OS. This strategy mirrors Android’s openness and stands in stark contrast to Apple’s typically walled garden approach. Meta’s decision to open up its platform could be a game-changer for VR, bringing consumers diverse hardware options and potentially richer software experiences.

The collaboration with Xbox is particularly intriguing as it might lead to a deeper integration with Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem, which could significantly boost VR gaming.

Meta’s partnership with Qualcomm also ensures that the hardware will keep up with the software’s ambitions, promising a seamless user experience.

Contrary to the notion that VR is fading, investment and innovation in the field are accelerating. The technology has transcended its initial hype, transitioning into a phase of sustained, incremental development.

“Virtual Reality headsets are forecast to reach 24.7 million units by the end of 2028, representing a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.2% as the consumer base slowly grows beyond core gaming use cases and as businesses adopt more headsets for training, design, and more. Meanwhile, Augmented Reality headsets will grow from a smaller base of less than a million units in 2024 to 10.9 million in 2028, representing an 87.1% CAGR over the same period.”

Source: idc.com

With this and similar data, news, and announcements, why would anyone think VR is dying?

It’s enjoying a renaissance. With the release of Quest 3, the user base has skyrocketed.

Hololens is canceled, and Vision Pro is useless to most people. Still, Apple’s entry into the mixed reality landscape with the Vision Pro initially created a buzz in the market, even if it has since encountered practical challenges in adoption due to its high price and operational “complexities.”

Despite these hurdles, Apple is not backing down. The anticipated second-generation Vision Pro aims to address these issues with improved usability and a more appealing price point. This move signifies Apple’s commitment to refining its AR offerings and capturing a significant share of the burgeoning AR market.

But let’s be honest: Vision Pro was a prototype for market validation. If any Vision Pro comes after this, it will, in fact, be the first full version number.

The evolution of VR technology is emblematic of the broader trends in tech—initial excitement, followed by skepticism, maturation and integration into everyday life. As Meta opens its platform and standalone devices become more accessible, VR will penetrate various sectors, from gaming and entertainment to education and professional training.

Meanwhile, Apple’s continued push into AR suggests an eventual convergence of VR and AR technologies, leading to more immersive and practical applications. The journey of VR and AR is far from over; it’s merely entering a new, more exciting phase.

So, to the naysayers proclaiming the death of VR: it’s not dead; it’s just gearing up for a spectacular rebirth.

Stay tuned as the VR saga continues to unfold, promising a future where digital and physical realities merge in ways we can only begin to imagine.

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Gyula Virag
Gyula Virag

Gyula is a developer and a passionate geek father with a deep love of online marketing and technology. He always seeks challenging adventures and opportunities to create something permanent in the digital world.

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