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Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case Review!

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Picking the right case to guard your iPhone and simultaneously flaunt it in style is a daunting task. But thanks for Mkeke as it does both with perfection. It’s always on top of our best cases list be it any iPhone model.

First Impressions from Mkeke!

We feel lucky to review the first ever case from Mkeke exclusively for our iPhone 14 Pro Max users around the world. It arrived us with a good packing and a greeting saying “Wishing You a Sparkling Day” which makes you feel lively before you try the case. Positive vibes already?!

First Impressions from Mkeke Clear Case

Ignore the tree in the background, it ain’t a Christmas tree. We got that for taking the picture of the pretty Mkeke case. When we got the hands for the first time on the case, it felt lightweight and it didn’t add much weight to the best iPhone 14 Pro Max.

We’ve used the case for almost a week and we found it pretty awesome when it comes to flaunting the iPhone and guarding it from scratches, dust, drops, and more without compromising the way how your iPhone looks.

Some Stunning Features of Mkeke’s iPhone 14 Pro Max Clear Case!

It ain’t an ordinary clear case from a random brand, it’s from Mkeke and it stays up to the expectations of its features described by them on Amazon. Wondering what’s in for you? Let’s uncover it!

Powerful Magnetic Suction

A normal magnetic case, usually has around 1200 to 2000Gs of magnetic power, but brace yourselves because Mkeke has got 2600Gs power that do not let your iPhone fall during charging come what may! It has built-in N52 magnets which make this possible.

Super Powerful Magnetic Power in an iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

On top of that, it sits comfortably on any magnetic car charger mount giving you the nice view of the video call or map which is turned on while driving. What’s more, it charges your iPhone 14 Pro Max wirelessly making sure you need not deal with a web of wires.

Mkeke Case being used on Car Mount

It comes with one of the strongest magnetic suction so that you don’t have to worry about your phone falling down even on a shaky roads or even when you leave your iPhone at desk for charging and your kids are around.

The case is compatible with all the Qi certified car chargers and Magsafe chargers too.

Show Off in Style With a Clear View

Needless to say, Mkeke’s clear case for iPhone 14 Pro Max users is a blessing in disguise those who’ve had bad experiences with other cases and want to try a reliable and sturdy case.

Given the crystal clear view, you’re sure to get asked by your loved ones about the case or your iPhone 14 Pro Max as it’s visible clearly. They’re sure to get eager to get their hands on your iPhone. Give it a try if you doubt me!

Mkeke Clear Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

The anti-yellowing feature of the case ensures that you go a long way without changing your case just because it started getting yellowish.

Sturdy Protection

All the corners are protected with a raised edges of 3.1mm all around and it has a built-in airbag which makes it military grade case. The raised bezels guards your screen too, but it would be wise to get a screen protector for your iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Sturdy Protection of Mkeke Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

The raised bezels at the camera are around 3.5mm which guards the camera from the scratches and you need not keep the phone upside down just because the camera’s lens are on raised on the back.

Resist All Stains

Be it those little coffee drops, sweaty skin, or greasy ones, the Mkeke case has got you covered! A perfect blend of TPU and PC materials ensures that all kinds of stains stay away from your case and iPhone.

Moreover, it also helps is anti-yellowing which directly lets your case last for longer. What’s interesting is it has the “Climate Pledge Friendly” tag which confirms that it doesn’t harm the nature by any means by producing or using the case.

Blazing Fast Charging

Faster Charging with Mkeke Clear Case

It automatically adjusts on the charging point once you place the iPhone (with the case) on your magnetic charger. So, leave your phone and forget about aligning rightly!

That said, it will charge your iPhone at a blazing fast speed given that you’re charging it using any MagSafe charger.

Final Verdict!

Mkeke’s cases have always been our preferred choice, even before we reviewed the case. This review is unbiased and it was written only after using and testing the case for a week. If you wish to get this case for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, you can get it here!

Should you wish to explore more accessories for your iPhone from Mkeke, head over to their store and pick the ones you love the most!

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