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How to Backup Gmail Account

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backup restore gmail account

Google influences our online presence so hard that we can not even an online world without Google service; be it Google search, Gmail or Google apps for business. The topic revolves around one such service called Gmail, we will learn how to backup gmail account and restore it consequently from that backup. Google has to offer tons of promising features that ensures that Google is not going away until and unless Internet has stopped working. The flurry of services for casual users as well as blogger like us makes it an inevitable option without which we can not even think of an online life. Such is the offering of Google that we can not even think of any other alternatives.

Google has revolutionized email service with its Gmail service. With free storage above 10GB and myriad of useful features, Gmail has become an integral part of everyone’s routine life. Moreover, Google offers options for filters, labels, priority inbox and plenty other through labs which makes using email service a child’s play. Our chat conversion, business contacts, calendars, Google drive, Google analytics, AdSense and many other are tightly amalgamated that we can not even realize how much Google dependent are we. It is a worst ever nightmare to even think of losing our emails and Gmail account in particular. Even a slightest thought of losing shivers my whole body thinking of situation that makes me vulnerable to all sort of situations. In such situation, it is always good to have some sort of provision to backup Gmail account seamlessly.

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Backup Gmail account

Of course, Google is very much aware of such situation and has offered 2-step verification method that makes our account hack proof. There are few geeky methods to backup Gmail account to ensure maximum protection of our precious emails and conversations. The simplest and most obvious method is creating a backup by connecting it to email clients like Outlook express and incredimail. The other interesting player in this segment is Gmvault, an open source program that lets you backup and restore Gmail account at will.

gmvault shell


Following are the features of Gmvault

  • Backup emails on disk and can then be easily moves from one PC to the other
  • Sync accounts at frequent interval
  • Encrypt saved emails to protect it from prying eyes
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to understand for even a non-geek user
  • Restore emails back to Gmail account without losing labels and other attributes
  • Mac OS and Windows version available

Should you lose your important emails, Gmvault can easily restore them from the recent backup preserving all the attributes such as labels. Gmvault also offers selective backup of emails in case if you want to backup only important email. All you need to do is make a search request and pick-up desired set of emails to take a backup. Since it is available on Mac OS and Windows OS, it covers most of the users. Even Linux users can use it but pre-requisite is that you need to have Python 2.6.x or Python 2/7.x installed. On Windows and Mac OS it runs out of the box after installation.

Once you install it on your PC in areas necessitating Admin privilege, it will create a shell shortcut on desktop from where you can run its shell script. Gmvault is an open source program and hence it is distributed for free to the community. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS. Mac OS 10.6 and higher users can download Gmvault instantly.

Detailed installation guide is available here along. Currently, Gmvault is in beta stage so you may encounter some unforeseen bugs. Rest assured!!! The developer is working meticulously to provide stable version so users do not have to face any problem.

Find more information about Gmvault here along with download link.

Have you tried any other service to backup and restore your Gmail account?

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