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Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy SIII for Cheap? [India]

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buy samsung galaxy s3 cheap india

The dreadful prediction about unaffordable price tag of flagship product of Samsung was substantiated when they announced the availability of Samsung Galaxy SIII in India today. Previously, the press release depicted unusual number 43,180 as the price tag but later it was confirmed to be Rs. 42,5000. Unfortunately, those who had pre-ordered are left in agony since Galaxy SIII is already available at much lesser price at different online retail stores.

Android fanatics in India would be eagerly looking forward to add this gadget in their arsenal, but the ridiculously high price tag might be a huge set back for them. There is a mix feeling about the price of the Galaxy S3 in India. Most of the people (including me) thinks that the product is highly overpriced since HTC One X, which also comes under quad core family product, costs much less compared to it. Having said that, there is a small group of people who blames weakening rupees price in international market for such unrealistic price. Whatever the reason might be as an athirst users, we would never want to pay extra bucks to Sammy. Before we go further and dig possible places where you can buy Galaxy S3 for cheap, let’s take a quick look at its specs sheet (in-depth analysis is here and check out S3 accessories)

  • 1.4 GHz quad core processor
  • 4.8-inch HS Super AMOLED display
  • 1280 x 720p display
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Expandable upto 64GB
  • 8MP primary camera
  • 1.9MP front facing camera

It is available in two color variants: White marble and Pebble blue. Vodafone is offering 3GB data for 3months on their 3G network. It will make up for an additional cost if you purchase from them. Moreover, pre-order users are getting extra goodies from Samsung. The Indian version of Galaxy SIII comes with Exynos chip which is a quad core processor but unfortunately it doesn’t support LTE or 4G network. The Canadian version has dual core snapdragon processor with 2GB RAM to ‘make up’ for the missing cores. However, it does come with the support for LTE or HSPA+ network.

buy galaxy s3 india

Buy Samsung Galaxy S3 for Cheap

The best place to buy Galaxy S3 for cheap would be a local retail store. Few Bangalore retailers are selling Galaxy SIII at amazingly low price—Rs. 37,000. However, those who are from other place should check out their local retailer store to know the exact price. People blames INR depreciation against dollar for such high price.

Following online shopping stores are offering Galaxy S3 at competitive price tag.

Flipkart: Rs. 38,900 With no additional vouchers

Buytheprice: Rs. 38,900 with Skullcandy low rider Sc headphone worth 2149 INR and Buytheprice voucher worth Rs. 1,000.

Tradus.in: Rs. 38,500 with easy EMI option available

EBay.in: Rs. 38,500 with no additional bonus

Sulekha: Rs. 34,999 with coupon code SUL-CELEB-2B5F0 offer valid till 15th June

All the above store offers free home delivery, COD and easy EMI options. The expected arrival date of Samsung Galaxy S3 is first week of June. The above prices are subjected to change by the seller. At the time of writing, we have confirmed the price to be same. Although, tradus and eBay seems to have decent price, the offer made by buytheprice along with few goodies makes the deal more sweet.

Have you checked the price at local store? Do let us know if you have managed to grab Galaxy S3 at cheaper price in India. We would love to hear your thoughts.

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