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Ultimate Collection of HD Games for Android

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hd games for android

In the modern era, gadgets are the new entertainment box. The arrival of iOS platform and then Android platform made developers keen in developing more sophisticated game for end-users. This post will touch the pinnacle of awesomeness by enlisting some of the notable HD games for android platform. Last month, we provided some of the an exhaustive collections of games along with apps for android and iOS users. For easier reference, we’re providing direct links to those previous posts.

Collection of 3D Games for Android

Best 3D Games for iPhone

Needless to say, Gameloft predominantly ruled in both of the segment. Even, the HD games list for android is not much different in the context that Gameloft is yet again the company offering heaps of options to the end-users.  However, like always our aim is to provide varied collection HD games for Android users. You can go ahead and check our 3D games collection for android users which are also in HD quality. HD technology is no longer a slave of TV technology. With the arrival of HD and 3D capable smartphone, developers had to rebuild their apps and games to adopt to new technology. Apple’s the new iPad has an unusual screen resolution with retina display. It is a good example of how fast smartphone screen technology is evolving.

HD Games for Android

Following are some of the best HD games available from Google Play store or fro  merchant’s website. You might also want to take a look at our post that explains the way to download XAP from Google Play store (visit this link).

Fieldrunners HD

Fieldrunners is one of the most respected strategy game of all the time. It has been made available on android platform quite some time now. This tower defence game has won many awards. The game is stunningly beautiful. The best part of the game is its mesmerizing graphics which will entice you to play more and more.

fieldrunners hd android game

There are 7 also weapons available to fight against the bad guys. Over 400 waves across 4 unique battlefields are available. It is an endless fun and most addictive game to date.

Download Fieldrunners HD

AirAttack HD

In our previous list of 3D games for android, we missed including AirAttack HD. However, we’re not going to repeat the same mistake twice. AirAttack HD, available in both lite and paid version)=, is arguably one of the best air defence or combat game available in Google Play store. The stunning HD and 3D view of the air attack will stun you. IT doesn’t just stop there. The game has great sound effect and background music to keep you glued to the game.

airattack hd for android

There are 3 missions available in the lite version. You can also enjoy 3 unique planes against 24 different enemies in the free version of the game. Meanwhile, you can also try your hands on some of the best air striking weapons available. AirAttack HD also supports a wide range of android devices to make possible for other users to enjoy it.

Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

If you enjoy tower defence games like Fieldrunners then this is the right time to turn the table. Anomaly is a tower offender. Bring a devils in you out and become an attacker. In this unique tower offense game you will find your side in opposite directions. You will be in charge of the tower attacking team, pitting them against destructive towers of the aliens. As a leader you will have to implement right tactics, choose the right squad, route and weapons to bring enemies to their knees.

anomaly hd

The game has very good graphics and is widely praised on various top quality sites.

Download Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

GRave Defense HD

GRave defense HD developer has got patted on his back for an amazing work he poured into developing this game. The game is among one of the top tower defense game with support for HD. The formidable game revolves around threats from Zombies looking for human flesh. Even, old baddies Frankenstein is back in this game to hunt the humans.

grave hd for android

There are 12 HD levels and 25 HD unlockable levels in this game. The game is a fun and has four difficulty levels to test your skills. Some special effects of games will frighten you to death. I suggest you to put your earphones on if you wish to enjoy the game in its entirety.


Baked in the factory of Gameloft, 9/mm HD has awestruck scenes in the gameplay. The game presents one of the best fighting styles in an amazing HD mode. As a leader, you are entitled to kill gang leader who is hunting down your team. The gunfight takes an ugly turn when both team members collide. You can also join with your friends to take down your enemy. The game supports multiplayers. You can team up with 12 different players and participate in deathmatch.

9mm hd

The game also has some offensive language so you are advised to be aware of the fact. It is available at $4.99.

Get 9MM HD from here


SHADOWGUN is a bounty hunter. As a shadowgun you will have to hunt down DR. Edgar Simon and his mutant army. Infiltrate their mountain fortress and get involved in one of the deadliest fight on the earth. By the way, you are in year 2350 and will get some of the most advanced weaponry to succeed in your mission.

shadowgun hd android game

The most astonishing part about the game is its graphics. Almost all are astonished by the graphics of the game. The game is also optimized for the latest android devices. There is a third person tactical game. The shooter game is one of the best in the business.


Cut the Rope HD

Cut the Rope is yet another beautifully designed HD game. The graphics is beautiful but the game itself is very laggy and lack innovation. Despite all the downside, the game is still performing well in the Google Play store and is perfect for the kids. Users have to smartly cut the candy so it falls into the mouth of Om Nom. As the game progresses, it becomes difficult to follow Om Nom and this is where the fun begins.

The game is available in free, paid and experiments versions.

More HD Games

  • Pinball HD
  • The Adventures of Tintin
  • Cordy
  • Beer Pong

HD Games by Gameloft

Gameloft has developed HD games for android in abundance, and hence we decided to mention them here rather than explain them in details.

  • Asphalt
  • Dungeon Hunter
  • Hero of Sparta
  • N.O.V.A.
  • Let’s Golf
  • Modern Combat
  • Real Soccer 2012
  • Assassins Creed
  • External Legacy
  • The Amazing Spider-man
  • Back Stab
  • Fast Five

Get the list of available HD Games from gameloft for android users here.

Let us know which are your favorite HD games for your android device.

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