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How to Turn Off or Mute Instagram Notes

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Instagram Notes is a replica of Twitter Notes feature, almost. There are a plethora of reasons to use notes in Instagram, but only time will tell how people adapt to this copycat feature from Meta.

If you’re wondering how to get notes on Instagram, update the Instagram app to the latest version and check the notes option on top of your message box.

While some notes are really funny, a lot of users didn’t like this feature and want to get rid of it right away. Well, if you’re one of them, we’ve found 2 quick ways to mute Instagram notes from your app so that it doesn’t annoy you anymore!

How to Turn Off Instagram Notes

There isn’t a direct way to turn it off for all users but there’s a way around to mute it for a few selected users who are annoying you with their quirky notes.

1. Mute Instagram Notes with In-app Settings

This is a manual procedure to mute a person’s notes forever in your inbox feed. Follow the below-mentioned steps to implement it.

1. Launch Instagram app on your device and swipe right to head over the message box.

2. Long press on the person’s note which you wish to mute. You will now see 3 options namely, Mute notes, report, and view profile.  Tap on Mute Notes option from the pop-up.

Long press and tap on Mute Notes of a particular person on Instagram

3. Confirm it by tapping on Mute Notes again to finish the process. And if you do not wish to proceed for some reasons, you may opt to tap on Cancel option.

Confirm to Mute Notes on Instagram

2. Use Instagram Profile to Mute Notes Permanently

This method works only on the accounts you follow.

1. Head over the Instagram profile of a person.

2. Tap on the Following option and you’ll find multiple options like Add to favorites, Mute, Restrict, and Unfollow. then tap on the Mute option.

Tap on Following and then on Mute option

3. Now, it gives you 3 options; posts, story, and notes. Toggle ON the Notes option to hide all the future notes posted by that particular person. That’s it!

Toggle ON Notes option to mute it

The above 2 methods are useful only to get rid of notes from a particular person. But if you wish to disable it forever, keep reading the tips mentioned below.

How to Get Rid of Instagram Notes Forever

1. Simply download Instagram Lite version of the app where the Notes feature is still not available (as of writing this). It works as good as your regular Instagram app.

2. If you wish to use the regular Instagram app and still want to get rid of Notes on Instagram, simply do not update it to the latest version and if you already did, uninstall the existing app and install the previous version from any of the trusted online APK sites where the download links are always available.

3. One more way to do it is use Instagram desktop app on your PC or laptop where the feature is still not rolled out. Head over to your inbox and you won’t find any of the Instagram notes in your account irrespective of the version you’re using.

Can I Turn Off Instagram Notes Feature?

No, you cannot directly turn off Notes on Instagram as it doesn’t have any such option in the app, at least for now, but you can surely mute it. However, notes don’t stay there forever, they last only for 24 hours.

Wrapping Up…

While you cannot completely turn off of Instagram Notes on your device, you can at least mute notes using the above 2 methods and use older version of Instagram if you don’t like Notes at all. So that’s all from this post, if you love to read more such tips and tricks of Instagram, stay tuned to GeniusGeeks and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!

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