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Download APK from Google Play The Easiest Way

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Android marketplace (now Google Play) offers zillions of apps to Android smartphone and tablet users. But it is tiresome and not feasible approach to always download APK files from marketplace though your device. How about a scenario when you find latest game which is not compatible to your handset? Instead of waiting for new powerful Android device to arrive and remember the name of the game for months just to download them is cumbersome process, at least for people like me.

One of the classic example when such need arise is, when your device is suffering from Internet outage. Wouldn’t it be nice to have ability to download Android APK file to your PC and then transfer it back to your device in such case. Of course, there are few constraints and you are not permitted to download each and every app, at least paid ones.

Download Android APK from Google Play

As mentioned earlier, there are hundreds or thousands Android apps available in the marketplace. Only Apple iTunes store seems to be performing better compared to Android thanks to large number of loyal follower, but on the other hand Google Play market is growing at a breakneck speed and it could overtake Apple in near future.

APK Downloader (developer’s site), a Google Chrome extension is here to help you. This smart and efficacious Chrome web store will help you to download any APK files from Google Play market in a snap. However, there are some setting you should follow to hinder any SSL error while downloading APK files.

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Guide to Download APK files

Note: It works on Google Chrome 17 or later only. Use it at your own peril

Step 1: Go to this link from Google Chrome browser.

apk downloader

Step 2: Disable SSL error warning by following below steps.

Right click on Chrome browser shortcut and navigate to ‘Properties’. From the next Windows Pane go to Shortcut tab. Now replace –remote-debugging-port=9222 from the Target field to –ignore-certificate-errors.

This will ignore all the certificate warnings while downloading APK file from Google Play store. It will ignore all future SSL errors.

disable ssl warning

Step 3: Now you need to get your email address and Device ID. Download Device ID App. It will display you your Device ID and Email address. Note down them.

Step 4: Open APK Downloader option page and Enter your Device ID, Email address and Password. You’re now loaded with all weaponry to fire Google Chrome browser again and download as many APKs as you can from the Google Play store.

enter device id

Just login to marketplace and browse through any Android apps/ games you wish to download. On the top right hand corner, you will find APK Downloader icon. Just press it to download APK files from Google Play store.

download apk from google play

Once you have downloaded all apk files on your PC, you can transfer them to your device and install them provided they are compatible with your device. That’s pretty much everything you want to know.

Enjoy downloading unlimited APK files from Google Play to your PC using APK Downloader. Do drop us comments if you’ve trouble understanding any step.

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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

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