DeepNude App for Android (APK)! Don’t Download It!

DeepNude App Download

Think Twice before you download apps like DeepNude. The official developer wasn’t expecting this huge response from DeepNude as the project was just created for fun. But soon it took the internet world by storm due to it’s unique artificial intelligence X-Ray app capabilities.

The Deepnude App was released long back but very few technology enthusiasts like me noticed it until it became the need of an hour for every one. It went crazy like anything that the official website’s servers crashed every now and then. Well, it’s obvious because the owner of DeepNude app wasn’t expecting this big response from the users all over the world.

DeepNude App Download


We already have seen such X-Ray apps in the past such as Nomao Naked Camera App that is still working fine for many, you can try that.

But as compared to DeepNude, Nomao might be the 2nd in the preferred list. Something is better than nothing, isn’t it? So why not try Nomao app itself if DeepNude App downoad isn’t available on the internet.

How Does DeepNude App Work?

The DeepNude App work in a very simple way. Here are few steps involved in it.

#1. Select the picture.

#2. Crop the picture to perfection.

#3. Remove the costume or apparel! That’s it!

It uses artificial intelligence algorithm that allows you remove the costumee from photos of the picture you selected. Isn’t it amazing? It is stupendous but this might risk the future of the young guys who get used to such apps.

And that’s the only reason why the developer of this app have stopped providing DeepNude App download links for Windows, Linux and Android as well. But if you want to look like a celebrity, download Gradient app and have fun. It has gone viral due to its unique concept. 

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How Deepnude App Works on Windows, Linux and Android

Deepnude APK Download

So the users who are searching to download Deepnude APK or DeepNude App for Android, stop searching it, else, you will end up in installing some fake apps that may result in data leak from your phone. Or it might also scrap your bank details/credit card details or even hack your mobile. Stay away from such fake DeepNude app if you find any.

Make sure you never download any fake file that is named as DeepNude APK, else, you’re sure to fall in trouble within no time. There will be times when few websites might ask you to change the settings to allow unknown sources installation for apps but don’t do it.

It will surely risk your device. Once you do that and download any random file of DeepNude APK form the internet, the very next moment, you’ll see strange things on your Android device.

So it’s simple! Do not download DeepNude APK from anywhere on the web or internet!

DeepNude App Download for Windows & Linux

Same goes with Windows & Linux users as well. If you find any working links to download DeepNude App, give it to me, I am sure it will be fake.

The reason being is, the developer has already closed the app and the servers are already down. So just think it practically that how could DeepNude app work despite of the servers being down? Ringing bells? Stay away from such especially the torrent links!

Update: I just found a link from a post here of DeepNu&e Linux and PC. He further added that, you must “just click on download all and then put all the files into a folder and then run deepnude.exe” That’s it. Use DeepNude App at your own risk as it is not a legal app (especially in India)! 

Note: I haven’t tested this personally so I would not recommend doing this. I don’t take any responsibility of anything happens to your systems or devices. I am just sharing what I found from Twitter. That’s it! Same goes with DeepNude APK files as well if you find any on the internet.

Is DeepNude APK Premium Version App Still Available?

Even if you have paid for the premium version of DeepNude app, you won’t be able to access the app as it’s officially taken down by the developer himself. If you have already paid for this amazing X-Ray app, you will get the refund from the official developer within few days from now. So don’t worry about the refund, so far it doesn’t look like a scam to me at least.

DeepNude APK Premium Version App

Why Did Deep Nude App Shut Down?

There are several reasons why Deep nude developer has shut it down. It’s for the society. And it’s just because he feels the app can be used in a wrong way by many users. Now this doesn’t make me understand one thing that if he know this problem might arise in future, why did he develop this app beforehand.

From my point of view, he might be selling the software to some other person as I already saw a small little notification that he isn’t able to handle this and wants to sell this app to someone who is interested in to. That might be the best possibility as of now. Well, you never know what’s running in to his mind but here’s what he shared on his Twitter handle.

DeepNu*e APK Shuts Down

He says that the people who will misuse such apps will be high and that’s not a great sign. He clearly mentions that if you download Deep Nude App from any other sources or sharing it by any other means would be against the terms of our website. It’s clear that there wouldn’t be any other versions of DeepNude App, so don’t wait for latest or updated versions anymore!

At the end he says, the world is not yet ready for DeepNude and that hurted a lot of users who were going bananas to download Deep Nude App on their Windows & Linux systems. The developer was working for the Mac version but he won’t do that anymore! And please, there was never a Deep nude APK version for Android, so stop searching for it and save yourself from falling into a trap.

Final Words on Deep Nude APK

It’s completely fine to use such apps for fun but it must be only between your best buddies or up to a certain limit. I can’t describe what’s the limit here but you’re smart enough to get that.

So stop hunting for DeepNude App or Deep Nude App download kind of terms on Google and move on with a better life rather than enjoying such DeepFake apps.

I warn you again, do not download any Deepnude APK files you find on the internet, they are harmful to your smartphones and tablets both. Stay tuned to for latest apps and games.

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