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Best Android Weather Apps Collection

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best android weather app

In 19th and first half of twentieth century, it was not easily possible for a person to know the weather of other place. In such case they either have to rely on the information of the relative or local newspaper and/or  news channel.  It is essential to check the weather of the place you’re planning to visit to avoid in unpleasant situation. The adverse weather can ruin your whole plan. This is the reason why a frequent traveler like me always like to keep weather android app with me to regularly keep an eye on the outside situation. Since we’ve unprecedented support from weather forecast department, it becomes extremely easy to know the weather of any part of the world.

There are already abundance of weather apps available in Google Play store, but we’re interested in best weather app only. This is the reason why the below list only enlists some of the best apps only.

Best Android Weather App

Note: Not all the apps in the list are free. We haven’t bothered to segregate them based on their price tag. The reason we’ve opted android OS is personal choice and due to the fact that is now one of the most popular OS.

1. 1Weather

1weather best android weather app1Weather is visually appealing best weather app for android users, that to available for free. 1Weather is arguably the most gorgeous looking app available out there. But don’t let its overwhelming visuals fool you, the app is equally good at delivering weather forecast information to your device. If that’s not enough, it can display unique tweets from twitter which are related to weather only. You can’t ask more than that in a free application.

1Weather Features

  • Real-time weather and forecasts for any location
  • 7 day extended forecast and precipitation info
  • Updates weather information based on your location
  • Animated radar and bad weather warning for US and Canada users
  • Air quality and UV chart
  • Live tweets
  • Share information to other via email, text message etc.

1Weather is definitely the best free android weather app out there. Grab it from here

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2. AccuWeather

accuweather android appAccuWeather, which is available on all popular mobile OS, is among one of the best paid weather available in Google Play. They also offer dedicated app for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) along with Mac OS widget. The application also has a free version (which is linked at the bottom of this description). The app updates itself hourly to bring you the latest weather information over a period of hour. Similar to 1Weather app it warns users on occasion of severe weather notice. The full version also presents Google Maps for accurate location information along with forecasting prediction.

AccuWeather Features

  • Supports 23 language
  • Updates hourly
  • Weather forecast and prediction for next 15 days
  • Weather alarms to warn you about ill weather situation like snow, ice, thunderstorm etc.
  • Includes information like humidity, visibility, UV index, wind speed gusts and direction
  • Current news and video
  • In-phone status bar to update you with latest information
  • Share forecast information with friend, family member
  • Customizable color theme

Over all, AccuWeather is a perfect companion of android users when they are travelling to less-known places. The platinum version of the app is a paid version and removes annoying in-content ads.

Grab AccuWeather from here

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3. Go Weather

go weather Developed by Go Dev Team, Go Weather server seems to going through maintenance as we write. It is an uber-cool weather app with nice theme. Go Weather timely provides most accurate weather information to your android device. The app also features stunning 3D high-definition videos to provide more information. There are also heaps of themes available to the users to customize the look of the screen.

Go Weather Features

  • Live, local weather condition and forecasts
  • 3D high definition videos
  • Smooth animation and simple interface
  • Save location and access to saved locations
  • Desktop widget
  • Live wallpapers

In all fairness, Go Weather seems to be a decent android weather app with all the information you crave for.

4. Weather Bug

weather bugThe last but not the least app in our list of best android weather app collection. Apart from large memory foot print, Weather Bug seems to be a far more than a decent weather app for android users. It comes with support of doppler radar, severe weather alerts, maps and many other features. The ability to save multiple location lets you keep your eye on the weather of the places that matters the most to you. It is by far the best weather app for android available for free on the Google play store.

Weather Bug Features

  • Local weather from over 10,000 locations
  • Latest and most accurate weather updates in real time
  • Interactive maps with doppler radar
  • Weather Cams to see live images from 2,000+ cams set in USA
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Saved location access
  • Video forecasts
  • Share function to share information with people matter most

Honestly, there is nothing that Weather Bug can’t do. Unfortunately, large memory footprint is a issue for few people but if you are travelling then it could be worth the pain. Doppler feature will instantly give you accurate information of any location you pin on the map. Unlike other app, it is not visually impressive but it does its job accurately that to provide latest weather information accurately.

Download Weather Bug

There are many other notable apps available in the Google Play store, but we can’t list each of them here nor it is possible to try out each and every app out there. There is possibility, though meager, that we might have missed including your favorite app in this list. Worry not!! You can suggest them via comment section below.

Which app is best android weather app according to you?

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