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UC Browser- The Best Browser for BlackBerry Users

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With an aim to become the best browser for Blackberry users, the canny UCWeb developers have released UC Browser v 7.8 in the BlackBerry app world. The harrowing rival Opera mini has already lured enough users to become the darling of the BB users. However, it would be unwise to completely write off UC Browser and its capability to take BB users by surprise.

It is already the #1 mobile browser in China, especially on those of Symbian and Java based featured phones. The development in Android and iOS community might not be something to take elation of, but that doesn’t mean it  is a bad browser either. It is just that both the communities have so many options to choose from that browsers like UC Browser didn’t receive attention it deserves.

Why UC Browser is Best?

The first question which come to user’s mind is, why they should use UC Browser instead of other web browsers? What advantage(s) does it hold over other competitor? Let’s find out why UC Browser is called as one of the best blackberry browser out there.

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Data compression

As of writing this article, UC Browser version 8.1 has already been seeded to the forum users, but hasn’t been updated on BlackBerry app world. The newest version reduces the footprints and minimizes the installation package to reduce memory consumption. Its advanced data compression technology compresses the Internet data up to 85% which results in great saving in data cost.

This is especially a boon for those who are on limited data plan or where data is costly. Thus, UC Browser is an ideal choice besides Opera mini for the users. Even, BOLT browser was a good option for the end users. It is also empowered with pre-load mode and download manager to greatly cut down the cost, which otherwise would have been immensely high.

uc browser feature

Impressive set of features

Speaking of features, UC Browser is far ahead of other competitors in serving users with great set of features. A simple but useful feature like night mode helps you out in the night without straining your eye while surfing the web.

The two different browsing modes – Data saving and Full function – helps you to browse the world with ease. You can quickly switch to data saving mode if you’re on limited data plan. Consequently, you can switch to Full function mode if you’re on unlimited data plan or WiFi connection.

My Shortcuts option will let you save most visited or favorite pages link on the homepage for quick navigation. This is very much similar to that of speed dial feature, which most of the desktop are equipped with.

uc browser associated program

The UC Browser 8.1 version comes with share images and link option. The power users can quickly share their favorite links and images to their Facebook pals without leaving the browser.

The tabbing or multi-tab function will let you quickly navigate between multiple pages on the browser. However, the feature that truly makes UC Browser stand out from the crowd is inbuilt Download Manager that comes with resume and multithread downloading support.

View mode option allows users to zoom in and zoom out for better reading and viewing experience. You can also try adaptive mode to make UC Browser adaptive for better reading experience. The File manager also allow you to mange, edit, share and delete your files from the browser itself. Even, a download location could be set to download files to appropriate location of your BlackBerry handset.

sharing feature

Multiple search engine integration lets user to quickly search for appropriate items on their favorite search engine. Users have a choice to switch between the plethora of search engines that comes inbuilt in UCWeb. Even, auto URL completion comes handy since typing through smartphone keypad (physical or virtual) is often a tiresome and uncomfortable process.

A history and bookmark option will let you check out your favorite pages as we as last 20 visited pages by default. It not only saves your time but also increases your overall productivity. There are slew of other features integrated into the browser, which we have not covered here. The basic idea is to mention the best features which interest users the most.

ucweb for blackberry

UC Browser for Blackberry is definitely the best web browser for BlackBerry users. There is no doubt that it will get better and better as time passed by. You can also check out their superactive forum to see the latest development. There are many beta versions available there for you to choose from. In case, if you’re having a problem with the current version, you can give a spin to other versions available in the forum.

Download UC Browser for Blackberry

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