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Best Employee Monitoring Software

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Employee Monitoring Software a hidden eye on your employee’s

An exceptional employer knows what is happeing in the company and with each employee. It is employees who actually make the business grow, they work hard, but sadly many employees misuse the liberty and resources they have received. Employee Monitoring Software (EMS) makes it possible to track the activities of each employee and this way it helps the company to avoid any information leak or wasting of time at work. Most of all the big names are making a switch to EMS, to keep track on employees working pattern.

It is not illegal to track company computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets. But make sure that the employee is made aware of it. Employee Monitoring Software can supervise the activities of the employees, if an employee violates any company policy or shares companies’ private information with someone else he is not supposed to, IMS provides you detailed activity log of employees which can be utilized in investigation. In such case, you have to use employee computer tracking software that can help you to achieve your goal.

employee monitoring software

Many software developing companies have developed Employee Monitoring Software, and they are easily available in the market, which you can use in your company to keep track on employee’s daily activities. The best EMS will capture every activity that happened on a company computer, laptop or smart phone or laptop. Below I have mentioned few features you should look for while selecting the Employee Monitoring software for your company.

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Features to look for in EMS

Monitoring and Capturing :  Monitoring refers to what employees are doing on the company computer, like which website they surf,  application they use, any email conversations, chat, computer system activities, data file transfer or using external devise, the EMS should be proficient enough to monitor these activities. Capturing refers to the data captured for future use; many EMS systems will capture the data monitored.  Many EMS will also capture screenshots, these often help’s company in any legal issues with employees.

Add Blocking

Many times employees, even though there is high volume of work, manage to visit Facebook or personal email or even surf job site, well its not good to do it during office hours.  This feature helps company to control the activities of the employee. Many EMS also has feature to block certain websites, like social networking, shopping or music sites, even many software’s provide feature to block data sharing or adding attaching external  devise.

Manage and Reporting

Most of the Employee monitoring software’s are installed on the company devise and it does not interrupt the work of the employee and can be managed using a remote computer. Many IMS will have a management tool that allows you to give user specific permissions, run reports, and also flash alerts. Best EMS will have a tool to print full log reports, graphical reports and screenshot images.

Let me also share few Best Employee monitoring software’s that you can use to monitor and capture the activities of the employees.

Top 3 EMS systems for your company

Spector CNE Investigator:  It is one of the best EMS systems that capture’s complete activity of the employee. This software has a Data tool for archiving records and a centralized control panel to manage reports, viewing activities and deploying the client side of the software.

spector cne investigator

The software does not have option to block application use that is if there is a game already installed then it will not block, it also does not have feature to block attaching external devise.

Spytech NetVizor : This EMS systems will help the employer to capture every key strokes to a entire chat conversation and it helps blocking websites , chat sites, file sharing and many more.  The top notch companies go for this EMS, because of its comprehensive surveillance, reporting and remote system administration features. The negative part of this software is, it does not record audio and does not have ability to control the usage of time schedule application.

spytech netvisor

iSafe Keylogger Pro:  iSafe is one of the best EMS, which will help you to keep an eye on employees work, it has capacity to monitor each and every website surfed,  if any external devises are connected, microphone connected and even file sharing can be monitored and can even print the data log for the employer.  It has a feature to block certain activities. The features it does not isafe keylogger pro


I am sure this information will help you to decide the best EMS for your company. Employee monitoring software can be vigilant to use, it helps in protecting company data loss, and track the valued time of the employee they are being paid for. So make the best use of the EMS and secure the activities of the employees and get peace of mind.

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