Zynga Games Charity Donations Reach $3 Million

Three months ago, players of Zynga’s social games raised $1.5 million for Haiti aid. Now, over the course of two five day events, Mafia Wars and Fishville players have raised $130,000 for Water.org and the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA).

As reported by Mashable, Fishville players bought 70,000 limited edition virtual fish for the Water.org cause, money that will go towards providing clean water and sanitary conditions for 500 Haitians. Players of Mafia Wars purchased 24,000 virtual teddy bears for the HDSA campaign. Donations will go towards research for a cure for Huntington’s Disease. The events had another side effect: website hits for Water.org increased over 10 times as game players educated themselves on the causes. This brings Zynga’s total charity donations to over $3 million, working towards further disproving negative gamer stereotypes. Zynga is making a fine example and proving that social gaming has a great potential for social good.

If you were among the thousands of gamers who donated to these noble causes, we salute you! You can read more about the two causes at Water.org and www.hdsa.org.

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