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Spotify’s Miniplayer Makes a Big Play for Your Desktop Space

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Spotify has always been the sleek, feature-stuffed darling of the streaming world, adding nifty features as regularly as Taylor Swift drops surprise albums (or we can say as she changes boyfriends?). However, its desktop and web apps have never been praised for their space efficiency—until now. Enter the Spotify Miniplayer, a nifty tool that finally lets desktop users enjoy music without the full app’s desktop real estate monopoly.

Historically, if you wanted to see what was jamming or skip a track, you had to navigate the expansive Spotify interface or rely on third-party offerings. But that’s ancient history now. Spotify’s latest update introduces a mini-player for its Windows and macOS applications that promises maximum control with minimum fuss, making one wonder why this took so long.

The new miniplayer, detailed enthusiastically in Spotify’s announcement, offers a compact window that remains visible over other applications. Currently exclusive to Spotify Premium users, this mini-player allows at-a-glance viewing of what’s currently playing along with simple playback controls.

Deploying the Spotify Miniplayer

Ready to shrink Spotify down to size on your desktop? First, make sure you’re running the latest version of Spotify for Windows or macOS. As a Premium member, you’ll notice a new icon to the right of the volume slider—look for two overlapping rectangles. Click this, and voilà, you have a miniplayer that can be moved and resized according to your preferences.

This new setup means two versions of Spotify can be open at once: the traditional desktop app and the streamlined miniplayer. The main app still harbors your full library and playlists, just a few clicks away.

Why It’s a Game-Changer

The miniplayer may seem like a small tweak, but it’s a significant upgrade for multitaskers and music aficionados alike. It’s about not missing a beat—whether that’s the title of a catchy new track or a meeting reminder popping up on your calendar. Click through from the miniplayer to dive deeper into Spotify’s full app whenever you need more.

For those who remember squinting at the tiny Winamp player, Spotify’s miniplayer will feel like a nostalgic nod that meshes well with today’s multitasking workflows. Indeed, Winamp, with its own miniplayer feature, was a pioneer in compact digital music solutions nearly three decades ago. Spotify’s version may have taken its time arriving on the scene, but it’s poised to please by streamlining your desktop’s soundscape.

So, whether you’re crafting spreadsheets or crafting tweets, Spotify’s miniplayer means your music can keep playing without playing hide-and-seek behind other apps. It’s a small interface that’s set to make a big impact on how users interact with Spotify’s vast soundscape on the desktop.

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Gyula Virag
Gyula Virag

Gyula is a developer and a passionate geek father with a deep love of online marketing and technology. He always seeks challenging adventures and opportunities to create something permanent in the digital world.

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