BBM for PC

BBM for PC Download: Install BBM on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac!

BBM for PC

With technologies advancing, the number of instant messaging apps available in the market are growing day by day. Nowadays, we can’t locate a smartphone without a messaging app installed, and the one that has been ruling the world of messaging apps is WhatsApp. But very few of you might be aware of the fact that BBM for PC is the most popular messenger for desktop users these days! 😛

Yes, you heard that right! BBM for PC is the new way to use Blackberry Messenger on bigger screens, i.e., on computers, laptops, and Mac. There are many other messengers or messaging apps that are used on PC such Google Allo for PC is the latest trend we are witnessing these days! Isn’t it? 😀 You can use any app or play any game on you PC simply by installing Bluestacks on your Windows PC or Mac.

BBM for PC

Few other apps are being used on the global level, and one among such is the dominant Blackberry Messenger. At first, it was only restricted to the Blackberry users which is why it couldn’t gain as much popularity is should, considering it’s abilities. But, later because of the high demand; BBM has been made available for the Android users on Play Store.

Features of BBM for PC

If you don’t have enough time to go through the features of BBM for PC, then just refer the below given image to know the basic features. To know the advanced features, you need to read the complete post 😛

BBM for PC Features

  1. BBM is one of the best instant messaging apps without any word limit or character limit and therefore, you can send bulk messages using it.
  2. Using BBM for PC, you can share videos and images right from your hard disc storage without any compromise of the picture quality. In other words, you can always send HD pictures.
  3. BBM for Windows takes care of privacy. You can only share your information with people you want to and block the annoying ones that love to butt in.
  4. BBM also enables you to retract the chat from your backed up data and gives you an option to delete the chat entirely as well.
  5. What makes BBM for PC exclusive are the emoticons that can be used to express your moods and also the voice calling option. Using BBM, you can make a call right from your computer and also text with people in groups without straining much.
  6. As BBM consumes very small data, the charges will be minimal even when you’re roaming to make a voice call.
  7. Using BBM for Android, one can send videos that are less than 16MB for free.
  8. The BlackBerry Messenger for Windows also has a visually appealing UI which stops you from hesitating to use this app.

So this what BBM for PC can do on your computers, laptops, and Mac books as well. You can also go through Asphalt Xtreme PC game which was released recently by Game Loft. Now moving on to the procedure to download BBM for PC. So here you go!

How to Download BBM for PC (Windows 7,8,10)

Before you start the procedure, let me tell you that there are many top Android emulators by installing which you can easily install BBM on PC. But I always recommend you to go with the best emulators which are Bluestacks and Nox App. 🙂 So here’s the complete process to download BBM for Windows operating systems.

#1. To use BBM for PC, you have to initially download the official BBM app from Google Play Store and then along with that you need to install a third-party Android emulator as it can’t be directly installed on PC using a BBM PC download. Confused? Follow the steps below. 😛

#2. BlueStacks being the prominent emulator that we have known allows us to download the official apps from the PlayStore and it runs these apps on the computer by creating an Android platform. Therefore, download Bluestacks and install the genuine software from the official website.

#3. Once you have downloaded, install it according to the setup guide instructions and make it executable from the system tray menu.

#4 Launch the BlueStacks player from the menu and go to home screen and search for “BBM.” By doing this, you will get the search results as shown in below screenshot.

Search for BBM in Play Store

#5. Once you find the official app of BBM, tap on install button visible on your screen.

Install BBM for PC#6. Now the app will ask you permission whether to install the BBM for PC app in your system or not. Simply tap on accept button and leave teh rest to the emulator. 🙂

Click on Accept to Install Blackberry Messenger

#7. Now make sure that you wait till the installation process is completed. As the app is of 27 MB in size, it might take some time to download depending on your internet connectivity. So make sure you have the best internet connectivity for faster downloads.

Download Process of BBM in Emulators Playstore

#8. Once the download process is done, click Open button on your screen to use BBM for PC. 🙂

Open BBM on PC

So this is the download process of BBM for PC. I hope that you will not find any difficulties during the installation process as I have given every minute detail above. You can download into Bluestacks with your Play Store ID to install the BlackBerry Messenger. The similar process can be followed to download Clash Royale for PC as well 🙂

Make sure that you’re downloading the official version as there are many fraud apps available on the Play Store, sometimes. Even when the other apps appear similar, they are not the real BlackBerry Messengers. This version of BBM can be used as BBM for Windows 8 or BBM for Windows 7. It is also compatible to use as BBM for Windows 10 as well.

If you are not sure how to use BBM on PC after the installation process, here’s the small tutorial for the same!

Here’s How to Use BBM on PC

I personally felt that the installation process is as simple as downloading an Android app on your smartphone or tablet. Isn’t it? But since the interface of BBM for PC is a bit different, you might take some time to adjust with the messenger. So here’s how you can use it on your PC.

#1. First step is to open the app from the app menu as shown below.

How to Use BBM on PC

#2. Once you open the app, you will be asked to enter your number, select country code to enter your phone number and create password to login in future. Once you fill all these details, just tap on create account. Else, simply tap on sign in with email address if youu don’t want to share your number. And if you already have an account, simply tap on Sign In button which is in the bottom of the screen.

Create BBM Account for PC

#3. If you sign up with email address, you will get a confirmation link in your email and if you have used mobile number, you will get an authorization code, which you need to enter in the box as shown.

Enter Authorization Code to Get Access of BBM for PC

#4. Once you enter the authorization code, and your number is verified, you are all set to use BBM for PC on your Windows 7,8 or 10.

So this is all about how to download BBM for PC. Now let’s move on to see, how one can download BBM for Mac.

How to Download BBM for Mac?

#1. The installation procedure is same for Mac as mentioned above. However, instead of searching for the app in the BlueStacks, you can directly download the BBM APK file from the internet.

#2. After downloading, you can go to the download folder, locate the file and right click on it to open it through “BlueStacks Player.”

#3. By doing this, you will get the installation page just as mentioned above. Once the BBM is installed, create an account with your credentials like the email id, password, and name.

#4. Verify the BBM account, confirming the email and start synchronizing the contacts into it. Get a pin code which addresses you from the and start connecting to your friends using it.

That being said, BBM for PC is a user-friendly app which consumes low data and connects you with your friends easily even with a mediocre internet speed. Download the BBM App for PC and start using it and if you confront any issues during the installation process, approach us for further help.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Today I am going to explain the complete process of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator download. By following our detailed tutorials, you can easily download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator free! Before I explain the procedure, let’s see what’s the simulator is all about!

Did you ever think that there should be simulator game which lets you wave arms against each other? Something like a Fight Club? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a game like that where you can fight your opponent by throwing punches at them, shooting them, sword fighting them and in many other interesting yet hilarious ways without stressing much.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

However, these days most of the games only follow the single mode format. For example, if you take GTA; it is mostly equipped with guns and cars while other ancient themed games are about sword fighting and combat battles. And then there are the WWII games, which more or less revolve around missiles, different war equipment.

As a solution, Total Accurate Battle Simulator free (TABS) has been developed as a physical battle simulator that lets you choose the units along with their placement so that you can fight the opponent army with rage.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Information:

Release Date: 25th November

Game Developer: Landfall Games

Genre: Action/Gaming/Adventure

Sub-Genre: Battlefield, Simulation

Rating: 4.4/5

In case you have registered yourself for the Alpha version of the game on the official website of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator download by Landfall Games, you must have got the game to the registered account in the form of an installer file. Download it and install on your device.

System Requirements for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Download


Operating System – Windows XP 32 Bit

CPU – SSE2 Support, 2 GHz

Graphic Card – OpenGL 2.1 – Compatible with a memory of 512 MB

HDD – 1 GB



Operating System: Windows 7 – 64 Bit

CPU – Dual-core 2 GHz

Graphic Card: GeForce GTX660/Radeon 7870


RAM – 1 GB

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download

Features of Total Accurate Battle Simulator Free

  1. The Total Accurate Battle Simulator provides multiple gaming modes within a single game where the teams can fight in innovative ways against each other.
  2. You will be given a chance to pick your units and watch these units play by monitoring them constantly.
  3. Also, the placement of these units will also be left to your choice. In one word, it is an entirely ‘customizable’ game where you can take full charge of your units.
  4. In case, if you have registered yourself at the official website of the Total Accurate Battle Simulator download; you might have got the alpha version of the game file on November 25th after the release and the content updates along with the releases will also be sent to the same.

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How to download Total Accurate Battle Simulator Free?

The Total Accurate Battle Simulator download, shortly known as TABS download is one of the most recently launched combat game with a tinge of fun embedded in it. If you start playing the game, it will remind you of the old game, “Gang Beasts”. Developed by Landfall Games, it’s the fourth game of the studio, and it follows the same path as the previous games followed like the “Air Brawl”, “Cluster Truck”

The game is still in the initial stage, and therefore, many updates are on the line now. For now, download the Alpha version of the game by following the link below and form some really wacky units to fight against each other.

Must Install: SNES Emulator 

Conclusion of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Download Free!

Make sure that you meet the system requirements and download totally accurate battle simulator free installer file to run it on your device. In case if you meet any obstacles in the process of installing the totally accurate battle simulator game, approach us so that we can get back to you with a suitable solution.

That being said, download the game and start having your own Fight Club or your own sword fighting team right away. What are you waiting for? Go for it now! Besides this, you can also refer our Emulators category where we have posted about many similar simulators.

Pokemon Duel PC

Pokemon Duel PC Download for Windows 7,8,10 & Mac!

Pokemon Duel PC Download

The Pokemon has taken the world by one more storm after the major hit it gave with Pokemon Go last year, by launching the Pokemon Duel PC in North America as a western impromptu. It is a mobile strategy game inspired by the game.

The game was released in Japan last year itself as Pokemon Co-Master transporting the typical game into a board game with two teams dueling against each other with six Pokemon figures in each. The main objective of you as a player is to maneuver the squad of your board and capture the base of the opponent when fought against the opposite team.

Pokemon Duel PC is also similar to that which can be played on Windows 7,8 & 10 and Mac too by using a simple Android emulator. With this emulator, you can also play any Android game on your PC. So get ready to play Pokemon Duel on PC!

Before we get into the overall process, let me show you some exceptional features of Pokemon Duel Windows game, then gameplay and at last the downloading process of Pokemon Duel for PC. 🙂

Pokemon Duel PC

Features of Pokemon Duel PC

The Pokemon Duel PC game is packed with tons of exciting features for you! To know more about the Pokemon Duel PC features, read the detailed features list given below:

#1. Fortify the team

The entire game revolves around fortifying the team, and therefore, it is important to acquire powerful Pokemon figures to improve the team. You can also raise the Pokemon levels and enhance their abilities through the ‘fusion’ option. By fusing a particular Pokemon, you can increase the strength of the Pokemon’s attacks and also can reduce the number of attacks you miss. 😀

#2. Training Center

During the duels, you collect specific items from the Training Center and test a duel with a predetermined group of decks with various characteristics and capabilities. By doing this, you can improve the skills and achieve the victory. You can receive gems, plates, and different items on winning.

#3. League Matches

By taking your entire team online and dueling against the real opponents across the world, you can participate in multiple ‘League matches’ where the game starts automatically after being paired up with a team that is in synchronization with your skill levels with similar records.

Leagues can be won after unlocking the Time Boosters as each Time Booster gives you different Pokemon figures and items and also key fragments irrespective of winning or losing which can be used to strengthen your team.

#4. In-Game purchases

You can expand your inventory by shopping online like purchasing the boosters, plates, figures and also some customized and designated plates directly. You can also try to material trade several items with the materials you have collected after purchasing the time boosters.

Alternatively, you can earn gems to get hold of the time boosters, purchase items for the shops equally as you play the game every day by clearing missions and hopping levels. Therefore, while playing Pokemon Duel PC, make sure that you also earn gems in order to use them instead of real money for in-app purchases.

Just for Pokemon Lovers: It’s Now Possible to Play Pokemon Go on PC

GamePlay of Pokemon Duel for PC

Pokemon Duel PC has been a high strategy based game introduced on the smartphones which revolve around the Pokemon figures. You can try building a deck using your favorite Pokemon and then go into League matches by competing with users across the world just to enter into the top player list with League rankings that change after each League match. 🙂

Each match has a real time where you can get rewards like more Pokemon, items and XP points that can be used to strengthen your deck after winning the duel. The game involves being the first player of the deck and then carefully build your route by moving the figures. The game is all about strategies, tactics, and logics.

Pokemon Duel for PC Download

In each of the duel, the deck contains total six different Pokemon with unique abilities and moves and therefore, you need to be very careful about this customization along with the AI which acts like a mentor in crushing the opponents. The Pokemon duel has been launched as a free game to download for Android and iOS devices where you can play against either friends or real people. Download Pokemon Duel on Android or iOS if you are using a smartphone or tablet. 🙂

Selecting the six different Pokemon is the most important task of your game and also planning their moves by checking the compatibility between them in the most strategic way. Once you are done, you can start sending Pokemon in different routes to rush towards the goal and get them engaged in battles. 😀

The battles are won/lost by the attacks of the Data Disks of each Pokemon. Apart from moving and battling, you can also start using plates to swap positions and use various effects.

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Download Pokemon Duel for PC

As of now, Pokemon Duel is not available on PC for most of the countries, and the status is still unknown about Japan and other surrounding Asian countries. Therefore, while playing the game, it is important to change the location in case if you’re making use of the GPS anytime in between to fake your location where the game is officially available.

  1. Firstly, download BlueStacks or the Nox App Player latest version ( or any of the Android Emulators. To do this, either you can visit the official website of the emulators and download the files or just download from above given links.
  2. After downloading it, run the setup file and install it on your device by following the instructions one after the other until you are done with it. Launch the Nox App Player on the device.
  3. Now, under the home page; go to the “Search” option and enter “Pokemon Duel” to get the results. Search for the official APK file and start installing it on the device. The other way to do it is by directly downloading the APK from the browser and then dragging it and dropping it on the Nox App Player to install it.
  4. Once it is done, launch the app and change the geolocation so that you won’t face any regional restrictions. Just dig into the settings of the Nox App Player and start with changing the location.
  5. Now that, you are done you can build a deck with your favorite six Pokemon figures and start planning your strategies. Make sure that you duel at the training center to test the team before actually playing a league match with active internet connection.

Download Pokemon Duel for Mac

The process of installing Pokemon Duel on Mac is very similar to that of the PC as you have to get hold of the Android emulator version which is compatible with the Mac OS devices. Therefore, download the Nox App Player for Mac and repeat the procedure mentioned above to get the Pokemon Duel on your Mac.

Minimum System Requirements to Play Pokemon Duel on PC

Pokemon Duel for PC is a high graphics game and therefore, it tracks your location and keeps a note on your game status while you play the league matches which is why you might apparently need adequate space on your device before downloading it cluelessly.

Wondering how you can play Pokemon Duel PC? Well, even though the game is only launched for Android devices, you can try playing the game using the Android Emulators like BlueStacks or the Nox App Player. To do that:

  1. Make sure you have a RAM of 2GB on your Computer with Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 installed on it.
  2. You must have a processor higher than the 2.2 GHz, and it is better if you play it with i3 or higher.
  3. A Minimum of 2-3 GB disc space is required for the storage of game data.

Without these minimum system requirements on your PC, you might find it hard to play Pokemon Duel PC game. So it’s better to make sure that these things are present in your PC before you download and start playing it!

Conclusion of Pokemon Duel PC

Not an easy game, the rules tend to be confusing and complex in the beginning until you get a hold of it. This game is more like chess between two players involving various power moves and positioning of the six Pokemon figures in the play.

You will come across challenging and surprising losses where you can drag battles till you can. The game has got many good ideas when it comes to actual combat, and therefore, you can sure try and invest your time to gain some fun.

If you have any issues regarding the installation of the game, let me know in the comment section so that I can help you with the issues. Stay tuned to our Pokemon Go section for more updates on Pokemon related games and new releases on our blog!

Pokemon GO Windows Phone for All Windows Phones

Download Pokemon Go for Windows Phone Free!

Pokemon Go Windows Phone

It’s quite safe to say that Pokemon Go has pretty much embarked a long-lasting journey into the field of augmented reality ever since its introduction back in 2016. The Pokemon Go game – like a viral fever – was everywhere initially when it was launched. The game was initially launched for Android & iOS users. But the Pokemon Go Windows Phone is available now!

However, what was this craze behind this location-based game anyway? Let’s find out! Pokemon Go, a free to play, location-based augmented reality game developed by Niantic and Nintendo was first launched in the market back in July 2016.

Pokemon GO Windows Phone for All Windows Phones

In this, gamers essentially are required to make use of their respective mobile devices and the GPS capability to locate, capture, battle and train virtual creatures known as Pokemon on screen through the use of their cameras. This way, the gamers have a real-world experience as they venture out searching for these Pokemon in real-world locations.

When the game initially arrived, it received mixed reviews. There several critics that praised the game’s concept, however, there were many others that criticized the technical issues that were quite apparent in the initial stages of the launch.

However, with time, a majority of the mass gamers came to accept the new gaming experience with open arms. The augmented-reality game became so popular that it was downloaded approximately 500 million times worldwide.

Game Play of Pokemon Go for Windows Phone

The gameplay of Pokemon Go Windows Phone is relatively simple. The first augmented reality game for the iOS and Android platforms was revealed at a South by Southwest 2016 panel. The initial trailer of the video made users to believe that they will be able to encounter Pokemon Go in various parts of the real world; subjective from location to location. However, not much was revealed back then except from the numerous hints, leaks and rumors that essentially took the rounds.

The game came across as similar to other portable games that can be observed on Nintendo handhelds — the only difference being that Pokemon Go was augmented reality based. Battling and trading was not a new concept but experiencing a real-life gaming phase was something unique and thus, was immediately taken positively by the gaming world.

It is close to a year since the game was launched and fans are now waiting for something different or even greater details regarding what they can expect in the future with Pokemon Go Windows Phone version of the game. Trainers also enjoyed playing PC version of Pokemon Go by downloading Bluestacks Emulator.

Features of Pokemon Go Windows Phone

A couple of months ago, Pokemon Go was launched and fans immediately responded positively to it. Much to the delight of the fans, a lot of things are lined up to be added to Pokemon Go in the coming months. Check out the features of Pokemon Go Windows Phone:

Get your own respective leader

There will be three different teams in Pokemon Go, namely, Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct and the good news is that each of the teams will be getting their own leaders.

Greater number of Easter eggs

Easter eggs are perhaps among the most fun-filled activities to indulge in. However, there are some Easter eggs that still haven’t been discovered by fans yet. Now gamers are speculating that there could be more potential Easter eggs in the coming months. And if you can’t wait for it, you surely need to read this hacking guide of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon tracking tools

The one and only way of tracking Pokemon creatures is through the use of numerous Pokemon tracking tools. However, at the moment, there are only a limited number of Pokemon tools available in the inventory. The game developer is planning on adding new ones soon.

Pokemon trading gets better

What happens when you have too many duplicate Pokemon creatures and don’t know what to do with them? You simply trade them with others. Trading in Pokemon Go is among the core elements that make up for the game.

How to Download Pokemon Go on Windows Phone?

Pokemon Go is currently available on Android, iOS and Windows 10 platforms. You can download the original app Pokemon Go Windows phone quite easily. Here are the steps you should follow to download Pokemon Go Windows phone:

#1. Create an account

Gamers are first required to create a Pokemon Go Trainer account from the official website. Just head over to the official website of Pokemon Go and create an account. You need this because you will be required to log in to the game when you start it.

#2. Enable Developer Mode

After which, you will need to enable the Developer Mode on your smartphone. This can be done via the settings option in your device.

#3. Download the app

Download the official app on your PC. Then you need to transfer these files on to your mobile device.

#4. Run the app

After the app has been successfully deployed, you can run the app on your smartphone.

Conclusion of Pokemon Go Windows Phone

Pokemon Go Windows phone arrived a little late, however, it eventually did. The game is quite unique in its own way but will lose its charm if it doesn’t deliver something unique to its fans any time soon.


VLC Alternative to Enjoy Music To The Fullest on Your Windows PC

Even though, VLC player is available for free and comes with a boatload of features, at a time you may look for a decent VLC alternative. It has ameliorated the way we looked at the crappy Windows media player. Over the times, many other competitors came in the market, but only few could come really close to it. The sheer amount of versatile features with minimal usage of CPU resource, VLC has come close to the numero uno title. Moreover, it plays pretty much all kinds of audio and video files. Then, there are tons of other features which had not been explored to its fullest glory by most of the users. Advance users can also take a look at advance vlc shortcuts covered here. It will help you to operate it easily.

vlc player alternative

With an abundance of features packed in an open source package, which is also distributed for free across various platforms, makes it the best media player ever. Make no mistake, finding a decent VLC alternative is as difficult as finding water in the desert. Nonetheless, here is our compilation of viable replacement of VLC.

SNES Emulator

SNES Emulator: Download SNES ROMs to Play SNES Games Now!

SNES Emulator

SNES Emulator is also known as the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It an emulator that enable the users to play the Nintendo games on other consoles. As a 90’s kid, we all would remember the SNES as we have spent most of the time playing it all our childhood.

SNES emulator is said to be a high technology device before the recent technological innovations are developed. During the era of its launch, this 16 only bit console has the amusing graphics for the kids of the 90’s. But if we compare it with the new era, of course, looks pale and especially because of the toughest competition by the Sega.

That being said, the SNES emulators will help you play the SNES games on several other consoles. There are countless games which you play can on SNES emulator but picking the game isn’t that difficult as picking the best SNES emulator. So here are some of the finest SNES emulators which we have analyzed and tested just for you! Have a glimpse at them now!

SNES Emulator

Best SNES Emulators

Some of the very well known SNES emulators that have been prominent during the 90’s where intense graphics has been a daydream are:

#1 Project 64

Being the most sought SNES emulator during that time, it has been listed as the easiest SNES emulator to deal with and that’s because of the number of emulated games and the genres that are explored. It had a controller option along with the keyboard remapping feature and the joystick which is why most of the players preferred this SNES emulator.

Unlike the PS, the Project 64 doesn’t need any kind of BIOS image for the execution. This SNES emulator works on the default plug-in with a positive result. The SNES emulator is a minimal package where you don’t have any additional features apart from the fundamental features of the adaptivity, multi-player society, cheat codes etc. Using this emulator, you can also decide the aspect ratio of the game without distorting or stretching it.

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Project64 Emulator In case if you’re using this SNES emulator on a device with a decent graphic card, highest ram; it provides you the smoothest and the flawless emulation. And the same goes with the Nintendo 3DS Emulators as well! The configurations that are required for this emulator to run without any complications are very basic which is my it has been the most desirable SNES emulator till now supporting many games like the Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye, Banjo Tooie, Bomberman 64 etc.

#2 Nintendo WII

Dolphin: Wii games are usually high end and they have advanced virtual motion controls. While Wii console allows players to play the hit games after purchasing them on Nintendo, the hyped craze made the users search for the emulators. Dolphin is one such SNES emulator that extracts the Wii games and the Gamecube games which not only performs well but also has the most additional traits when compared to any other SNES emulator. However, if you ask what makes the emulator; the best?

Nintendo WII Emulator

It’s the feature of the anti-aliasing which offers a quick save even with the 1080HD gameplay. Amazing, ain’t it? The features that were lacking in other emulators are being updated constantly in the form of the recent versions of Dolphin and it is compatible with Mac OSX, Linux and Android.

#3 Nintendo DS: Standalone No$GBA SNES Emulator

Nintendo being the best seller of all time is being reputed as the second best gaming device in the world. The reason behind its reputation is because of the exclusive library it has got that entertains everyone including the kids and the elderly. No$GBA also known as “No Cash GBA” is a Gameboy Advanced Emulator which has all the features that can emulate the games of the Nintendo DS. Well, that’s for PC users but if you are using an iOS device, you can download GBA4iOS!

No$GBA SNES Emulator

However, few things like the multiplayer support, the graphic, and sound glitches that are present. This SNES emulator runs suave when compared to rest and also it is compatible with many games, and the best part is playing the touch games using the stylus or touch controls. No$GBA allows you to orient the screen as well and all you have to do is make sure that you have the right debugging tools.

#4 DeSmuME

DeSmuME being the most recent innovation of the Nintendo emulators is provided to be the best especially for the REtroArch. This particular SNES emulator might not be the best around but when compared to the stand-alone emulators considering the performance index, it is the best you can find.

DeSmuMEDeSmuME is very simple to configure once you’ve installed the setup file and it provides high end graphics when compared to other emulators especially when talking about the graphic and audio tweaking. DeSmuME is a splendid option for the Gameboy series and it won’t disappoint you with the performance or the graphics as well.

So these were some of the best SNES Emulators. Now let’s see how you can download SNES emulator on your Windows and Mac systems.

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SNES Emulator for Windows Download

Are you one of those people who is craving for those games of your childhood? While we have mentioned a list of the best SNES emulators above, you can download anyone of them to use them on the Windows. However, it is important to know that you can only enjoy the 90’s era games like the Super Mario Series, Pokemon etc. While kids these days are not much interested in these emulators as much as we 90’s kids are, we should rather appreciate Nintendo to give a platform like this. Therefore, here’s how to download the SNES Emulator for Windows.

  1. Download the SNES Emulator from here or if you have any specific emulator in mind, go to the official site of that particular emulator and get it. However, the downloading file will be given in the format of the .rar file or the .zip file.
  2. After downloading, extract the file and open the .exe setup file to install it. You will be asked to download the specific emulator. Follow the step-by-step process to install all the required plugins and add-ons after agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  3. Once all the files are downloaded, the shortcut of the Emulator will appear on your desktop. Install the Bios soon after it by downloading it from here and following the process.
  4. After downloading both, install a particular game on your PC and click open with the SNES Emulator.

SNES Emulator for Mac Download

There are many other SNES Emulators which are prominent to be used on Mac and Nintendo Wii is one of the best. It allows you to play all the SNES games on it. You can just download it the simple way, and as it is user-friendly, you can use the nearest source to enter the gaming world by downloading the respective games and the ROMs. The procedure of downloading the Emulator is exactly similar to the Windows where you have to download the setup file from here and then install it by following the step by step procedure.

Best SNES ROMs Download

Did you just download the SNES emulator on the device? Well, there is just one more step. Before playing the game, you should also take a look at the best SNES ROMs which are usually given in the zip format where you have to unzip it and run the .exe file. Some of the prominent game ROMs include:

#1 Mario All Stars ROM

A classic game as it is, every kid remembers Mario and it’s been 25 years already. The entire Mario series including the Super Mario Bros 1,2 and 3; the Mario Lost Levels and few more can be enjoyed on your device through the SNES Roms. Especially, if you are someone who grew up playing the game, it is also available on the chrome to play instead of downloading. But if you want it permanently, it’s better you get this ROM right now.

Mario All Stars ROM

#2 Mario Stars ROM

Similar to the Mario series, this game is an instant hit and thanks to the characters Luigi and Mario who protect the girl from the monster. This adventurous journey will be a roller coaster ride for people who wants to play it on Windows, Mac by downloading the particular SNES ROMs from here.

Mario Stars ROM

#3 Ultimate Mortal Kombat -3 ROM

The third version of the series, it is an epic saga between the good and the bad. The quest for the flesh and the blood rages you into the motto of the game and the best part is that it supports multiplayer that can be played on your laptop. Download the SNES ROM right now.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat SNES ROMs

#4 Sonic the Hedgehog

The trademark game of the Sonic, this is much hyped even before the release due to the competition it has given to the western games. The unmatched and lucrative gameplay is why people love it even though it has its origin back in 2000. Want to taste the charm of this game? Download the SNES ROM here.

Sonic the Hedgehog SNES Game

#5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV- Turtles in Time

Last but not the least, it is one of the famous games that can ever be played and the series has been such a hit that the name itself is enough to create the enthusiasm. Rated as one of the highest rated games, download the SNES ROM right now.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV- Turtles in Time

Conclusion of SNES Emulator, Games & ROMS

Most of the games that are above mentioned are popular and significant and therefore, you can’t choose one among them. In case if you have missed any one of this game or any other shooting games that are not listed, approach us in the comment section so that we can come back to you with the game files and SNES ROMs respectively. So what keeps you waiting? Download the best SNES Emulator from the list now!

Wondershare Filmora Download

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Download Free & How to Use Guide

Filmora Download

Be it a beginner or a professional video editor/photographer, Wondershare Filmora is an awesome video editor that got me goosebumps when I used it for the first time! 😮 Of course, I never used any video editor before but when I got my hands on Filmora Video Editor, I got to know how to edit videos like a professional! Just get the raw video, give some tweaks to the video using Filmora’s various options and leave the rest to it! 🙂

Today, in this article, I will provide you a link to Download Wondershare Filmora for free! Of course, if you are looking for pro features, you need to pay some bucks. But as a beginner or at an intermediate level, a free version would easily do your job. 🙂 Once I provide you the Filmora download link, I will explain a step by step procedure on how to use Filmora Video Editor in an effective way! Here’s the fist look of Filmora video editor software.

Filmora Download

Wondershare Filmora for Windows & Mac

Wondershare Filmora video editor is easy to use once you download it on your windows computer or laptop. The pro features of Filmora are beyond one’s expectation. There are many video editors available for free but I think no software is worth when you download Filmora on your devices! 😀

I know that you are pretty much excited to know how Wondershare Filmora video editor works. Isn’t it? 😛 Just hang on, let me first list some awesome features of Filmora Download video editor.

Filmora Video Editor Features

The best thing about Filmora is you don’t need to search for anything if you are not aware how to use Filmora like a professional. And the reason is the simple interface and multiple options available in the video editor. Here are some of the best features that I loved in it:

#1. Import your videos from your computer, camera or phone easily. But wait, that’s too common, isn’t it? Yes, it is, at least for me. But Filmora gives you an option to import videos directly from Facebook and photos from Instagram and Flickr. Now this is freaking awesome! 😮

#2. You can even record videos from your webcam, PC screen or voiceover. So even if you don’t have video, you can instantly record it within minutes!

#3. There are various options to add media, music, text, filters, overlays, elements, transitions, split screen and many more to make your video perfect right from the scratch. Confused about all these options I am talking about? You can know about them all in the below given how to use Filmora video editor section. 😀

#4. Once you create the video you love to, you can easily upload them to Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo directly from the Wondershare Filmora software itself.

Here’s how the main menu looks with all the features as explained above by me. Have a look at it 🙂

Wondershare Filmora

Now that you know the basic features of Filmora Download, let’s have a look at the step by step guide on how to use Filmora video editor effectively and present your videos professionally!

How to Use Wondershare’s Filmora Video Editor Like a Pro!

To start, you need to either import a video from your computer or record a video of what you want to edit. Once it’s done, you need to use the features available in the Wondershare Filmora video editor by following the below given steps. Here you go, get ready to become a professional video editor 😛

Add Music from Filmora’s Library

Well, just like you have various music tracks in YouTube, Wondershare Filmora has some of the finest music tracks to add it in your videos. If you don’t want to add a music track from the Filmora’s music library, you can add your own track to your existing video. This will eliminate the original video background sound and add the new music track to your video 🙂 Here’s how the music library of Wondershare Filmora video editor looks like 😛

Wondershare Filmora Music Library

Start & End in Style with Text Credits 🙂

The first impression is the last impression, they say! I just neglected such things when I was a student. But when the same came to video editing, I just came to know that how important is to start and end a video in style to engage your audience. Filmora video editor gives you awesome text credits to style your video perfectly. You can add any text to your video which you like from it. It has different fonts, colors, variations and much more to kickstart your video in style! 😀 This is how it looks in your Filmora Video editor.

Fimora Text Credits

Awesome Filters to Play with Wondershare Filmora!

Well, when it comes to filters, especially in Android apps, nothing can beat Prisma these days. But that’s just for images! When it comes to video editing filters, Filmora editor has got some fu***ng awesome filters! 😛 It has over 140 filters 😮 to play with. Now when you have these many filters to edit your video, you are sure to enjoy each and every share in the video editor. Just give it a try to few of them and see which one works the best for you!

Wondershare Filmora Filters

Overlays to Give Your Videos a Spark!

Now that you have already added filters to your videos, you just need to give a spark to your videos by putting some layers on it! To change some part of the video with a different overlay can be tricky, but looking at the image below, I don’t think you will face any difficulties 😛 It’s as easy as ABC to add overlays to your video using Filmora video editor.

Filmora Overlays

Spicing Up Your Videos with Extra Elements in Filmora

When you complete Wondershare Filmora download and complete all the above steps, it’s time to spice up your videos with some elements. These effects can completely change your video from low quality to highly effective video for sure. 😀 But make sure that you use them at the right place and don’t mix it up with text credits where you start and end the video. You can use these elements of Wondershare Filmora video editor in the middle of the videos so that the users don’t get bored if the video is too long.

The transition part has nothing much to do with your videos mostly. If you are using 3 to 4 different parts of a video and combining it into a single one, then these transitions can turn out to be handy! Of course, there’s nothing bad in using in all videos, but use them wisely 😛

Split Screen Feature of Filmora Video Editor

Now this might be quite common when you prepare presentations in PowerPoint. Isn’t it? I am talking about split screen feature. Same goes with the videos as well. It gives a nice look to your video once you apply the split screen option in your video after the Filmora download. There are 20 types of split screen formats available in Wondershare Filmora video editor. When you want to compare two different things or multiple things, a split screen can ease your work. Instead of manually editing in photoshop, Filmora does the work within a fraction of seconds with split screen feature. 😀

Wondershare Filmora Split Screen

And once you are done with applying all the effects and filters, it’s now time to save your video and export to a particular location or direct on the social media channels that support video posting. Here’s how the Filmora’s export window looks like and you can clearly see various options given by the Wondershare video editor 🙂

Wondershare Filmora Export Option

So this is how you can use Filmora Download video editor from Wondershare in an effective way. If you have any doubts regarding using this awesome video editor, you can comment down your queries without any hesitations. 😀 Now that you know how to use Filmora video editor, I am going to provide you Wondershare Filmora download link to you. So, here you go!

Wondershare Filmora Download Free

You can easily complete Filmora download process by clicking on the links given below. This video editor is also available on Wondershare’s official website for Windows & Mac users.

So this is all about the Wondershare Filmora video editor download of the full version. We hope that you loved the Filmora video editor review and I am sure you are going to be a professional videographer one day after using this awesome software! 😀

Don’t forget to share this awesome video editor with your loved ones so that they can use Wondershare Filmora on their desktops and Mac too. You can also have a glimpse at some of the best video editing software if you are not familiar using Wondershre Filmora video editor.

Transfer Data from Old to New PC with EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Ever found yourself in a dilemma when you upgrade your PC? Whenever we bought a new computer to replace our ageing computer, we always face the dilemma of having to transfer everything from the old to the new or to start from fresh. It is easy to replace the computer but moving data could be an daunting task. With free cloud space, you can take care of some of the most important data of your PC, but what about viode, music, images and other semi-important files. Google drive, dropbox and several other prominent players are in the market which offers a sync feature. With the use of these application, you can sync your important data in real time. For now, let’s assume that you want to transfer applications from one PC to another PC without loosing data. What option do you have? Well, there are very less options come into mind. Honestly, there’s actually a much better way now to transfer programs to new computer that also happens to be free as well.

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software a hidden eye on your employee’s

An exceptional employer knows what is happeing in the company and with each employee. It is employees who actually make the business grow, they work hard, but sadly many employees misuse the liberty and resources they have received. Employee Monitoring Software (EMS) makes it possible to track the activities of each employee and this way it helps the company to avoid any information leak or wasting of time at work. Most of all the big names are making a switch to EMS, to keep track on employees working pattern.

It is not illegal to track company computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets. But make sure that the employee is made aware of it. Employee Monitoring Software can supervise the activities of the employees, if an employee violates any company policy or shares companies’ private information with someone else he is not supposed to, IMS provides you detailed activity log of employees which can be utilized in investigation. In such case, you have to use employee computer tracking software that can help you to achieve your goal.

employee monitoring software

Many software developing companies have developed Employee Monitoring Software, and they are easily available in the market, which you can use in your company to keep track on employee’s daily activities. The best EMS will capture every activity that happened on a company computer, laptop or smart phone or laptop. Below I have mentioned few features you should look for while selecting the Employee Monitoring software for your company.

Features to look for in EMS

Monitoring and Capturing :  Monitoring refers to what employees are doing on the company computer, like which website they surf,  application they use, any email conversations, chat, computer system activities, data file transfer or using external devise, the EMS should be proficient enough to monitor these activities. Capturing refers to the data captured for future use; many EMS systems will capture the data monitored.  Many EMS will also capture screenshots, these often help’s company in any legal issues with employees.

Add Blocking

Many times employees, even though there is high volume of work, manage to visit Facebook or personal email or even surf job site, well its not good to do it during office hours.  This feature helps company to control the activities of the employee. Many EMS also has feature to block certain websites, like social networking, shopping or music sites, even many software’s provide feature to block data sharing or adding attaching external  devise.

Manage and Reporting

Most of the Employee monitoring software’s are installed on the company devise and it does not interrupt the work of the employee and can be managed using a remote computer. Many IMS will have a management tool that allows you to give user specific permissions, run reports, and also flash alerts. Best EMS will have a tool to print full log reports, graphical reports and screenshot images.

Let me also share few Best Employee monitoring software’s that you can use to monitor and capture the activities of the employees.

Top 3 EMS systems for your company

Spector CNE Investigator:  It is one of the best EMS systems that capture’s complete activity of the employee. This software has a Data tool for archiving records and a centralized control panel to manage reports, viewing activities and deploying the client side of the software.

spector cne investigator

The software does not have option to block application use that is if there is a game already installed then it will not block, it also does not have feature to block attaching external devise.

Spytech NetVizor : This EMS systems will help the employer to capture every key strokes to a entire chat conversation and it helps blocking websites , chat sites, file sharing and many more.  The top notch companies go for this EMS, because of its comprehensive surveillance, reporting and remote system administration features. The negative part of this software is, it does not record audio and does not have ability to control the usage of time schedule application.

spytech netvisor

iSafe Keylogger Pro:  iSafe is one of the best EMS, which will help you to keep an eye on employees work, it has capacity to monitor each and every website surfed,  if any external devises are connected, microphone connected and even file sharing can be monitored and can even print the data log for the employer.  It has a feature to block certain activities. The features it does not isafe keylogger pro


I am sure this information will help you to decide the best EMS for your company. Employee monitoring software can be vigilant to use, it helps in protecting company data loss, and track the valued time of the employee they are being paid for. So make the best use of the EMS and secure the activities of the employees and get peace of mind.

Brawl Stars iOS Download

How to Use Pattern Unlock on Windows 8

pattern unlock for windows 8The most innovative security feature available on Android handsets is now ported to work with the latest innovation from the Redmond based software giant. Yes, the pattern unlock is available on Windows 8 system now albeit through third party software. While Apple’s insouciance proved fatal for many users, which often exploited by au fait developers, Android has been a pioneer in security. Per contra, Android pattern lock has provided more solid security to the end-users (even you can bypass it). Well, if you’re a big fan of Android security, then you can enjoy the same privilege on Windows 8. Enabling or implementing pattern unlock on Windows 8 is a reality now. Neophytes or those who are unaware can look at the pattern unlock system as a game where you’ve to join the dots in specified sequence to unlock the next level, in this case the device.