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How to Fix 0xC1900101 Error in Windows 10

How to Fix 0xC1900101 Error Code in Windows 10

After the launch on Windows 10, there were many bugs and flaws in the Windows OS. If you upgrade to a newer version of Windows 10 and you haven’t changed your drivers yet, incompatibility problems are likely to occur. This is what happened to users who were trying to install the Creators Update for Windows 10. They stated that since a set of 0xC1900101 errors stopped them from doing so, they did not effectively complete the procedure of updating Windows 10. 0xC1900101 is the error that usually…

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How to Get Help in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest and most reliable Windows update that Microsoft users have been waiting to get their hands upon. The latest update has made it easy to access a lot many things at their fingertips including getting help with Windows 10. Microsoft has tried getting the interface as user friendly as possible and helps Windows with it’s own support systems. There are times when even this easy to handle operating system becomes difficult to handle and you as a user can help to get some…

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Download InShot for PC & Mac

How to Download InShot for PC and Mac – 2 Methods Explained!

InShot is undoubtedly one of the best video and photo editing on your smartphones. There are no editing or collaging apps which gets closer to the amount of comfort and choice of precise editing that is provided to the users by InShot. Using InShot on PC can be equally satisfying as you do on your smartphone. There are just so many features that you are bound to be fulfilled by it. The endless stream of features end only when you find out that your favorite editing app…

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Bluestacks 5 Download

Download Bluestacks 5 for Windows PC & Mac Free!

Wondering what is Bluestacks 5? Ever heard of Android Emulators? To know Bluestacks 5, first, you need to understand what an Android Emulator is. For all those who love using apps and playing games on a screen that is large and gives you the feel of enjoyment and comfort, Android emulators are the solution to your requirements. In the era of internet, there are lots of options available that lets you download Bluestacks 5 and install your favorite apps and games on your computer. It basically provides…

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Nox Android 9

Nox Player Android 9 Emulator for PC – Download Now!

The much awaited Nox Android 9 is finally available for Windows PC users. This is the 1st time that an emulator is being integrated with Android 9, even Bluestacks 5, the latest version of Bluestacks, hasn’t launched similar software with Android 9 compatibility. So it’s a good news for those who have been using Nox Player for some time now. The Nox Player version with Android 9 will only support 64-bit computers and laptops. Nox Android 9 Launched! Few games like The Rising of the Shield…

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Nox Player Download

Nox Player Free Download For Windows PC & Mac!

The Nox Player is one of the latest and most advanced Android emulators. Android Emulators creates an interface of a Smartphone operating system on a personal computer. It is like having a phone on the computer. It allows its users to download, install and use many applications used in a Smartphone on their Personal computers. The Nox App allows people to run Android applications on both PCs and Notebooks. This App is one of the best android emulators! It is also free of cost. If anyone wants…

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How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000142 on Windows 10

How to Fix Error Code 0xc0000142 in Windows 10!

There are a lot of you out there who know how superior the Windows OS is to its competitors in customer satisfaction as well as in being user friendly. The one very prominent issue everyone faces is the error code 0xc0000142 in Windows 10. The statement reads, “The application was unable to start correctly(0xc0000142). Click OK to close the application”. It can occur in Microsoft Office programmes like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other application or software. Though annoying, this error code is common among Windows users…

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Sideloadly Download

Sideloadly Download for Windows & Mac: Working Alternative to Cydia!

A lot of Apple users were searching for an alternative to Cydia Impactor the moment it stopped working properly. Well, the good news is, Sideloadly is finally released and it works perfectly with a free or paid Apple developer account. With this, you can now download Sideloadly on your Windows PC or laptop and then install your favorite iOS apps or games to your non-jailbroken device. The UI/UX for Sideloadly is excellent and allows you to sideload iOS apps in a flash. If your jam is to…

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Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate in Bluestacks & Nox

Unable to Authenticate Pokemon Go in Bluestacks & Nox? Here’s the Fix!

Pokemon Go has been a very popular game for those who are into AR and knees deep into the mystical world of Pokemon. If you’re facing issues with “Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate,” here are some of the solutions you should carry out.  Without a shadow of a doubt, the best virtual reality game is Pokemon Go. Although it was everyone’s fantasy to capture Pokemon, this brings it a lot closer to life. Though its rules are fairly simple and concise, players are faced with a problem…

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Download Samsung DeX for PC

How to Download Samsung DeX for PC and Mac

Samsung has revolutionized the way you work and how your devices work for you with the introduction of the DeX technology. The next feature of the Samsung DeX is the Samsung DeX for PC, allowing you an uninterrupted interaction between your smartphone and your computer or laptop. You don’t even need a specialized cable from DeX. Just connect the USB cable into the Galaxy Note series and you’ll get access to the files and apps on your phone on a large computer screen using the Samsung DeX…

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