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Windows 10 eBook for Dummies

Download Windows 10 for Dummies eBook for Free!

Microsoft built the Windows 8 system from the scratch and the footsteps were followed by Windows 10 as well. The entire operating system is very different from its predecessor, Windows 7, from a functional point of view and UI front. The Metro, now known as Modern, UI was optimized to serve both tablets and desktop users in Windows 8. The lack of start orb and many other UI overhaul may put new users in dilemma. Whereas, Windows 10 is a complete package of better UI and UX…
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Download FaceTime for Windows PC

Download FaceTime for Windows PC & Laptops Free!

FaceTime is one of the best video calling apps in the world. You can host a video call from any corner of the Earth and connect with your loved ones. It allows you to have face to face conversation with anyone, anywhere. What’s even better, the high quality video calling experience makes you feel they are right in front of you. FaceTime is an incredible option to choose from ever since it launched in 2011. One of the major reasons for its steady popularity is its safe…
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Leapdroid Emulator

Leapdroid Download for Windows 7, 8 &10: Best Android Emulator Ever!

Leapdroid Leapdroid for PC is basically an android emulator which allows you to play Android games and use Android apps on your Windows PC or even Mac book. Before getting into the Leapdroid download process, firstly let me give you a brief idea about what is an android emulator. Leapdroid is an android software development kit that includes a mobile device emulator that is a virtual mobile device that runs on your PC. In short, it is an android virtual device. It lets you prototype, develop and…
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Free Fire PC Download

Download Free Fire for Windows PC & Laptops!

If you’re looking for an action-packed, survival game then look no further than Garena Free Fire. Majorly described as a third-person shooter game, there is a lot more to Free Fire PC than meets the eye. It comes in the standard or rather, classic battle-royal campaign theme. Download Now! The Free Fire game play is pretty simplistic by nature. About thirty players are provided with parachutes, following which, they are required to land on a remote island. It’s the ultimate struggle for survival, wherein the last man…
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Open APK File

How to Open APK File on Android, PC, Mac & iOS!

What is an APK File? APK file is a package used by Google’s Android OS to install the package that contains Android app installer along with images, text, videos, and complete details of the app. Now, a lot of readers on GeniusGeeks have asked us about how to open APK files on Android, PC, Mac & iOS devices. Sensing the need of an hour, we’ve curated a perfect tutorial on how you can open APK file on your respective devices by using some applications and software. Editor’s…
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Sideloadly Download

Sideloadly Download for Windows & Mac: Working Alternative to Cydia!

A lot of Apple users were searching for an alternative to Cydia Impactor the moment it stopped working properly. Well, the good news is, Sideloadly is finally released and it works perfectly with a free or paid Apple developer account. With this, you can now download Sideloadly on your Windows PC or laptop and then install your favorite iOS apps or games to your non-jailbroken device. The UI/UX for Sideloadly is excellent and allows you to sideload iOS apps in a flash. If your jam is to…
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Valorant Download on PC for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Valorant PC on Windows 10, 8, 7 Free!

The much anticipated Valorant game is finally out and it’s available for free just like any other game developed by Riot Games. The players did face some issues in playing the game in the beta version (due to unavailability in certain regions) but with the full version release of Valorant PC, it’s now possible for everyone to play this game without any hurdles! As Valorant is a high-end graphic game, your system needs to be updated with latest hardware and OS as well. Have a glimpse at…
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Mi Drop

How to Use Mi Drop on Windows to Transfer Files from Android!

For years now, the only way of sharing the files between devices was through the Bluetooth until many other apps like SHAREit, Zapya, and Xender came into the picture. Mi Drop is one such latest app that has been developed with predominant technology that lets you share the files across different platforms. Apart from transferring the data between the mobile devices, Mi Drop also lets you transfer the data between a PC and the Android devices. Developed by Xiaomi, the smartphone manufacturer, Mi Drop makes the tedious…
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JioMeet for PC

Download JioMeet for PC/Laptop (Windows 10, 8, 7) & Mac!

Ever since the pandemic started, a lot of businesses are now working remotely. And then came Zoom out of no where and gained immense popularity due to its video conferencing feature. Reliance’s Jio has come up with a similar concept to help the Indians and people around the world to get connected with JioMeet app. However, there’s no word about JioMeet for PC version yet. If you’re looking forward to install JioMeet on Windows or Mac, you’ve arrived at the right place. I’ve found a simplest way…
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What is Browser Fingerprinting

What is Browser Fingerprinting? Is It Worse Than Cookies?

In the current times, topics like privacy and data protection are at the forefront of everyone’s attention. People are now more motivated than ever to protect their personal data. While many have heard about cookies, fewer people discuss browser fingerprinting in comparison. After all, it’s a fresher concept. So today, this article is going to: Compare the two Go through their similarities and differences Provide a few helpful tips on how you can protect yourself against unwarranted attempts on your privacy. So let’s get started! What is…
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