Breaking: Twitter is Testing Quality Filter for Better Search Results!

Twitter, these days, is on a roll to improve its platform. As per the latest findings from Jane Manchun Wong, it’s quite clear that Twitter is testing a lot of features all together to create a better user experience.

Quality Filter in Testing?

Jane Manchun Wong says Twitter is testing “Quality Filter” for search results. This is not the first time she has spotted something which is being changed from Twitter. In fact, a couple of days back she has reported that Twitter is also testing End-to-End encrypted direct messages. But before that have a look at the tweet in which she says Quality Filter option is in testing.


This feature might be introduced by Twitter because it will filter low-quality results from the search results. It would be interesting to see how Twitter works on removing low-quality results. We will have to wait and see until Twitter launches this Quality Filter option in its search bar filters.

Besides that, she has earlier Tweeted that Twitter might use FIDO U2F security key as in-app login verification. Here are the tweets on the same.


Here’s the tweet from her showing how Twitter’s app navigation bar might be moved to the bottom of the screen.

It’s all about in-app data saver on which Twitter is working.

This end-to-end encrypted secret messages were reported earlier on May 4th 2018 itself.

These are some really interesting findings from Jane Manchun Wong. We will keep you updated as more details come in!

Harshil Patel
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