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Tubidy.Mobi, being one of the most prominent search engines that have been launched recently for mobile phones is nothing less than a heaven especially when you’re someone who is into mp3 songs and 3gp videos. The basic idea behind the development of Tubidy Mobile is to provide global access to the videos to every mobile phone including the Java mobiles which stand at the low end.

Better called as the second generation and advanced mobile search engine, Tubidy.Mobi works even for the first generation mobiles with the very basic multimedia support (images, audio and video). The second generation phones are updated for a while and are made compatible with the 3gp files that you can play these files straight away from your file manager.

Why do we have to use 3gp videos instead of the original mp4 videos? 3gp video format is exclusively invented for the mobile phones so that people can transfer any high quality and resolution videos to your phone with a tiny file size when compared to the original but with the same high-end resolution. Therefore, whenever a person wants to transfer a video to a mobile device, it is better done in 3gp format.

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Download NowTubidy.Mobi Search Engine for Music Lovers

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Tubidy Download exactly does the same. Tubidy.Mobi searches the desired videos from various platforms like the Dailymotion, YouTube and other databases to provide a highly compressed 3gp/mp3 output that can be played on the basic multimedia phones to download.

Features of Tubidy Music Search Engine

  • Search Engine: By now you must have understood that Tubidy.Mobi is a one stop solution for all the music files (both the audio and the video). It scrapes results from many broadcasting channels and gathers them at a single place. You can search for the required video using the song name, artist name et.al.
  • Basic Formats: Once a file is searched and located, Tubidy Download MP3  converts the original file format into a low size compressed basic multimedia format like mp3/3gp and sometimes the mp4 too. Therefore, Tubidy.Mobi can be played on any device.
  • Stream/Download: You can stream the hosted videos directly from Tubidy.Mobi in case if you have an active internet connection all the time. In any other case, you can download the converted files to your SD card without any charges.
  • Audio/Video: There are many different versions for every scraped audio or the video result, and Tubidy.Mobi allows you to choose the format before you start downloading the file.
  • Optimum Resolution: Launched with the sole purpose, the Tubidy Download Free of serving even the low-end users, it has got all of the files compressed to sizes below 5MB and with the optimum resolution. You can even use a 2G connection to download the file or stream it after the conversion.
  • Integrated Search Module: Much tougher than it seems, the Tubidy.Mobi Search option is very powerful and most of the times you can even discover things that you thought you might not be able to find on the internet.

Tubidy Download MP3, MP4, 3GP videos for Free!

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Tubidy Download Available Formats

  • 3GP Reg: The primary basic video format offered by the Tubidy download is the 3GP Reg which stands for 3GP Regular. This format usually holds the least video size and therefore the quality is not as great. If you have a slower internet connection, it’s better you prefer this format.
  • 3GP Hi: Just as guessed, 3GP Hi is nothing but 3GP High where the video quantity holds the better resolution and as well as a little larger file size than the regular.
  • MP4: MP4 is always better than 3GP, and it is not an exception here. If you want a relatively good video quality than the above both, you should opt for the MP4 as it is the highest video quality that Tubidy.Mobi can provide which is equivalent to 480P. If you have a faster internet connection, MP4 is the most recommended choice.
  • MP3: You can do Tubidy download all those Tubidy.Mobi MP3 files from Tubidy in audio format, but this audio wouldn’t be as great as the realistic files. However, you can also download the audio files of ay specific video you have seen using Tubidy.
  • 3GP Preview of Tubidy.Mobi: Preview is the format used where you want to play the videos which are streamed using a third party player on your device. However, buffering and downloading are two things to be taken care of, on the bandwidth.

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How to Download Files from Tubidy.Mobi?

  1. Open your device and get hold of the browser and go to the official website of Tubidy using Tubidy.mobi in the URL box it just click here.
  2. Once you’ve reached on Tubidy.Mobi, locate the search region and enter the keyword of the audio/video that you’re looking for.
  3. After finding the file, choose the preferred audio/video format that you want it to get converted into.
  4. Download the Tubidy.Mobi file successfully. If you’re using an Android device, your Tubidy video/ Tubidy Music will be streamed to play with your default player. To download, long press on the link and click ‘save link as’ and save the file.

As of now, there isn’t any official Android app for Tubidy.Mobi search engine. If there is any official announcement, I will keep you updated about the same in coming days! 🙂

The conclusion of Tubidy.Mobi Free Music & Videos

That being said, search for your favorite audio/video files on Tubidy.Mobi and download the respective file from Tubidy download and start watching it already. If you have any issues regarding the Tubidy download, approach me in the comment section so that I can help you find a file.

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