Subatomic Studios Brings Fieldrunners to DSiWare

You may be familiar with the tower defense game Fieldrunners from its place on the iPhone / iPod Touch, or from its inclusion as a PSP Mini, but, according to, Subatomic Studios is hoping to expand the game’s popularity with a release on the DSi.

The game is now available to download via DSIWare, and includes a new Command HUD feature (found only in this dual-screen version of the game), which allows users to take an in-depth look at their units, resources and enemies.

Subatomic Studios COO Ash Monif spoke of how excited the company is over the game’s arrival on Nintendo’s popular handheld: “We are excited and proud to bring Fieldrunners to the Nintendo DSi. Subatomic Studios has partnered with DoubleTap Games to create a 100 per cent genuine Fieldrunners experience on the Nintendo DSi that we feel is incredibly fun and addicting.”

While the North American version is already live for users to jump into, European players should be able to get their hands on the game “shortly,” although no official release date has been given.

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