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How to Do Ask Me Anything on Instagram using Questions Sticker Feature!

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Instagram is on the roll with the latest updates this month. Over the times, the features of Instagram stories are getting impressive. Right from the recent launch of IGTV to showcase stories to the Emojo slider, the app has got everything for the users. And it’s now time to introduce you the recent addition, “Questions Sticker.”

What is Questions Sticker on Instagram?

Questions Sticker on Instagram allows you to post questions on your stories to which your followers can reply to. It’s a kind of AMA in short. Say, for example, if you post a story adding any of the Questions Sticker on your Instagram Story, the users can reply to the particular question. And as a questioner, you can post those answers in the same story itself.

Now as many of the Instagram users are not habituated to this new feature, many are eager to know how to do ask me anything on Instagram with this new Questions Sticker feature. So here’s the detailed guide on how you can actually do it.

Instagram Question StickerHow to Do Ask me Anything on Instagram?

To use this feature, you first need to get the latest version of the app which is Instagram 52. This update is available for both Android & iOS users both. Once you update the app, here’s the step by step procedure to do ask me anything on Instagram with Questions Sticker feature.

#1. Add Question Sticker

Once you post the story by uploading a video or photo, you can swipe up and add a question sticker if you have updated the app. There are many questions sticker available in the latest version of the Instagram app which you can select. Select one of them and add it to your story anywhere on the screen, be it on the bottom or at the top.

#2. Got a Reply?

Once you post the question sticker on your Instagram story, your followers who want to reply can reply to your questions. Now, where can you find those replies? The replies can be seen in the viewers’ list option, which is available on the lefthand corner at the bottom. Have a look at the below-given image to understand what I said here.

How to do Ask me Anything on Instagram with Questions Sticker#3. Add Replies to Your Story

Once you get the replies from your followers, you can select the one you like and it can be displayed in the story as well. Although the followers can reply as many times they want to your question, but you have the right to include or exclude those replies on your story.

Final Words on Questions Sticker in Instagram

Instagram announced this feature on Tuesday (11/7/2018) and the intentions are pretty clear here, to get more interaction with users. In fact, if you are an influencer who wants to know more about your followers, you can directly post AMA (Ask Me Anything) kind of stories so that you know what they need from you.

With this, the time spent on the app would be increased giving more opportunities to Instagram in becoming popular. Apart from that, user engagement is the main focus here if we analyze Questions Sticker feature technically.

So this is all about the latest feature of Instagram ‘Questions Sticker.’ Do let me know if you have any doubts with regards to how to do ask me anything on Instagram. Stay tuned to our blog for more tutorials on Apps, Games and Operating Systems.

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Harshil Patel

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