Nokia Xpress: Web Browser for Lumia Windows Phone

Nokia Xpress, a new web browser for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone has just came out from the Finland headquarter. The duo of Microsoft and Nokia are working assiduously to make Windows Phone ecosystem better. No wonder, Nokia keeps developing new exclusive apps for Lumia series Windows Phone users to keep them interested in the loop. In the past, several other Windows Phone browsers were released and most prominent apps in this vertical are UC Browser and Next Browser. Almost, all the browser for Windows Phone aims to improve the user experience by providing better rendering, image quality, JavaScript loading etc.

nokia xpress browser for windows phoneInternet Explorer browser on WP devices is far better than the Windows counterpart. But again, the alternative browsers offer more flexibility by adding more features over the top. IE+ is an excellent example, how one can tweak IE browser and utilize for the betterment of the community. A browser like UC Browser, helps in saving your bandwidth by compressing data and then sending back to the users. Nokia Xpress is working along the same line, in the sense it is specifically designed for the people who are on limited internet data plan. It compresses the data through cloud based internet platform.

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Let us explore Nokia Xpress browser in depth.

Xpress Browser for Lumia Windows Phones

Nokia Xpress, a dedicated web browser for Lumia Windows Phone devices, aims to save data and time consumed while browsing different websites. In essence, it compresses data by up to 85% through their own cloud internet service. This will be Nokia’s first honeymoon in creating Windows Phone browser. Currently in beta phase, the Nokia Express for Windows Phone has already created a huge buzz in the tech circle. It does one thing really well, and that is to serve Lumia users with better and enhanced apps.

Besides all the lucrative features, it gives an idea of how much space or bandwidth it saved through live tile. Much like a desktop browser, it also offers a feature to save page for later reading which will download the page and save it locally. The SkyDrive integration lets you quickly upload your video to SkyDrive account when you are on Wi-Fi or other preferred data connection.

Glance at Features

Much like Opera mini browser, it displays the quick dialing or quick links option, though in Modern UI style (previously known as Metro UI). It houses most visited pages and link which is also configurable. It displays the pages or favorite sites in magazine form which serves like RSS reader and displays trimmed version of the page. Turn the pages by swiping left to right. The article or web page is trimmed which can be expanded to its full glory by clicking View original story option provided at the bottom. Nokia has ensured to provide clutter less webpage to save the bandwidth and the time. This is where it beats Opera or UC Browser for that matter.

nokia xpress browser

nokia xpress for windows phone device

On homescreen, the first tile provides an information on how much space or data has been saved by Nokia Xpress browser. A detailed breakdown based on Wi-Fi and 3G connection has also been provided.

Select and click on the particular word that interest you to invoke Smart Search. Nokia Xpress will automatically search for that keyword in Bing, Wikipedia and YouTube in a separate tab. You can now more about that term from there. A setting option on the extreme lower right will let you add the page to magazine, pin to start, add to saved page and translate to favorite language.

You can automatically translate the web page in your preferred language from here. Overall, Nokia Xpress browser for Windows Phone users is a good start from Nokia. It will definitely attract more eyebrows. Compared to browser like UC Browser, it still lacks some solid features, but then it has added some own feature like magazine view which is not present on UC Browser. This will ignite a spark in the web browser war in Windows Phone community.

Download Nokia Xpress (for lumia users only)

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