How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3 factory reset

The million dollar question is why one would want to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S3—the fastest device on the earth to date? Undoubtedly, Samsung’s new offering aka Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful devices out there, but it is prone to errors. Nothing is written in the epitaph. Like someone said that nothing is perfect in this world, the same applies to Samsung products as well. Neither Samsung nor Apple, or any products for that matter, is close to perfect. While Samsung is known as a master of sumpsimus among fans, there are certain problems bound to occur over the period of time. For example, pile of play store data and other data rotten into cache could ultimately slow down your device.

These errors, more or less, are contribution of software rather than hardware. In case if you are experiencing this cycle of retrenchment, then hard reset of Galaxy S3 is the only option left. Soft reset could give you some respite and solve most of the problems but if you’re stuck in perennial problems then hard reset is the only option you have. Hard reset is also known as Factory reset. It will erase all the data, applications, settings and content from your device, so you’re advised to back them up before following the below step. Follow our post on how to backup and restore Galaxy S3. It will bring your device back to the original state.

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Note: You must backup all your important data before attempting a factory reset. Use CWM or titanium backup or toolkit to backup and restore the data.

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3/ SIII

There are three different ways to hard reset Galaxy SIII device.

First method

Open a dial pad. Enter *2767*3855#

This will reset your phone automatically once rebooted. It is followed by rebooting of your device. It is one of the most simplest and preferred method of factory resetting the device.

Second method

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Back up and reset option
  • Now press Factory data reset
  • From the bottom press Reset device

The above method is yet another easy to follow method. All OS providers provide a handy option to reset the device without much physical intervention.

hard reset samsung galaxy siii

Third method

This method needs more physical intervention.

  • Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S3 using the power button.
  • Now press and hold Volume Up+ Home + Power button simultaneously.

This is the same method we use to bring android system in recovery mode. Select wipe data/ factory reset option from here. Upon clicking yes it will wipe out all the data and settings to bring back your device to original state. It will ask you to reboot your device at the end of the procedure.

That pretty much sums up all. It solely depends on user’s choice which method they prefer to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S3/ SIII. Do you find your device acting sluggish lately? Feel free to let us know what has caused the slowing down of your device. Perhaps, factory reset option will resolve your problem.

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Paige Tomberlin Jobe

What if you can’t use the touch screen at all?

hence the “third method”… jeez

i´ve tried the third method but it doesn´t work… it stops at the samsung logo frame e freezes…
Please, help!!!


This one is really very useful post!!! thanks

Always a good idea to hard reset after a major update (e.g. Verizon version’s recent upgrade to JB.) Thanks for posting. I’ve worked with many Samsung Galaxy products and find that a double reset using Method 2 and 3 works the best.

what do you mean by ‘double reset”?

I second this. It really helps.

joseph pastor

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Please don’t give advice if you don’t have any technical knowledge as to how these operating systems work………..


works well …thank you

pirr barrera

i forgot the lock code of my s3 and i can’t open it now. how do i reset it?


Hi, I have dropped my phone, now the display is completely black. I want to restore factory settings, but my phone is also locked with a code and I can’t open it on Kies as well. Can someone help me?

i did a factory reset and all my phone does when i turn it on is give a small message in red in the upper left corner. it displays too quickly to read. what can i do? after message it just stsays black. i dont even know if the phone is name is Robert and my email is

Nicolina Mannino

how do i reset my s3 if the lock button is broken?!?


my phone was going off and on when i turn on my data, so i try to doing a factory on my s3 mini but like over an hour now it has been displaying android pics and samsung galaxy s3 mini.
its my phone going to work normally.

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