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How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11 – 3 Methods Explained!

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You must have observed that, while opening Windows 11, some programs launch themselves without your consent. It has been noticed as the most annoying aspect and it also creates temporary files after launching a program on your Windows 11 PC. Though some programs are essential to be launched at the initial stage, others are not required as they have some repercussions. Owing to this, people have been seeking the solution to their question, “how to disable startup programs Windows 11?” and hence, we come up with the most effective and workable ways on how to stop apps from opening on startup in Windows 11!

Impacts of Startup Programs

Startup programs have many adverse impacts on your PC. Here is a couple of them you didn’t know about.

1. Extends the Starting Process Time

Well, the major irritation of the Startup program is that it increases the booting process time. To be specific, you will not be able to work on your PC or laptop at a particular time when you are turning it on. As, after turning it on, these kinds of Startup programs consume minutes to load them.

Though small programs may not take much time, the larger the program, the more time it will take. On top of that, the required time will be multiplied by the number of programs. So, the more programs, the more time will be taken. So, it will surge your waiting time to access a usable Windows 11 desktop.

2. Consumes Memory and System Resource

Apart from that, such startup programs consume a noticeable part of the memory and the CPU resources, which eventually slows down your booting process and Windows 11. Also, if there are more programs launching at the startup, it may put your system at risk of slowing down and crashing it, at times.

Why is it Required to Stop Programs from Running at Startup in Windows 11?

Keeping all the negative consequences in mind, we can say that disabling the Startup programs in Windows 11 will surely improve system performance.

By disabling the startup Apps or programs, you can speed up our Windows 11. Moreover, we can use the actual desktop within seconds after turning on the system. Also, it reduces the threat of crashing the system while you’re working on something important.

However, one thing which should be taken care of is that you should not disable all startup programs, as it may have an adverse impact on your PC and can risk your system. The reason is that specific programs are essential at the Startup process, so before disabling them, make sure those programs will not cause any repercussions.

3 Ways to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11

Here, we have cured the solution of this trouble of startup programs by exploring the methods to disable to stop apps from opening on Startup.

1. How to Disable Startup Programs Windows 11 from Task Manager

This method is the most straightforward method to remove startup programs by using Task Manager.

#1. Press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc” together on your keyboard and launch the “Task manager.” Or you can also open it by Clicking Right Button on the Taskbar and selecting the Task Manager from the Context Menu.

#2. Here, click on the “Startup” tab.

Click on Startup in Taskmanager

#3. You will see the list of the programs. From these, Right-click on every unnecessary app and click on the “Disable.”

Right-click on every unnecessary app and click on the Disable

Now, restart the PC and check the issue is persisting or not.

2. Stop Apps from Opening on Startup using Windows 11 Settings

To stop apps like MS Teams, Spotify, Skype, or any other form opening on startup, you can use Windows 11 setting to disable them directly.

#1. Press “Win key + I” simultaneously on your keyboard to launch Windows 11 Settings app, or you can also click on Start and open the Settings.

#2. Here, on the left panel, click on the Apps.

Click on Apps in the setting

#3. Now, in the Apps section, open the Startup.

 click on the “Apps” on the left side panel

#4. You will get a list of all Startup Apps along with toggle, click on the toggles and turn it to OFF to disable the Apps which you want to stop running on startup.

Disable startup apps from Windows 11 settings

3. Disable Startup Programs from Windows 11 Task Scheduler

One more way to disable apps from opening on the Startup is by using the Task Scheduler in Windows 11.

#1. Open the Search Menu and search for “Task Scheduler.”

Search Task Scheduler

#2. Here, click on the “Task Scheduler Library” from the left panel.

Task Scheduler Library

#3. Now, Select programs from the center and then click right on each, and press Disable from the Actions panel on the right side.

Now, these programs will not remain enabled whenever you start your system again.

Did you Remove Startup Programs on your PC?

Did you succeed in removing startup apps on your Windows 11 PC or laptop? Well, if you still didn’t your system might have some problems with it. Keep following us on GeniusGeeks to enhance your expertise in using Windows 11 at its best!

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