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How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Opening on Startup

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It is undeniable that Microsoft Teams has become a boon for a plethora of organizations, self-employed persons, and those who hustle apart from their regular job, despite the threat of COVID-19.

However, as we know that every rose has its thorns. One aspect of this app has annoyed many users, and it is that Microsoft Teams launches itself on startup in Windows 10. Hence, everyone is finding the answer for the most frequently asked question, how to stop Microsoft teams from opening on startup on Windows 10 or Windows 11?

How to Stop Microsoft Teams from opening on startup on Windows 10

Even the students are also facing the same issue. Though, there are many educational websites and software are available for them, but Microsoft Teams has been considered as the most convenient mode to conduct their classes. They have also raised the same question that how to stop Microsoft Teams from popping up? to their mentors. If you are also facing the same trouble then you are at the right place. Here, you can get the perfect solution.

Why Disable MS Teams on Startup in Windows 10?

Automatically starting apps can significantly slow down the computer and consume needlessly valuable PC resources. They may also lengthen the time it takes for your Windows 10 to startup and decrease your laptop’s battery faster. Hence, it is important to prevent such harmful impacts on our Windows as well as on our devices. Here, you will know multiple ways to stop Microsoft Teams from startup. Exciting!

How to Stop Microsoft Teams from Opening on startup?

There are multiple ways available to stop MS Teams from opening at startup, here, a few of them are mentioned with step-by-step procedure.

From the Setting Menu of Microsoft Teams

It is one of the easiest ways, to disable Microsoft Teams from startup from the settings of Microsoft Teams. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps.

#1. Open the Microsoft Teams and go to the Settings, which is on the top-right corner.

#2. In the Settings, open the General section.

#3. Here, under the Application part Uncheck the “Auto-start application” option.

Uncheck Auto-start Application in General

This is the method by which you can get solution directly through the Microsoft Teams itself, without indulging in any other procedure.

From Startup Apps Settings

Follow the given procedure of startup Apps Settings to prevent Microsoft Teams from opening on startup:

#1. Open the Start menu in your Windows 10. Here, in the Start menu, you can also turn off App notifications, if you want to.

#2. Search Startup Apps in the search option and open it.

Search Startup Apps in Start Menu

#3. Here, find the Microsoft Teams App and click on the on-off switch and turn it off.

Switch-off Microsoft Teams in Startup App

Disable Teams from Task Manager

This is also a convenient way to stop MS Teams from auto-starting. Taskbar of Windows provides a facility to manage Startup Apps along with providing other information of the performance of programs, processes, and services.

Perform the steps given below to disable Teams from Task Manager.

#1. Open the Task Manager. There are two ways to launch the Task Manager. One is by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+Esc”, and the second is by clicking Right Button on Taskbar and select Task Manager.

Click Right button on taskbar and Open Task Manager

#2. Here, in Task Manager go to the Startup tab.

#3. In the given list click on the Microsoft Teams.

Disable Microsoft Teams in Startup from Task Manager

#4. At last, click the Disable button at the bottom-right corner.

From the System Tray in Taskbar in Windows 10

This is also an easy method to stop MS Teams from auto-starting using the system tray in Taskbar:

To perform this you must have a Microsoft Teams account already signed into App. Otherwise, this method will not work, if you are not signed in.

#1. Click on the Up-arrow in your Taskbar to open the System tray.

#2. Then, Right-click the MS Teams icon choose the Settings option.

Open the Setting of MS Teams from System Tray

#3. Here, in the Teams, in General, under Application, un-check the Auto-start application.

Uncheck Auto-start Application From the setting box

This is the same settings box, which you may have found in the first methods by MS Teams settings.

Disable MS Teams Using the Registry Editor

For your computer’s startup programs Windows produces a registry file. By removing an app’s startup file from the Windows Registry, you can prevent it from automatically starting. To remove the Microsoft Teams startup file, follow the instructions below.

#1. Open the Windows Start menu, and search Run.

#2. In the Windows Run Box, search Regedit, and press Ok.

Open Windows Run Box and Search Regedit 

#3. Here, Copy-Paste or type this below-given directory. Or you can also navigate the folder by following the path.


Delete MS teams in Registry Editor

#4. Right-click on Teams’ startup file (com.squirrel.Teams.Teams) and click Delete.

Were you Able to Stop MS Teams from Opening on Startup?

These are the certain ways to stop Teams from opening on startup. Hope! You have got the solution to your trouble. As Microsoft Teams is providing extraordinary services, we cannot even think to leave it. Hence, we have to find the solutions to our doubts to use it conveniently. You can also reach out to us to mitigate your problem regarding any application.

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