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How to Add Signature in Outlook.com Email

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add email signature in outlook.com

The recent revelation of Outlook webmail service has opened up a new can of endless possibilities. It has also sparked up the debate of who is the best web based email service? Yes, this time Microsoft has learned a lesson and provided a near to perfect webmail service at Outlook.com. Previously, we had covered some of the interesting features of Outlook.com; importing Gmail account contacts to Outlook and keyboard shortcuts for new Outlook webmail service.

We’re not done with the exploration yet. This post will cover how one can easily add signature in Outlook.com email either as an HTML code or through a WYSIWYG editor. Surprisingly, there is even an option to decide the default text of the email as well. In essence, Microsoft has provided a one of the best ever competitor of Gmail in the recent history. The record breaking 1 million sign up within 6 hours says a lot about people’s mindset. They are wholeheartedly ready to welcome new email service that is not only aesthetically good but also better feature wise.

For any brand adding a signature in email: be it Outlook or Gmail, is of utmost importance. Outlook provides slews of feature which you can capitalize on to leverage maximum advantage for your brand. Let’s take a quick look at this feature. Before that, you might want to take a backup of your Gmail account.

Add signature in Outlook.com email

1. Click on the Gear icon from the top right corner of the Outlook.com web interface. Now, from the drop down menu select More Settings.

more mail settings

2. Next windows will present some of the settings you can tinker with. As highlighted in the screenshot, click on Message fort and signature option.

add signature in outlook.com

3. It will open up a new Windows with two editing boxes. The below box is titled with Personal signature. This is the option which interest us the most.

edit text signature

4. You can write down your company name, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social networking profile URL. Unfortunately, there is no direct option to add image signature in Outlook.com WYSIWYG editor. But it doesn’t mean that it is not possible to add image signature to Outlook email.

5. As depicted in the picture, from the Rich Text option select Edit in HTML option. This is an HTML editor where you can provide HTML code of the image.

edit html signature

6. Go to imgur.com or any other image sharing site. Upload your image there and grab an HTML code from there (see the picture below). Just copy-paste that HTML code into the box above. If you’re good at HTML code editing, then you can move ahead and change the anchor text of the image to point to your website/brand site instead of image hosting site.


image html code

Press save. Voila!!! You have done it. You have just created an HTML signature of your brand at Outlook.com. This is as simple as it can get. There are unlimited possibilities with it. Those who are versed in HTML can apply different colors, fonts, shadow effect and much more.

Would you like to showcase your work to the world? Let us see how well you have managed to add signature in Outlook.com email.

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Ricky Shah
Ricky Shah

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