Battlefield 1 APK: Download Battlefield 1 Companion App!

Battlefield 1 APK

Distributed by the Electronic Arts, Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth game of the Battlefield series with the theme of World War I. As the game is a first person version; it is named as “1” because of the theme and the shooting methodology. So today I will be giving you direct links to download Battlefield 1 APK. Previously, I posted about PES 2017 too!

Despite the name, this one is very prominent and advanced unlike the last Battlefield installments and also probably the first game with such an extensive setup.  In this game, you can appear as different players of the history and start traveling to countries like Arabia, Italy, France etc.

The game is full of weapons as it is a war-based theme along with rifles, semi-automatic machinery, mustard gas, flamethrowers, heavy artillery etc. The player can possess many armored vehicles including cars, biplanes to ride in the game. If you want to unlock all guns and machinery, download SB Game hacker to hack the game now!

Battlefield 1 APK

Battlefield 1 Companion App APK Download

Battlefield 1 has been generating records since it’s launch with the countless download on the Play Store. The game can support around 64 players which are huge because of the squad system. The system allows a bunch of people to enter and leave the game simultaneously and the maps of the players are located all over the world. The game contains 9 maps and 6 different modes altogether.

App Name: Battlefield 1 APK

App Size: Compressed Size is in progress.

Android Game Developer: EA DICE

Features of Battlefield 1 APK:

  1. The Battlefield 1 Android takes you across the world unlike any other game and therefore you will have different country setups as I mentioned earlier including the Italian Alps, the Western Front
  2. The Player system reflects the open sandboxes of the Battlefield 1 Mobile, and it supports 64 players who can play in gangs. However, the single player mode is equally good with exciting things from multiple views that you can know only after playing.
  3. The battles can take place on land, in air, in sea and total of 6 different game modes are designed with large maps.
  4. The game has a new squad mode which makes it exciting as the players can jump between serves and switch between games.
  5. The multiplayer system of the game has eight distinct classes in it namely, Assault, Medic, Support, Scout, Tanker, Pilot, Cavalry and Elite. Each of the players has different capabilities and therefore you can choose to be in any of these groups.
  6. There will also be the environmental destructibility factor like the rest of the games where the user can control a whole map with the firepower of the Royal Navy Battleship.
  7. Also, we will get to see many World Wor I time vehicles like the heavy tanks, horses, motorcycles, biplanes, naval vessels, Zeppelins etc

An interesting thing is the Battlefield I Beta which is going to be released later in this year and if you register yourself as an Insider, you might get access to it earlier on the official website. You can also go through NBA 2K17 APK Data file if you want to play such Xbox games on your Android phones!

Battlefield Companion App

Download Battlefield 1 APK:

As the game got released on October 21st, 2016 for PS4 and XBox; it is not officially available for the Android Devices. Therefore, to enable them on the Android OS; one has to download the Battlefield 1 APK Data + OBB along with the setup file. The Battlefield 1 OBB file contains encrypted data in the form of graphics and images which help you play the game on Android platform. Therefore, the Battlefield 1 download involves:

  1. Download the setup file of Battlefield 1 APK
  2. Now, download the required Battlefield 1 OBB file which is needed to setup the interface.
  3. Access the downloaded Battlefield APK file and open it to install. Select ‘Install’ and start the installation process.
  4. Once you’re done with the installation, open the OBB file to extract the data to your Battlefield 1 game and play it without any obstructions. One can also get hold of the Battlefield 1 APK Deluxe version.

Conclusion of Battlefield Companion App

With the prolog of 1918, see players taking control of Harlem Hellfighters while they try to defend their roles against German Villain. The game start at the frontline and you should survive the longest among the soldiers while a narrator gives you commentary about the war.

What are you waiting for? Download it and start playing already. If you are confronted with any issues during the installation of Battlefield 1 APK , comment here so that we can get back to you with possible solutions. Subscribe to Nox Blog for more updates on such Xbox games APK Data files for Android!

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