Givit iPhone Video Editing App Review

Unlike the traditional way of conveying messages, video has much more convincing power. Perhaps, this is why the world is going towards video and audio. Even, the traditional TV ads are a part of video marketing. Do you remember how Gangnam got overnight success? Even, the Gangnam emoticon got its way to Facebook. Marketers say that video has more virality power compared to the picture or content. Moreover, videos have a power of delivering the message quickly and subtly. Even, the recent batch of video editing tools on various devices proved the same. So do you want to be the part of the revolution?

Givit for iPhone ( is the first kind of video editing app that will blow you away. Instead of dealing with a simple raw video, it gives you a liberty to select multiple video and edit them all. You can apply filters, effects, transitions and do much more to it to give it a final touch. In case, if you’re looking for a good alternative of iMovie then Givit is right up there in the list. In essence, it is a video editing app designed especially for the iDevice users. iOS device owner knows how difficult is doing video editing on IOS devices, but Givit completely revolutionizes the belief. With an array of smart options it makes the editing and stitching process darn easy.

video editing on iphone

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Givit Video Editing App

Here are some of the most enticing features of Givit for iOS devices.

  • Live highlighting
  • Multiple clips
  • Motion effects (slow motion, fast motion)
  • Add titles and photos to give videos a cutting edge
  • Cloud storage (5GB free)

In short, givit is something iOS users have nee craving for so long. The super simplified interface gives you ample of options to play with.  Individually, you can select each video and apply different effects to it. Later, you can stitch as many videos as you can give it a finishing touch. Moreover, the social option will let you quickly share your videos to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter followers.

Givit also offers 5GB free cloud storage to the users. You can easily upload and download your videos from here. In case, if you are inclined and running out of storage, then you can upload the video to the cloud service and can use it later. Unfortunately, there isn’t a support for Dropbox, Google Drive or another cloud storage service. In that case, it would have been a much more productive options as the user base is huge.

givit for iphone

Live video recording and editing option is also available. Just record a video with the built in video recording option and it will utilize the iPhone’s camera to record the video. Later, you can apply transition effects and other options to it. Highlighting is also a new and innovative feature available in it. The best part about givit app for iPhone is that it is completely free and has no restriction on video size. Only your internal storage would be a restriction and you can blame Apple for that. A private sharing option is also available if you wish to share the video with limited people only. In short, givit for the iPhone is something you must try out on your iOS device if you wish to perform video editing on your iDevice.

Givit works on iOS 6 and later version only. It is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS6 or later version. The app is also optimized for retina display and iPhone 5 users.

Here is the iTunes link (

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