First 3D PlayStation 3 Games Landing in June

June will make 3D gaming on Sony’s PlayStation 3 a reality at last. Gamers will first need to download the June firmware update which brings 3D compatibility to PS3s.

Then they will have to purchase a 3D capable television, like the Sony HX803 which is coincidentally set to launch in June as well.

And finally, a pair of 3D glasses will be necessary as a separate purchase to complete your entertainment system.

If that looks like a pretty expensive proposition to you, all for cutting edge 3D technology in your home, you might be happy to hear that at least the first 3D PS3 games will be free.

So long as you have purchased a HX803 model, of course, and live in Europe. As reported by, four free games will be available, including Wipeout HD, Motorstorm: Pacific Rift, PAIN and Super Stardust HD.

Sony has hinted that folks in the US will have some free options as well, but says that they may not be the same as those offered overseas.

Although none of them are brand new franchises, the games are tried and true and should offer some decent entertainment while gamers wait for the major 3D titles, like Little Big Planet and Killzone 2.

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