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How to Disable Notification Badges in Windows 11 Taskbar

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Notifications are an integral part of Windows 11. The messaging center offers quick access to all of your notifications, and your desktop icons notify you of important updates. However, you may not like the notification badges that pop up for apps and other system messages.

Notifications are very helpful in Windows 11 when you are using messaging and email apps. Notifications show how many pending messages are there in your inbox. But sometimes, these notifications are painful and frustrating. But you can disable these notifications in your Windows 11. If you are also frustrated by the red dot icon in the taskbar and want to remove it, follow this guide.

Here in this guide, you will learn how you can disable notifications in Windows 11.

What are Windows 11’s Notification Badges?

Windows has introduced notifications in Windows 10 to allow users to quickly check how many messages or emails they received. Notification works with any app including social media, emails, Windows system apps, and more.

With Windows 11, you will check your new notifications with notifications badges. Windos 11 has unique notification UI. It has a glaring red circle on the taskbar but sometimes it is very annoying. Even if you hide your taskbar, you will see notification badges when you receive any notifications.

Notification badges alert you when an app gets a message or new update. It might be a message, an update, or anything else about your Windows 11 system. You can also check all these notifications in the notification area of your Windows 11.

Disable Notification Badges Using Windows 11 Settings

Windows 11 setting allows you to change every setting of your system.

Step 1: Open Windows 11 settings with Windows + I key on your keyboard.

Step 2: Click on the personalization option from the left sidebar.

Click on personalization

Step 3: Now scroll down in the personalization and click on the taskbar in the right side window.

click on the taskbar in the right side

You can also access the same taskbar settings by following these steps:

Right-click on your taskbar and then choose taskbar settings. It will open the same taskbar options.

Open taskbar settings

Step 4: Now click on the Taskbar behaviors to expand settings.

Taskbar behaviours

Step 5: Click the uncheck button that says ‘Show badges on taskbar apps.’

uncheck the option

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Final Words

Notifications are a serious productivity issue in the modern workplace, and disabling the badges in Windows 11 can help. Notifications may be almost unavoidable, but disabling the badges for Windows 11 can help. Once you’ve disabled the badges, all notifications will be shown as alerts rather than badges, but you can still view them.

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