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Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases and Covers- Our Top Picks!

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The one thing gadget lovers adore is customizing their phone. From pop sockets to cases and covers, there is a wide range of ways you can customize your beast. The experience of using your iPhone 11 can be accentuated to such a great height when you know where to find the best iPhone 11 wallet cases.

In this era, it’s a daunting task to go through every case just to find the top-notch wallet case. And this is why we have reviewed some of the best wallet cases for iPhone 11 that can spruce up your iPhone experience. We had earlier reviewed iPhone 11 Pro wallet cases as well.

Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

Here are the best wallet cases for iPhone 11!

#1. Amovo Wallet Case for iPhone 11


The Amovo case for iPhone is a great start for this list. My experience with this case was rather elegant. The case has a smooth leather look that makes the phone look a lot more rugged and polished. The magnetic closure gave me a secure grip on the phone, something that many companies don’t offer nowadays.

Not only is it made with vegan leather, but the inner folio has a bump and drop protection. This gave me a lot of confidence as the phone protection is essential. The built-in cardholder was the icing on the cake. It was easy to put in cards and a little cash. The case comes in a brown, aqua, red, black and pink colors making it viable for a wide range of customers.

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#2. Smartish iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Smartish Wallet Case for iPhone 11

The Smartish iPhone 11 wallet case is simple in design. The card plus cash slot is hidden, making it look thin and not bulky. The case is quite light and design cutting was precise, making it easier to access the buttons. There are four air pockets in the case making it much more durable in case of any drops.

The card slot can accommodate up to 3 cards. The phone case itself is a boon for those who’d prefer wireless charging, as it’s reliably compatible for wireless charging. It comes in three standard variations of Black, blue and purple. Amazon also provides a secret customization menu where customers can choose a color and a pattern for the case.

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#3. Arae Case for iPhone 11

This leather case might not be as great as the Amovo case but the case looks decent. It also has a neatly placed card slot for cards and cash. The magnetic flip looked quite bulky but had a good closure for cards and its flip design makes the case handy for answering calls.

The leather casing is shockproof, so you can be sure your phone is protected. It comes in four variants of Black, blue, pink and red. My favorite was ultimately the black one as it looked elegant.

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#4. LUPA iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Lupa iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

The Lupa iPhone 11 Case looked trendier than any other case on this list. The case had a vibrant red and the cutouts for the logo and camera were delicately done. The case comes with a magnetic closure that is easy and comfortable to use. Despite having 3 card slots, the case is quite slim and delicate.

The Lupa iPhone 11 case has a wide range of colors like red, pink. Purple, blue, floral, desert sky, smoky cedar and golden dust. Premium faux leather accentuates the whole experience of having an iPhone 11.

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#5. Maxboost mWallet

Maxboost mWallet Designed Case for iPhone 11 with Card Holder

Maxboost mWallet iPhone 11 case was an eye-catching model. There are convenient card slots that allow you to place your cards easily. The kickstand allows you to use your phone hands-free. The leather stitching was decent and durable. The side slot for the case made it easier to carry cash or any important notes.

The cutouts were placed well for using the camera, volume and power buttons. The case not only offers convenience but also guarantees security with its lifetime warranty.

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Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases from OCASE

For any movie lover like me, this case is a perfect fit. This phone is comfortable for watching your screen hands-free with its kickstand feature. The kickstand is decently placed so it’s not too much of a hassle to use. The magnetic enclosure keeps your screen safe and is quite reliable.

What awed me is the shockproof and waterproof protection it offers. Not many phone cases do this. The material was quite comfortable and the blue looked very calming. It also comes in burgundy, bright red, brown and black.

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#7. Best Wallet Case for iPhone 11 from Vena

Top Wallet Case for iPhone 11 from VENA

The Vena iPhone 11 Wallet Case is the Rambo of the phone case world. The rugged, tough and bulky look is sure to make you feel secure. With a multi-angle magnetic lock stand, it’s convenience at its best. The case has military-grade protection with corner guard technology.

The cutouts are precise and let you access the buttons quite comfortable. The case comes with a cardholder inside to keep your cards safe. There are metal flaps on the case making it easier for you to use on a car mount.

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#8. Tucch

TUUCH iPhone 11 Case with Kickstand Credit Card Holder RFID Blocking Magnetic Closure

The Tucch iPhone 11 case had to be my favorite among other smart cases as it comes with RFID protection. Like many other wallet cases, the Tucch iPhone case comes with card slots but with extra protection. The RFID protection safeguards your personal information.

The leather had a genuine and polished feel. It is durable leather with cushioned support for any bumps or drops. The case comes in a wide range of colors like burgundy, blue, black, brown and pink. It also has a lifetime warranty to ensure customers are satisfied.

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#9. OT OneTop

The Onetop iPhone wallet case has premium leather is highly durable. The all-round cushioning protects the phone from all kinds of falls. The inner shell of the case is a slightly lighter shade of the primary color which makes it look stylish.

Precise cutouts for the speaker, power button, volume buttons and the camera are comfortable and can be easily accessible. The kickstand makes it easier to watch your favorite movies and videos hands-free. The card slot and the cash almost makes it looks like a thinner version of a wallet.

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So these were some of the finest iPhone 11 wallet cases which we recommend you to get without any doubts. Moreover, if you want to charge your iPhone 11 wirelessly, you can also have a look at some of the best wireless chargers available online.

Final Thoughts on Best Wallet Cases for iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is a premium smartphone that makes the experience much more aesthetic. Among all the cases, the one that I would prefer are the Amovo iPhone case for the beautiful & luxurious leather feel and the Tucch iPhone 11 case for the RFID protection. These cases stood out as the best for me among all the others in the best wallet cases for iPhone 11.

So, which one did you love out of these iPhone 11 wallet cases? Do let us know in comments and stay tuned to our accessories section to get more dose of best iPhone 11 cases, covers, wireless chargers and a lot more!

Last update on 2024-04-19. We earn commissions when you buy the product through Amazon affiliate links on our website. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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