Cerber Decryptor: Working Cerber Ransomware Removal Tool

Cerber Ransomware

Today, I am going to explain you all about Cerber ransomware 3 & 4 version. Every one of us know what a virus or a malware is, don’t we? Antivirus companies are working hard to roll out updates as even a minute security issue arises. But the new villain in the cyber security field is ransomware.

Note: Cerber 3, Cerber 4, Cerber 5 and Cerber 6 version has been released. The previous patch is no more working. We shall update you when we get any new decryptor tool. As of now, there is no decryptor or ransomware removal tool available specifically for cerber ransomware.

Update1: Please follow our updated list of all ransomware decrypt tools released so far.

Most of you are hearing this name for the first time, I know. But you should understand what it is and aware of the healing methods as well because ransomware is a serious issue. And right after the WannaCry Ransomware cyber attack all over the world, it’s pretty serious now. Here I am going to explain about a special type of Cerber ransomware. But there is no point in doing so, given you have no idea what a ransomware is. So, let me tell what it is.

A ransomware is not exactly a malware. It doesn’t damage your computer or make it act weirdly out of the blue. Instead, a ransomware locks special types of files in your computer. And when you try to access them, it will open a wizard that demands money or ransom.

Mostly, they accept money in the form of bitcoins as it allows maximum anonymity in the transaction. The ransomware gives you a specific time limit, beyond which no one can access the files if you don’t give the money. Once you send them payment and enter the correct reference number, your computer will act normally.

Cerber 4.1.6 is a new Ransomware in the cyber world but the latest one is Potato Ransomware & ODIN Ransomware which is latest version of Locky. It has infected hundreds if not thousands of systems all around the world. The algorithm of cerber 4.1.6 is bit different from what we saw in other ransomware. So is your computer or laptop infected with Cerber Ransomware? If yes, then you must know how to remove and decrypt the encrypted files with .cerber 4.1.6 extension. Before you see the Cerber4 decrypt working method, let me explain all about Cerber4! Here you go!

Cerber4 Ransomware

With that being said, let’s move on to the details of Cerber ransomware.

What is Cerber Ransomware?

At first, you must know what Cerber Ransomware is.

Cerber 4.1.6 is a later version of the hazardous ransomware Cerber. The prime action it does is encrypting your important files and documents. (Along with the introduction, you will read the working of Cereber ransomware here as well). There are multiple ways, through which Cerber 4.1.6 can sneak into your system. I will talk about it later.

Once Cerber ransomware gets into the computer, it will create an executable file in your app data folder insider user directory. Then, the executable file will be run to scan the entire drives for the files specified in its algorithm. When the ransomware finds specific types of files, it will start encrypting the same. And, it converts them to files with .cerber4 extension.

You can’t normally open the files encrypted by the ransomware. Say you have a file named ‘work detail.pdf’, Cerber ransomware will transform it to ‘1thY47NB6g.cerber4’. Every time, it generates an alphanumerical file name with ten characters and cerber4 extension. Then, you will see a change in the desktop wallpaper and a ransom demanding message on it (sample is given below).

“Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted!

If you understand all importance of the situation then we propose to you to go directly to your personal page where you will receive the complete instructions and guarantees to restore your files.

There is a lost of temporary addresses to go on your personal page below.”

At the end of the message, you will get a few website addresses that will lead you to pages with payment information. Along with this wallpaper change, you will also see three special files on the desktop; # HELP DECRYPT #.html, # HELP DECRYPT #.txt, # HELP DECRYPT #.url. Some old versions of Cerber4 ransomware create files such as @[email protected], @[email protected] and @[email protected].

The first two files (txt and HTML) contain the same ransom demanding message whereas the second one brings you to the payment page. The similar procedure takes place when ransom amount is asked to Decrypt CryptoLocker During the encryption process, it generates a private key for decryption and keeps the same in a remote server owned by the developer of the ransomware. As there are no tools available for automatic decryption, one must need the exact key to get the file access back.

On the payment page, it will demand 0.7154 bitcoin (equals about $410). In case you fail to send the amount within the proposed time limit (mostly five days), the amount will be doubled to 1.4308. But in previous Cerber ransomware versions, the ransoms were higher than this amount. The ransomware developers prefer Tor and Bitcoin currency due to the scope of anonymity it offers.

I recommend you shouldn’t act as per the instructions of the ransomware. The researches proved that the developers often ignore the victims. Suppose, your computer is infected by Cerber ransomware and, you paid the demanded ransom provided the files are of the highest significance. But chances are you will never get the files back to the original state.

Hence, the disinfection methods and restoring are preferred than being a puppet of ransomware developers.

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How does Cerber Virus Get into My System?

As I said earlier, there are multiple ways for it. Nevertheless, the most used method is to email.

Mostly, the ransomware developers craft a seem-to-be legitimate email. The widely used strategy is to duplicate the emails sent by a shipping or courier company like FedEx and DHL. It will make you believe that they tried to send you a package and failed. In order to make the shipping deliverable, they say, you have to make sure your details are correct from the following document.

About 90% of people open the attachment even without checking the sender’s email address. There is a conventional thought that only executable files cause security threats. But no! Such document contains inbuilt macros to be run in the background. Once you open the document, you will think that it was a harmless prank mail. Within that time, the ransomware creates a copy of its own in the user directory.

Another method is via freeware and cracks. If you are a person who has a habit of installing cracks of paid software, you need to be careful from this moment. A ransomware can easily be integrated into an executable file. So, brace yourself to face a security threat!

Types of Files Affected by Cerber Ransomware

Cerber ransomware targets many common and uncommon file types. I have collected an extensive list of such file extensions, which you can read below.

“.sql, .mp4, .7z, .rar, .m4a, .wma, .avi, .wmv, .csv, .d3dbsp, .zip, .sie, .sum, .ibank, .t13, .t12, .qdf, .gdb, .tax, .pkpass, .bc6, .bc7, .bkp, .qic, .bkf, .sidn, .sidd, .mddata, .itl, .itdb, .icxs, .hvpl, .hplg, .hkdb, .mdbackup, .syncdb, .gho, .cas, .svg, .map, .wmo, .itm, .sb, .fos, .mov, .vdf, .ztmp, .sis, .sid, .ncf, .menu, .layout, .dmp, .blob, .esm, .vcf, .vtf, .dazip, .fpk, .mlx, .kf, .iwd, .vpk, .tor, .psk, .rim, .w3x, .fsh, .ntl, .arch00, .lvl, .snx, .cfr, .ff, .vpp_pc, .lrf, .m2, .mcmeta, .vfs0, .mpqge, .kdb, .db0, .dba, .rofl, .hkx, .bar, .upk, .das, .iwi, .litemod, .asset, .forge, .ltx, .bsa, .apk, .re4, .sav, .lbf, .slm, .bik, .epk, .rgss3a, .pak, .big, wallet, .wotreplay, .xxx, .desc, .py, .m3u, .flv, .js, .css, .rb, .png, .jpeg, .txt, .p7c, .p7b, .p12, .pfx, .pem, .crt, .cer, .der, .x3f, .srw, .pef, .ptx, .r3d, .rw2, .rwl, .raw, .raf, .orf, .nrw, .mrwref, .mef, .erf, .kdc, .dcr, .cr2, .crw, .bay, .sr2, .srf, .arw, .3fr, .dng, .jpe, .jpg, .cdr, .indd, .ai, .eps, .pdf, .pdd, .psd, .dbf, .mdf, .wb2, .rtf, .wpd, .dxg, .xf, .dwg, .pst, .accdb, .mdb, .pptm, .pptx, .ppt, .xlk, .xlsb, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xls, .wps, .docm, .docx, .doc, .odb, .odc, .odm, .odp, .ods, .odt”

When you open directories with these types of files, what you see are files with bizarre names and .cerber4 extension.

Cerber Removal Tool

I am not giving you a guarantee that the tools I shared here can remove Cerber ransomware. But you have a greater chance in doing so by downloading SpyHunter 4.

Cerber 4.1.6 Decryptor

Malwarebyte’s Anti-malware for Cerber Removal

Step 1: First, you have to download Malwarebyte’s Anti-malware. What you get is an executable installer file. Just open the same and follow on-screen instructions to install the software. (I recommend doing this after logging into Safemode with networking).

Step 2: Once you finish installing the tool, you should open the interface in case it doesn’t get opened automatically.

Step 3: You will see a Scan Now button on the first screen of the software itself. As Anti-malware gets regular updates, the interface may differ in your case. But the core function remains the same.

Step 4: You have to wait some time to get the scanning finished. The scanning time solely depends on the number of files you have. The greater the number of files, the more the scanning time will be.

When it finishes the scan, you will see the result.

Step 5: There, you will get the option to select the detected malware. Just check all the detected ones and hit Remove selected.

Step 6: In order to release your computer completely from the clutches of malware, you should reboot the system. Apparently, Anti-malware will ask you whether to restart the computer or not. You must choose Yes.

Hitman Pro

Another effective Cerber ransomware removal tool that I found out is Hitman Pro.

Step 1: Yeah, you have to download Hitman Pro first. Don’t forget to run the downloaded installer to finish installing the software on your computer.

Step 2: There is not even a single complicated step in installing Hitman Pro. Once the installation finishes, it will start scanning your computer for malware.

You must wait some time to get it completed.

Step 3: When the scanning process is completed, you must choose Next on the interface that shows the result.

Step 4: On the next screen, you will be asked to enter the license key. But you can avail a free license valid for 30 days and it is enough to remove the detected malware including the ransomware.

Finally, you need to change the wallpaper and, delete the html, txt and url files on the desktop as well.

How to Decrypt Cerber Ransomware Infected Files Using Decryptor?

There are some ways to decrypt encrypted files. Let’s try some.

In-Built Restoration Method

Open the file explorer and browse to the directory with encrypted files. Right-click on it and choose to Restore previous versions. If you are lucky, you can avail an unencrypted version of the same.

In case it doesn’t work, you must restore the entire system to its previous state.

Step 1: Turn your computer on and repeatedly press F8 (F10 on some systems) during the booting up time.

Step 2: You will get a black screens with a few options on it. Just select Safe Mode with Command Prompt from it.

Step 3: You see the CMD window then. Enter cd restore into it. Then, you have to type rstrui.exe.

Step 4: Once you type it and press Enter, you will get the System Restore wizard. Hit Next.

Step 5: Choose one from the available restore points and, press Next.

Step 6: You should choose Yes to get it doing. So, do it.

There you go! When the process is finished, download an antimalware tool and eliminate all the security threats.

Shadow Explorer

Step 1: Download and install Shadow Explorer.

Step 2: Open the software and choose a drive. Then, you have to select a date of restoration.

Step 3: The main pane on the right side shows the files tree. You have to choose a file and right click on it. Finally, hit Export and browse to the destination directory. There you go!

Final Words on Remove Cerber Ransomware

I hope you got an extensive idea of Cerber ransomware now.

As I said earlier, it is difficult to bring your system to its initial state once it is infected. You had better check every attachment carefully before opening it. And, get rid of the crack using habit right now.

In case you want to know something additional about Cerber ransomware, don’t forget to drop a comment here and stay tuned to Ransomwares section on our blog for more updates! I appreciate if you hit one of the share buttons.

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    • Yeah, sure! Why not! Please let me know your problems in detail and I will help my best to remove the Cerber 4.1.5 ransomware from your laptop!

    • Hi, we are already updating the content as per the latest Cerber Ransomware releases online! Stay tuned for more updates right here!

    • The latest working tool for Cerber 4.1.6 has already been updated in the above content. Please go through it again 🙂

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  3. I have been infected with CERBER something…. no idea what version.
    The JPG in my encrypted folders shows that it is CERBER.

    My files are not .cerber2 or .cerber3 or .cerber4

    mine is random filename.random extension.

    Please explain why this is, all the guides i find tell me it is .cerber
    i dont see this making sense

  4. Hi ,

    My files are .cerber3 , can you please tell me the best tool to decrypt the data from encrypted excel files.

  5. Thanks a lot for guiding me. I finally removed Cerber3 files from my computer after following the above procedure.

    • Less likely to happen to be honest. There is no bullet proof solution available for Cerberxxx ransomware

      • my pc is affected by “cerber ransomware”,
        is it possible to remove and decrypt my file???
        please give me your kind solution.It show me such as”It is normal because the files’ names and the data in your files have been encrypted by “Cerber Ransomware”.”.

        • As of now, there’s no solution to remove Cerber Ransomware. We will update this post as soon as we get the Cerber Ransomware decryptor.

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    May I know if there is available decryption tool for this?

    Best Regards,

    • hello.
      i read someware that the free decryption tool is provided for cerber and cerber2 extension.
      you can search and i wish to find it!

  12. Are you guys working on a decryption tool for the new Cerber version? My files are now {randomgibberish}.afec and it creats HELP_HELP_HELP files (both a jpg and an executable, i removed all viruses so i don’t remember what extension was it exactly). I removed the virus and my pc is clean but I really need those files before this semester ends, i had a lot of work documents there…
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  16. Thanks for the nicely crafted explanation, removal and recovery of files.
    I am struck at recovery of files. I was blown away by Cerber3 on HP Laptop with Windows Vista operating system. I am struck at Shadow Explorer, it does support the operating system i have it on. Need your advice how can i have my memorable photographs and videos back.

    • Shadow explorer is not likely to work. It is advised that you start taking cloud backup of your photos and videos from now onwards.

  17. hi , i have been hit by cerbersome ransomware and i don’t know which cerber version ransomeware is this and HOW to decrypt file on my network drive..thanks in advance

    • Please provide the extension so we can identify which Cerber version is on your PC. Anyway, there is no rock solid solution available for cerber ransomware

  18. Hi,
    My PC deadly suffering from Cerber Ransomware and all file are showing encrypted, Will this software help, Harsh.

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    Really a wonderful article!
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    • Antivirus do not work on ransomware. Unfortunately, there is no erber 5 decryption tool available so far. You can always check our website for new decryption tool availability.

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    My problem is also same like others, but my file name has not been extended with cerber3/3 $$%% etc.

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    If i will install new window will this virus come again or not?

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    • Hello,
      I recommend you not reinstall windows until a perfect and solution tool becomes available for your files.
      after your files restored to its original state, then reinstall windows.
      because the encryption and decryption key for one operating system is unique and if you reinstall your windows, you may lose your files forever!

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  25. Hi Harsh Bhai
    Please help me out . My External Hard Disk connected to MY PC via USB got this CERBER RANSOMEWARE all my folder got the jpeg file “_READ_THI$_FILE_ZIK1Y_ ” RED WORDING’S followed by ” Your doucmnets ,Photos Databse…. have been ecrypted”

    All my Weeding pictures, My son PCIs doucmnet got encrypted with extension “NdOQ1yoV3I.9561” , 8G7ncFUquu.9561 all ends with .9561.

    What version of cyber is this ? . After infected I run scan using HITMAN, Malwarbytes and Trend ransomeware and deleted the infected files.

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  30. Hi Harsh

    My external hard disk got affected by cerber ramsomware . where all my folder and files got the extension with “8G7ncFUquu.9561″ ends with coded .9561. Do you have any idea what cerber is this and all folders have jpeg in ” red colour”
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    • Seeing this extension for the first time. No idea which Cerber Ransomware version it is. Please check our decryptor tools page where I have mentioned a tool for Cerber removal. If it’s Cerber v1, the tool will work, else, you don’t have an option.

  40. MY HARD DISK ENCRYPTED. ALL FILES CONVERTER “.a8be” format. its cerber 4. If anybody have cerber decryptor v 4.0.1 tools or any other decryptor. pleses send my mail or link.
    [email protected]

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    My Windows7 notebook pc was affected by CERBER3 around Sep/Oct 2016. All files incuding PDF/XLS/DOC/TXT/HTML/MP3/MP4/Videos/Exe are encrypted. The file extension mostly shown are .cerber3 and .9996

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