Build A No Clean Fairy in Cafe World With Help From Friends

A new community building project has come to Cafe World in the form of the No Clean Fairy. The item might sound familiar to you, as it was available previously in the game – as a premium item available to purchase for 95 Cafe Cash via the game’s store.

Unfortunately, if you spend the Cafe Cash back in July, to add a No Clean Fairy to your cafe, you’ll probably be disappointed to learn that Zynga is now allowing every user the chance at one for free. Remember, the No Clean Fairy is an item that can be placed in your cafe to make your stoves skip the “dirty” phase altogether. That is, you won’t have to clean your stoves after cooking a dish ever again – you can simply jump straight into the next round of cooking, while still receiving the Cafe Points you would have received had you cleaned the stoves manually.

The process for receiving your No Clean Fairy is the same as that for building the Lightning Stove, which is still available to build in the game. To build the No Clean Fairy, you’ll need to collect 40 items in total, 10 each of 4 different ingredients, the Pinch of Fairy Dust, Vial of Dewdrops, Wildflower Essence, and Mountain-Fresh Air. Yes, these are… unique ingredients, but we are talking about a magical fairy here.

Each of the ingredients can be purchased individually for 2 Cafe Cash each (for a grand total of 80 Cafe Cash, if you wished to simply purchase the items outright). Otherwise, you’ll need to rely on your friends to help you accumulate the necessary parts for the statue’s construction. Each ingredient has an Ask for More button associated with it. Clicking on this button will post a news item to your wall, allowing your friends to see that you are attempting to build the Fairy and need some extra parts.

On the other hand, you can initiate the ingredient exchange by heading to the game’s free gifts page, where you can send two of the four ingredients to your Cafe World neighbors. Since each user can only send two of the four, you’ll need an absolute minimum of two neighbors in the game to complete the Fairy without the use of Cafe Cash. Obviously then, the more neighbors you have, the easier the building project should be for you, in theory.

Remember, if at any time you wish to go back to the old ways of cleaning your own stoves manually, you can always place the Fairy into your inventory (simply drag it into your inventory and it will be stored), and go back to “normal.” Head over to the game’s page to start work on your No Clean Fairy while the option to build one is still available.

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