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Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protectors to Buy!

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The staggering super retina XRD OLED display of your iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers exceptional picture quality. That said, to keep your precious display safe, it’s essential to guard it with a screen protector and a protective case. A tempered glass screen protector is always handy when you place your iPhone downside. It protects against dust, scratches, bumps and doesn’t cause any hindrances while using your iPhone. To choose a reliable screen protector, you need to pick the highest quality glass. Well, to make it easy, we’ve collated a list of the best iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protectors, which you can buy without any second thoughts!

5 Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Protectors

Here are some of the reputed brands that provide the best-in-class screen protectors for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

1. Mkeke Tempered Glass Screen with Camera Lens Protector

Mkeke is one of the best screen protectors for iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it comes in a pack of 3. It also has a pack of 3 camera lens protectors for iPhone 13 Pro Max as well. Well, that’s just like icing on the cake!

The tempered glass is ultra-thin and doesn’t let you feel there’s a protector on your iPhone. There’s no effect on the touchscreen sensitivity after installing the tempered glass on your iPhone 13 Pro Max. Open edge design on the top ensures that it doesn’t affect the camera shooting while capturing your favorite selfies on your iPhone. It’s easy to install and is waterproof as well.

Moreover, the camera lens protector guards your iPhone’s camera lens, which is the most precious thing in your brand-new iPhone. Mkeke is our favorite (top-most) screen protector for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro.

2. Spigen Screen Protector for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Spigen is always known for its top-class and quality cases. That said, it provides similar quality in its screen protectors as well. With a case-friendly design, you are free to use any case on these iPhone 13 Pro Max cases with Spigen’s glass protector installed.

The tempered glass comes with 9H hardness making your iPhone’s screen protective from scratches, dust, accidental drops, and sudden bumps as well. With oleophobic coating on the screen protector, it guards your iPhone’s screen against daily fingerprints.

3. Omoton Privacy Screen Protector: Anti-Spy Glass

If you don’t like someone peeping into your iPhone while you’re busy doing something, you must surely get a privacy screen protector for your iPhone 13 Pro Max. The anti-spy glass can also be helpful while you’re traveling and have your iPhone 13 Pro Max on a car mount.

Omoton’s screen protector has anti-spy tempered glass, which doesn’t allow anyone sitting beside you to have a glimpse at your phone’s screen. The privacy protector might darken your iPhone’s screen up to some extent. But if you’re okay with it, this product is worth every penny as it comes with 2 privacy screen protectors and 2 camera lens protectors.

4. Ailun’s Screen Protector with 9H Hardness

Do you want to protect your iPhone against scratches, scrapes, bumps, and drops? If yes, then Ailun’s screen protector with 9H hardness is your way to go! It’s easy to install and doesn’t interfere with your regular iPhone usage.

It offers 99.99% transparency and doesn’t let you feel there’s a screen protector on your iPhone 13 Pro Max. And if you’ve got a transparent case along with this protector, it would be just like the cherry on the cake as you can flaunt your iPhone without any worry because you’ve got maximum protection!

Ailun’s kit also comes with 2 camera lens protectors that guard your iPhone’s camera lens with the utmost protection. It gives HD clarity output even when the camera protector is on.

5. Ferilinso HD Tempered Glass Screen Protector 

Upon installing Ferilinso’s HD tempered glass, it doesn’t leave any bubbles between the glass protector and screen as it adjusts itself. That’s the easiest part when it comes to installing this excellent iPhone 13 Pro Max screen protector.

It comes with a 3 pack screen protector and 2 pack camera lens protector. You will not need another protector for at least 2 or 3 years (depending on how you use it). The product is touch-sensitive and doesn’t affect your daily usage, and it is case-friendly too.

The camera lens protector comes with a night flash circle which most of the other protectors miss on. It allows you to capture stunning pictures even at night with a camera lens protector installed. Isn’t that pretty impressive?!

Final Thoughts on Which Screen Protector is the Best!

Of course, all 5 iPhone 13 screen protectors reviewed above are the best and hand-picked for you. But if you ask me to choose one of them, I would go for Mkeke’s screen protector as it is reliable and the brand is well-known for various iPhone accessories. With the new iPhone comes new additions and if you still didn’t get a wireless charger for your iPhone 13 Pro Max and a type-c to lightning-fast cable, make sure you get one right away!

Last update on 2024-05-17. We earn commissions when you buy the product through Amazon affiliate links on our website. Images from Amazon Product Advertising API.

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