Best iPhone 13 Pro Max Clear Cases – Our Top Picks!

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is by far the most elite device possessed by humanity. If you haven’t gotten your hands on one but have ordered it, you know you cannot rest until you have a case that suits this beast. Everyone has their callings, some like leather cases while others go for rugged cases, but if you are one of those who live fearlessly and feel like flaunting your iPhone, you got to go for the best clear cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The clear cases are a subtle level of supremacy. It is almost as if you have never put up a cover; the cover is transparent and gives a practically negligible bulge to the iPhone 13 Pro Max while not deteriorating the outclassing design. A transparent case feels like just a skin on your iPhone and has its protective measures, too, which make sure you don’t have to go looking for another protection cover for the beast.

10 Best Clear Cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The transparent cases have been put through some classy parties and big occasions because, let’s accept it, we love to flaunt our styles too. Jokes aside, these are tried products out of the 40 clear classes we got out hands-on, and honestly, these were amazingly better than the rest. Let’s have a look!

#1. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series Case

By now, if you have had an Apple product, you know that OtterBox does not need an introduction as its reputation precedes itself. OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series case is a specific series released by this prestigious brand for iPhone accessories specifically for the users to flaunt their exceptionally unique iPhone designs and colors.

The case is transparent and slim, almost makes you feel like there is no cover.  The case is a tried and tested hardcover that gives you the utmost durability and endurance. The one-piece design makes inserting and removing super easy and comfortable.

Raised bezels around the flawless screen act as a protective layer before your device hits the ground and saves it from any damages. As in all their products, OtterBox gives a lifetime warranty, showing complete faith in the product.

#2. Spigen Protective Transparent Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Made up of TPU, Spigen’s clear case is one of the best companions for your style status to flourish. It is made of hybrid technology made of a TPU bumper with a durable PC back giving it safety from falls and damage. The case brings out the sleek design of your iPhone 13 Pro Max with its flawless cuts and transparent design.

Spigen is known through time for its durable and reliable Apple accessories. The case has raised bezels that protect the edges and the fluid crystal screen of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The raised edges get in touch with the surface before your screen, protecting it from any fall damage. Pronounced buttons are easy to feel and press. The large port cutouts allow almost all cables for various uses.

#3. TORRAS Ultra Thin Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

TORRAS ultra-thin clear case is an era-defining designed case. The cover is super slim, with utmost given to the user. The case is like a protective blanket around the iPhone 13 Pro Max, with most of the case being clear. Made with TPU and PC, it is a massive boon in case.

Extremely robust construction is highly shockproof, always on standby to protect your iPhone from dropping on the ground.  More raised lips to safely guard your expensive camera lens and front screen surface from ugly scratches. The case is Anti-Scratch and Anti-Yellowing, making it easier to carry the case without worrying it will start aging.

This shockproof case fits like a glove on your new iPhone 13 Pro Max. The perfect cut gives good button press feedback. The best of these all is that the cover is magnetic charging and MagSafe friendly. The case lets you charge your device without having to remove it with no hindrance. This case is similar in design as compared to the one that’s available for iPhone 13.

#4. Speck GemShell Grip iPhone 13 Pro Max Clear Case

Speck’s clear case gives a dual-layer perimeter against 8-foot drop protection, and it has a unique design that offers a perfect grip around it. Speck cases are known for their durability, and in this case, they have ensured you don’t drop or slip your case off with the designed grip around the whole cover.

The case has raised bezels around the screen to protect the liquid crystal display of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Apart from all the features, the case gives antimicrobial protection, which provides 99% protection from bacteria and keeps you and your phone safe and secure.

#5. SupCase Unicorn Beetle Style Protective Clear Case

The SupCase Unicorn Beetle EXO Pro Series Clear Case is a heavy-duty transparent case with an Aqua color finish. The slim but rugged design ensures that the case doesn’t hinder any buttons or the layout of the case. The military-grade ultra-slim protection case fits like a glove. Stiff PC back + Flexible TPU bumper provide SUPCASE’s world-famous protection.

The bumper cover has raised bezels that will protect that exquisite screen of the iPhone 13 Pro Max from shattering and damage. In the same way, cameras are protected with raised bezels too. The case is symmetric and gives flawless compatibility to the wireless charging feature. I prefer to use the lightning cable for fast charging.

#6. Casekoo Clear Bumper Case

The Casekoo clear bumper case is a flawless piece of equipment that can be installed on your iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is so slim that you will practically feel nothing on your phone while this cover wraps itself around it. Metal backing paint, waterproof coloring, anti-fading varnish coating, and smooth skin finish are processed just for an excellent grip and left no greasy fingerprints or annoying scratches.

The raised lips of the bumper cover work as a protective shield around the screen hence protecting it from any damage when it falls heads on. Apart from that, the case does not give any extra bulge to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The perfect cut layout provides an excellent response to a button click and smooth port accessibility.

#7. Spidercase See-through Case

Spidercase’s see-through Case is a two side layered protection cover. The toughened glass on the front protecting the screen with the hardbound shell gives 360-degree protection. The case consists of three parts, the back, the screen guard, and the frame, which works as the support/attachment for the rest two. The case gives a precise cutout design for a responsive button function and easy accessibility to the ports.

The cover is scratch-proof, and so is the tempered glass. The transparent case gives military-grade strength to the whole case. The upgraded ABS glue makes the tempered glass fit the screen perfectly without bubbles. Therefore, it is as sensitive as the original screen. 99.99% of lights can pass through.

#8. Gviewin Clear Case with Floral Design for Women

Made with the fusion of TPU and rugged PC, the Gviewin floral case is tough and durable. The case has four cushioned corner bumpers supporting the screen and protecting the liquid crystal display from damage and shatter.

In the same way, your precious camera is covered with raised bezels so that no harm is brought upon it. This floral case is guaranteed to withstand sock and scratches. The case is screen protection-friendly as it doesn’t hamper or cover the screen.

The case is transparent and gives an aesthetic look to your already awe-striking iPhone 13 Pro Max. Precise cutouts make it easier to carry while providing a good feedback response to clicked buttons. This case is magnetic charging friendly and allows the charging to take place without interruption.

#9. Red2Fire Transparent Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

This military-grade phone case comes with shock-absorbing Air-Guard corners that help protect your phone from drops and other impacts. The Red2Fire’s transparent case combines a rugged PC on the exterior, while the inner smooth TPU frame has shock-absorbent corners. The case comes with raised edges around the screen protecting it and the camera too.

Red2Fire crystal clear case comes in two parts with the back and a 3x times stronger toughened glass, ensuring 360-degree protection for your iPhone 13 Pro Max. The case gives rugged outputs and saves the device from impacts and hits. Moreover, the best of all features is that the case enables Magnetic charging without interruption. The case even has protection against yellowing.

#10. ESR Scratch Resistant Case

Show off your admirable iPhone 13 Pro’s design with the new Totallee Clear Case design. Bored of those materials that feel common on the hand? ESR brings the rubber finish case made of TPU and plastics. The air-guard corners protect your iPhone 13 Pro Max against the shocks and drops with military-grade drop protection.

It can get a little bulky, but to protect your beast, you can let this go, and you’re getting a transparent case at the end. The case supports wireless charging, too, which is just like icing on the cake!

Our Recommendation on Best Transparent Case for iPhone 13 Pro Max

The clear cases are a style statement in itself. It shows you are bold and can flaunt your flawless styles and design. All these cases are good as their stand, and yet we have chosen our racehorse. With unbelievable good features likes, Magnetic Charging Compatibility, Stainless Steel Kickstand, and military-grade protection, the TORRAS ultra-thin clear case is our pick of the lot. This case has all the features you can ask for with stunning looks and a sleek design. The best part is, the case is compatible with all car mounts.

With that said, please tell us which case you choose to flash your all-new iPhone through the comment section below. Convey your doubts and queries below about the clear cases, and we will get back to you with the answer. These were our initial tryouts, so stay tuned as we bring you the best clear cases for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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